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I just send this picture, probably taken from SF, along with any suede order. Clears things up (as clear as they can be with Vass). 
This is the site you want for lacing methods, this form in particular: 
That happened to me for pants but not shirts the other day. The items were actually added to the cart but nothing popped up on the screen.
Were the Black Friday gifts cards being sent by mail or just e-mail? Still have not received mine...
Are these antique cognac scotchgrain?
They will do a factory Topy and rubber heel but I've never seen a full rubber sole.
Are they black or oxblood? They look great.
 Vass scotchgrain Budapester on any of the Hungarian lasts
 I just got a pair in antique cognac shell. They're darker than my dark brown shell, almost like oxblood.
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