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SOLD .. please delete
bump ... take this off my hands
Brown Damier Louis Vuitton belt size 95 (30-38 i wear a 33-34 and use the middle hole) .. VERY very good condition only worn a few times to work (sit down office job) .. gift from my wife .. was $465 + IL 9.5% tax = $500+ out the door .. 10000% authentic .. can even call Northbrook store and verify the purchase under my name you guys know i dont deal with fake bs   325+ 100% ebay feedback for shoes, clothing, etc ... FLAWLESS   $350 shipped   im not on here...
measurements   waist-  17.5" knee - 8.25" ankle - 7.5"   KILLER DEAL
black with horizontal stripes .. wife surprised me with it a few months back and ive lost more weight it doesnt fit like I would like and she had taken tags off etc   NWOT nice sweater, beautiful and soft .. really wish i could use it   $25 shipped for a nice sweater ... paypal (gift or add 4%)   feedback here, 300+ feedback on ebay at 100% (speed13racing)   can be combined with the jeans i listed to save shipping...   i ship same day or next day
wore literally 2 times ...   nice denim actually, nice fit, just not my style a little skinner than i like and i just got some other jeans i intend to wear every day going forward   $25 SHIPPPPPPPPPPPPPED! paypal (gift or add 4%)   300+ 100% feedback ebay seller - speed13racing   feedback on here .. etc..   can get pics if you would like, but they look new new new and still have some stiffness   like i said, $25 shipped hard to beat .. i actually...
payment sent .. thanks!
wife bought it for me but i need a medium ... she took the tags off as a surprise and put it in my closet (UGH!)   $35 shipped for a nice sweater   22" armpit measurement, if youre looking you know how Jcrew fits ..   paypal ready   feedback on here, 300+ perfect on ebay, etc
pm sent
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