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Were the Black Friday gifts cards being sent by mail or just e-mail? Still have not received mine...
Are these antique cognac scotchgrain?
They will do a factory Topy and rubber heel but I've never seen a full rubber sole.
Are they black or oxblood? They look great.
 Vass scotchgrain Budapester on any of the Hungarian lasts
 I just got a pair in antique cognac shell. They're darker than my dark brown shell, almost like oxblood.
I wear 46 in most other brands too. It's definitely not too long in Vass. I just went with what Rezso suggested and I've been happy.
I wear 12 EEE in AE and 46H in 3636 & Budapester. Never tried U last
@jrd617 still in for 2.5m of 1a
I always thought it was the same fabric as this but the scale might be off.
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