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Ok, so I didn't buy those boots I mentioned, too expensive and no ability to try out in person so I went to the local shoe store and got these much cheaper boots. They're okay looking I feel and they are lined and warm with a proper sole for winter. So I think I am set for a while now.  
Perhaps time for a revival of this thread? Currently I am improvising a winter boot (in Finland) by putting extra woolen socks in combat boots.   These are classified as winter boots and looks like they are pretty well insulated, not sure if they'd grip enough, but so far the only boot I like the look of that I don't have to lace.      
Anyone have any input on these boots, they're winter boots, sorry for non-english link http://heppo.se/herrskor/stovlar-kangor/florence-to-mont-blanc-105303-0099   From what I can see, there doesn't seem to be any negative remarks about the brands quality at least.
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