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I do some work on the side for the Braves, and I'm going to get to cover the annual Legends weekend, which features 50 Braves alumni and culminates in an alumni softball game. Would it be inappropriate and completely unprofessional to bring this thrifted beauty for autographs? Probably, right? Yes?   I mean, I know the right answer, but I'll probably bring it anyway.   Fun story: I went to the home opener. It was a bit chilly, so I was wearing the jacket (which fits...
No DJ, but a pretty cool first-of-its-kind edition of Gulliver's Travels from 1947. I think I may have paid $3 after tax.               EDIT: So, maybe "no dust jacket" is OK.   $195.95   Collectible - Very Good Hardcover, Crown, 1947, no dust jacket, black cloth cover with red and white illustration to front has some shelf wear but in good condition overall, text is clean with 24 authentic original prints engraved from the actual printing plates...
 My wife studied in Freiburg in college, so we were rooting on the Germans. I got to go back with her for a very informal 10-year reunion, and it was cool to just hang out in a small town in southern Germany for a few days, then contrast it with the relative enormity of Berlin, where I had visited before but for a lame-o work conference.  I got a chuckle from this yesterday on NPR: http://wfae.org/post/germans-return-home-world-cup-already-worried-about-next-one
Goodwill has become a fine art gallery. Only $124, so could have picked it up, I guess, but who knows what is? The frame's probably worth a bit.   @capnwes? Other art people?    
All ending today:   4 Photos $220 NWT Tellason navy corduroy 32 x 34 pants jeans. John Graham Mellor fit. USA       Time left: 7h leftToday 9:10PM $59.99 0 bids   $119.99 Buy It Now   6 Photos 38 R John Varvatos peak lapel blazer sportcoat Cashmere. Lardini Fashion...
Glad you like it!
Went out to find a cheap TV for my new "man cave." Did not find a TV, but grabbed some awesome things.   First, an article of clothing:           Next, something for the little one:         Canadians: Is Raffi your greatest national treasure? Probably.       For the cave, a little $1.91 art:       So ... go Argentina, I guess.   AND THEN:     What is this handsomely bound, old-looking book? I'll take a look:     $13? What? Come on. Oh,...
 I have one from that era with the price tag still on it ($22.50, I think). Makes a nice, small bow. Great ties. If you want to unload them, let me know.
Here's another public shout-out — still effusive, but much less verbose (on a deadline) — to @rhz5001 for an outstanding trade that netted me two great-looking Ben Silver ties.
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