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Anyone else have any views? Jacket I saw looked canvased
Agreed, but even if casual they still seem defective to me.
Yes the leather is buttery soft. The lines just look off to my eye bc the flap is peaking out underneath the strap.
Bump .... Any thoughts would be appreciate. Thanks.
Please see the pictures.  It appears there is an additional layer of leather that should be fully covered by the top of the strap (closer to the toe) that is not.  The strap lies the same way when wearing them so that does not make a difference.   Am I wrong or does this just look wrong?  
Any more thoughts?
The jacket is a 42r linen jacket, with a lapel width of approximately 3.75"
Any more thoughts on this suit or its age? Thanks again.
The above is not really responsive to the question regarding this particular suit.
Please let me have your thoughts on this suit, particularly the lapels.  Is it an older model?  It has a center vent.  THANKS!    
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