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A couple of articles, with data compiled from the Department of Labor: Deep in the Heart of Working: The Highest Paying Jobs in Texas   More than Oil Work: Highest Paying Jobs in Houston  
Have you considered testing the waters with an Ebay store or by selling at Fulfillment by Amazon?
I save about 20%, divided into vacation, Xmas and emergency funds.
I'd say maybe 90-95% I keep but I do a ton of research and tend to buy only stuff I've ordered before. Incorrect size is usually the biggest issue for the return/exchange.
What is the browsing like on this? Can it only do wikipedia and Amazon in 3G?
It is one of the highest paid engineering professions according to the U.S. Department of Labor:   Highest Paid Engineer Jobs in the USA
There's a whole site devoted to law schools entitled, oddly enough, Law School Discussion.
London Fog trench coat with detachable liner for $10.
It depends on whether there's a pattern of short stays, and where the next job took you.  I tend to ask about positions lasting under four years.   No matter how long or short the stay, you should always have a good answer to the question "why did you leave this job."
Yes, the U.S. Labor Department doesn't break surgeons down by specialty.  But it does have more specific information about surgeons, if you want to check it out here:   The Highest Paid Surgeons in the USA: Where These Doctors Make The Best Salaries   And for medical specialists here:   The Highest Paid Doctors in the USA: Medical Specialties with the Best Salaries   Thanks for reading.    
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