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You just have to practice. It doesnt have to be in game situations, games like horse, 21 or american are all good IMO. When I was younger I had a big kids ball and everytime I was home I would constantly be dribbling it. If I was doing homework I would be dribbling it, if I was watching tv I would be dribbling it. Then when I went out to play ball a normal basketball seemed so much easier to dribbled and I think that helped my dribbling a great deal.
The last three american presidents have all used drugs, and I am taking a little guess that a lot more of them have too. Well one said he didn't inhale, one wouldn't really talk about it, and one has actually admitted it.
IMO the holden super trim look is kind of, ummm, last year. Plus I think it looks pretty dumb having trim pants that have to flare out to go over your boots.
Weed is illegal in Canada, but cops don't really care about it. There are a couple "cafes" in Toronto where you can go and smoke. That being said, I dont see why Kenny and Spenny couldnt get away with real weed if they wanted.
Mens Health has a couple workout routines that are all exercise that you just use your bodyweight for. there they are.
I'm from the Toronto area so obviously I love hockey. Thank god I am not a Leafs fan though, I have been a Habs fan all my life. Well since I was 5.
My fav is Souls of Mischeif... but of the three I would have to pick Wu Tang
If she is sick with the public system... why not try to get into a private school? My friend is a teacher at a private school, and he loves it. The ciriculum is alot different and they are allowed to have unique classes and subjects. My sister on the other hand works in the public system, well catholic system, but its pretty much the same up here in canada. But when she got bored or felt like she was babysitting she just kept moving up in the grade she teaches. She...
Shake Hands with the Devil by Romeo Delaire
when i was really little i never really listened to music... mostly because my parents didnt really listen to music... the first music i got into was hip hop... around late 80's early 90's... stuff like fresh prince and dj jazzy jeff, run dmc, ll cool j, dr dre, snoop doggy dogg, wu-tang, nas... and so much more... i still listen to that hip hop... dont listen to any of the newer stuff though...
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