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Pnutpug is over at Ask Andy all the time. Different name, same salty attitude.
    Gieves and Hawkes Chester Barrie suit (cost shipping from @hbkshin) Zegna tie (thrifted) Ratio shirt (gift) Brown trafalgar belt (thrifted) Brown AE Byrons (thrifted)
Crappy cell photo, but:     RLPL shirt (trade) Gitman cotton tie (thriftted) Trafalgar belt (thrifted) J crew seersucker pants (gift) No-name spectators (ebay for almost nothing)
Public Notice:   Thank you to Ken P and klay49 for two exceptional trades.
You know what's great? When you're 31, and your mom, who's super-excited about being a grandmother, comes to town. We were just "thrift-gifted" a new outdoor dining set at 50-percent off as a Father's Day/Mother's Day/wife's birthday/early Christmas present.   Seriously, though, outdoor dining gear in Atlanta has hit Jos Bank-style price cuts.
32x34 J Brand Kane in raw -- nothing crazy, but a solid pair of jeans     Pop!  
Who is a_second_life on ebay?
   That's a 38 Short, right? RIGHT?
Just listed a bunch of Gitman ties for cheap starting prices (and cheap BINS). More stuff here: http://www.ebay.com/sch/jonhross83/m.html?_nkw=&_armrs=1&_ipg=&_from=       WOW! Gitman Bros Gitman Gold skinny brown herringbone tie. Made in USA Fine wool     Recent Skinny Gitman Bros short red blue striped tie. Repp Made in USA 100% Silk     Gitman Bros Russell Plaid tie. Skinny. Made in USA .100% Silk. Recent!     Recent Tall Gitman Bros light blue...
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