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I love the mercator, but prefer the beautiful enameled version. Unless it's not your cup of tea, of course.
Try Zegna "Z" - I think it is made to regular Zegna standards of VERY nice fabrics. They have a very slim, flat front cut that even I - with legs ruoghly the diameter of my arms - find snug.
I saw the strangest C&J: dress boot (never seen the model before,  not in catalog) made from combination calf/suede. Seemed to be made to  handgrade standard (chanelled sole) with a price to match (if I remember correctly, about $695 pre-sale). COuldn't figure the model/last number.
Quote: One question for A. Harris: if you bought the pairs of Harris shoes at retail at Marshalls with all of the warranty and merchantability protections that a person accrues from buying at a retailer, and now intend to hold them until the current glut passes and then resell them on Ebay without those protections, can you please explain to me the value you have added? I'd venture a guess: 1) An Ebay seller in this case essentially bridges an...
well, the postcard that I received definitely said "Barney's outlet" for the same dates - Nov. 18. Maybe it's a location thing? i.e., includes main stores except the NY store?
It's only for Barney's outlet - not the main store.
Quote: I'm going to eventually have to send my C&J's back for refurbishment.  Anyone have experience with this in terms of pricing/time of repair? I called the London shop a while ago, and they offer a full refurbishement service for 90 GBP plus 30 for shipping back. They also have a local cobbler who will only replace soles for about 60 GBP, but if you bother sending your shoes back, you might as well go all the way. You might want to coincide...
Investment management lawyer
1. You actually have a use for the pharse "I'm going to see my tailor" 2. You find yourself looking at other men on the street just because they're well dressed (or badly dressed, even more entertaining) 3. You know more than most clothes salesclercks about the merchandise they're selling 4. Your female friends (or your mother in law.) ask you for style advice 5. You go through the mail quickly just to get to the clothing catalogs 6. You know more about laundering and...
Quote: The "boot cut" style is the perfect straight leg fit. I didn't get it - isn't boot-cut by definition not straight leg? why not just get the straight leg model, then?
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