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Then I clearly see a bad use of the word "Engineer". I agree that most of the Computer/Software engineers end up being "Computer programmers" which is very frustrating, but it's unlikely that someone with only a high school diploma is qualified for the title of "Engineer".Anyway, in my case, I'm finishing a five-years degree of Computer Engineering. I have knowledge in Maths, Physics, a bit of electronic, hardware, programing and also Software Engineering. So, will my...
Yey!! Fan of your looks.
The jacket looks ok, but the shirt collar seems to not be fitting very well, so the tie knot is standing low. Also a higher collar shirt would look great you.
A week is too much time. I just realised that if I reply through my mobile phone it doesn't need approvation.
Software engineering position with only a high school diploma? You mean Software programmer, right?
It reminds me when i got adult chickenpox one year ago just in the middle of my final exams. Never had it as a child; I don't recommend it.
Light ties doesn't look too well paired with solid white shirts, I would recommend darker colored ties. I suggest a brown patterned tie, also grey, beige, green patterned ties would look great. Try to get some ideas for example from suitsupply.
   I have lurked and seen many of your previous posts, and this does not seem as good as those because of the collar. This shirt collar is fabulous, I like high collars and I absolutely love the combo, but the shirt collar would look better on a more elongate neck. I hope you enjoy your holiday!
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