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  My first handmade bespoke suit from a tailor in Shanghai, but I'm worried it's a bit short.  I have a very long torso and short legs, so I want to keep my proportions right.  That said in order for the jacket to fully cover my bum, I think it would need to be another inch and a half.  What do you guys think?     Also taking the jacket back to have the upper back wrinkling fixed.      
New to SF.  More to come soon.  
The color of the chinos and GTs works well, but as others have said, the fit of the chinos is suspect.  Here's a pic of me wearing the same combo on the lower half in RL Rubgy chinos.  Tapered chinos such as yours should fit snugger on your thighs.  
Asian grandpa'n it today
It's a custom made to measure houndstooth jacket.  Based off the Paul Smith design.
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