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 Thanks for doing that.
Went to 6 stores, only 1 hit. $2.40 a tie:  
Is there a medieval music expert in the house? This thing is giving me flashbacks to freshman music history. But for $3.25, it has earned a prominent place in our music room (or my study).  
Did I miss the thrilling conclusion to the rolex story?
They said I could pick it up tomorrow for $100. So I'm going to do that. Case alone should be worth half that.
One of you guys is urban_gent87, right?
Today we learned why staying home from work to prep for a 2-yo's birthday party is a good idea.    
Thanks. In the field. My phone is slow for some reason. 1994 Guild D4. Pre-Fender, so nice, but not amazing.  So ... bummer. But these make up for it. The Astral Weeks seems to be the original pressing (Green label from 1968). 
For 150? Am I in? Some damage but nothing structural
Wife said no to this:     I didn't even ask about this delicately framed vintage speed limit sign      
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