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Yes, it can, although it won't look as beautiful as in wider ties.    
http://youtu.be/TSMTrYNvx4kVersion for beginners.Http://youtu.be/U_I82ScZ5BYNatural way to do it. It needs practice or to have a lucky day.I hope this helps.
Striped shirts, striped shirts everywhere!!
Actually, I think that's a very good idea if you want to have good quality clothes for a reasonable price and that fits you well. I will have to try it.
Welcome to the site. Enjoy your stay!
+1The last striped shirt sublime.
Good episode "The Coat Hanger"  nothing sexier than a coat-hanger abortion to make women want to buy lingerie.  Love this crazy show!
IIf I were you I would keep the sweater and return the shirt. I have the same problem than you, I use a lot navy, grey, brown. Sometimes I prefer to add some color for a change. The sweater is more versatile and easier to match than that shirt, but that's up to you!
Much better. The collar fits you perfectly now and the tie knot is very well knotted. I would change the shirt color with that jacket and tie, white or lighter color to avoid the gloomy effect. I do agree.
I started practicing Karate 2 months ago to feel MANLY, but then, there are a few black-belted ladies in my class who kicked my ass... and my face too. My poor self-esteem..
New Posts  All Forums: