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Hello gents. I leave some pictures of today's look. I hope to be able to post some looks more often from now on.          
Today's look, same suit as of my first entry but a bit more of colour and fun. Maybe a simple white shirt would have looked better, I don't know, too late now, still looks fine to me.    By the way  @EFV I really like yours today, you selected the right tie, that's a very nice tie, it doesn't look too bold from the distance. And @eviltimeban I do love red ties!      
I love contests!. I have to say this is one of my favorite threads, so funny. Looking forward to participate  one of these days
 Thank you so much Erik! To be  honest it was the first time I wore the silk knot. I think it wasn't a good idea though. Your style is one of my favorite here by the way.
    Thanks gents, it gives me the strength to keep posting. It seems strange having my own looks posted here among all the sartorial excellence, I feel quite humble actually.
Hello gents,  I have been following this thread for quite a while, yes, 2 years now. I During my last 2 years I have improved my wardrobe and the way I dress considerably (can't look back at my old pictures as I feel ashamed), and still learning and improving. Thanks to someone's suggestion and encourage I am feeling brave today and I am posting here a few pictures and  details of today's outfit. And being my first day I am not risking colours, blue will be. Feedback and...
I love that tie, the second from the right. The first one is more challenging though :P
Hi everyone! My new attempt in this thread.      
Would you wear a bow-tie with a cutaway collar or an extreme-cutaway collar? Thanks
Layering up for a casual look. Suggestions, feedback, and criticism is welcome.     
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