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This is probably a stupid question, but is it legit to use buyers' emails for a Mail Chimp email blast?
  Prices haven't been that insane during normal sales, but this isn't a normal sale. I'll be there bright and early next Friday.
  $350 Loake 9 D           Band of Outsiders Size 3 16.5 33
Someone wants to trade summer-ish sportcoats right?           Not in the best shape, and they need a resole, but hey, shell.   Maker?    
Any ideas? Is there a signature broguing database? I've been told the inside numbers, etc., have faded away.      
Recent Silk Corneliani houndstooth 42 L sportcoat blazer Made: Italy.             $220 NWT Tellason navy corduroy 32 x 34 pants jeans. John Graham Mellor fit. USA         39 40 S Harris Tweed gray stripe two-btn sportcoat blazer. Made in...
No name Italian e-thrift, but the shoes look pretty great and seem to be of a good enough quality for what I paid. They'll look pretty damn spiffy at my sister-in-law's rehearsal dinner.    
  Good luck. Cherish those days of recovery in the hospital. My wife didn't want to leave.
This was after I put the standard measurement listings in the jacket. 
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