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I've been on a pretty good run of classical records of late, and these are just two standouts. The mono Du Pre replaces a different pressing I sold a while back for $40, and the Rabin mono pressing just seems rare. Wide range of asking prices for the stereo version: https://www.discogs.com/sell/list?sort=price%2Cdesc&limit=25&master_id=533997&ev=mb  
 That windmill hermes is excellent. 
@Hoofit came through! I'm already deep into the 'lo book. Thanks again, man. I think that RLBL is going to make its maiden appearance at my bro's wedding (and I really can't believe this, but that Canali tie matches their wedding colors perfectly). And that tie hanger is clutch.     
The 1950 book is UVA.
  I have no words for that jacket. It. Is. Simply. Incredible. 
Linda special!!!!   Any 42 Rs with short arms?   p2p: 22 sleeve with working buttons: 23 shoulder: 20 length: 30     Sounds wonky, but it is soooooooo sweet. Kiton level, for sure.     Just the jacket, but it completely works as a sportcoat, even if it's not.                 
I thiiiiiink 50.
So ... by my count, there have been 33 gifts delivered?
 I sent the guy a very nice "who the hell are you?" note, and he sent back a very nice response. Turns out he's the founder of a $2 billion investment group in Raleigh, so ... 
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