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Good to know I am not the only one who had the same problem. I don't care about what they think, The problem is that at the end they always do what they think is right.    The jacket can be buttoned easily, and it's not uncomfortable to wear. Somehow, I like jackets with a little bit of silhouette, but, yes, I don't like the bow effect on the lapels, it's not looking good (the collar peaks should reach the lapels - or vice versa).   This is RTW, without altering,...
Thank you, the pants have been hemmed but I'm not very satisfied. Where I live people wear trousers much longer, and it's becoming a challenge to get them shortened to my wish.  There is a slight collar gap. I'm surprised you noticed it. Thanks, this really helps.
Thank you. I agree with the collar, the shirt is C. Tyrwitt, I would have preferred a longer/wider collar. Does the jacket really look that short?
First post here. I wore this outfit recently. Any suggestion/feedback would be appreciated. Thanks     
  Thank you, whether you change them for horny buttons or metal anchor buttons or whatever you decide at last, please, post that spoilered picture, now I'm curious. 
I have a very similar, with the same plastic buttons with anchors, thanks, you just gave me an idea. Would be nice to see the result after changing the buttons :)
I had to emphasize on the perfection of this outfit Ian. I really like the 2in cuffs.
Yes, it can, although it won't look as beautiful as in wider ties. for beginners.Http:// way to do it. It needs practice or to have a lucky day.I hope this helps.
Striped shirts, striped shirts everywhere!!
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