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Hey! You guys get to look at some mediocre stuff because I haven't been out and about for a long, long while, and I've been dealing with a baby who loves nothing more than to cry all night long. And I haven't gotten any sleep.   Massimo Dutti suit, super something, 48 UK       Crittenden, tagged ML       That was GREAT!
Give them to me ...
. It sure is. Any way to know vintage for certain on these? I'll probably just go with "late '70s" and call it good
@Nataku     This is good, right?  
Well, if you buy it, that will save me some money, of course.
OK. He has something I want that I hope will fly under the radar...
Any of you shredderfuld on ebay?
One thing yesterday. It felt good/strange to get out of the house.   Polo by Corneliani SC, 46 R:         Ebay brag: 12 jazz records (Ellington at Newport 58 not pictured) for $26 shipped. This is KILLER stuff I'd never find in this condition (or at all) at GW, so I don't mind paying $2 each.     Which sound very, very nice on my birthday present to myself (paid partially with thrift funds):  
I'm going to assume the last 678 posts don't contain anyone wanting to desperately trade anything in my size, so I'll just continue running on a major sleep deficit and otherwise ignoring Styleforum.   These first two days at home with a +1 have been interesting, to say the least.
THRIFT FIT:       Actually ... I'm pretty sure the blanket and everything else in this hospital room is full retail.
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