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 Do they have any Straight selvedge in 28" (on the label) length?
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Again GAP is doing the stupid "cuffed" vanity inseam sizing with these.   Here's a pic of two 30" long jeans, one pre-cuffed Selvedge and one not.   As you can see, the Selvedge jeans are ~2" longer than normal. So *size down* if you want to wear these uncuffed.   And, of course, they never carry "28" in-store (really, 30"). Stupid.  
Does anyone have pics of the new "1969 Japanese selvedge", though? Or have you seen it in a store?   Looking for a few things, specifically:  - Pics of buttons/rivets.  - Pics of back pockets.  - Is it the same denim as the former "non-Japanese" selvedge?  - Reinforced pocket rivets?  - Is the inseam still oversized ~2"? (former style were true-to-size *when cuffed*)
Has anyone bought these yet? Let's see some pics!
Interesting. Here are the "1969 Japanese selvedge straight fit jeans":   They look pretty much the same as the non-"Japanese" selvedge straight of this style.   When this line came out, circa 2009 or so, they were called "Japanese selvedge" as well. They lost that a year or so later. I wonder if this is simply a rebrand of the current selvedge?   In other news, the non-Japanese jeans of the same style are on...
  6 months later...            
Just wear them without washing. The bleeding on mine wasn't terrible... don't wear white shoes or sit on light couches. You'll be fine. The'll definitely stretch with wear.
Can't have been true before, because my 30x30 (old) is the exact same size/cut as my 30x28 (new). Waist has always had a vanity size I know.   Note I'm referring to the 2008-2010 or so jeans, not the more recent "shitty quality" denim that GAP had for a year or so. That may have had the longer-than-marked inseam.
Confirmed: size down 2" in the inseam if you plan on wearing the new selvedge without a cuff.   The 30x28 jeans I just ordered online are almost the exact same size as my 30x30 previous version of this jean.   This is really annoying, because I haven't seen anything shorter than (marked) 30" inseam in stores. So you'll have to order online for (true) 30" or shorter.   Has anyone seen the "Straight" fit in store? I've only seen Skinny/Slim/Original.
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