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 I read this one in grad school in a pretty wide-ranging study of jazz writers. Pretty good descriptions of music, and, um, bear sex. 
Let's not forget the other boy in the band. He's a little lonely, wants to join his buddies.       (Not the same donor, but two recent-ish Zegnas in one week from a place that never gives me that kind of stuff ...)   And, for your troubles, take these as well:  
I balked at $255.    
Refresh my memory, please. For personal use, so maker doesn't matter at all, but it would be nice to know.  
I haven't been out much lately, so it was good to have a pretty minor haul. $25 well spent.   44/46 L get at me for some choice recent summer wear (or if you want premium ebay fodder). Looking mostly to trade for similar quality stuff in a 38-40 S.   Recent AE Graysons are 9.5            
  I've said this before, but I'll say it again: I love your dog.
I've been out of commission recovering from surgery, so I haven't been out thrifting much (and I still need to ship some things to people -- sorry @IRKSM). I did, however, have to bite the bullet, swallow my pride, and order a pair of betabrand's work sweatpants so I can actually go out into the wide world. I think work would frown on me rolling up in loose-fitting shorts, which is what I've been living in for the past three weeks. They get here tomorrow. So I'll let you...
Anyone need bowties? Selling as a lot.  
Overdue shoutout to @snackbandit for two killer cucinelli pocket squares.   Slowly starting to amass a collection:     From bottom: vintage rayon from Put This On sale, no name silk, Hermes, Paul Smith, Cuci x2
^^^ Unsolicited advice: Don't go all-in with your downpayment. We put less up front and definitely needed it for repairs, etc. 
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