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  I know you said he wasn't participating, but this is my secret santa gift, right?
That Brioni is super nice!
Speaking of Aquascutum. Orphan? SC?  
I need to get into that; as far as I've gotten is a Delta Skymiles Amex. We need 2 tickets to Germany next year for as little as possible.
+256   Airbnb ... the thrifting of vacation houses!   My wife and I recently journeyed to Vancouver BC for a wedding and spent the first two nights in an apartment we found on airbnb. The place was great, the price killed what we would have had to pay at a hotel (and we wouldn't have had a full kitchen or, for that matter, all that space). So I'd definitely recommend checking out the site. 
I don't think I can notice that stuff any more.   But she was attractive enough.
Some woman was hanging around me yesterday after I found a Burberry London jacket. It wasn't tagged, so of course they wouldn't sell it to me — do people rip these off, or are the workers just missing clothes when they go on tagging binges — but she tried to strike up a bit of a conversation on the way out to the parking lot. I was a bit mad that they wouldn't sell it, of course, so I wasn't really paying her any mind. Plus, I am, you know, married. I guess.
  How are the soles? Could be worth it, could not. I think they'll fetch a bit on ebay regardless, but v cleats are a bitch to ship.   They are however incredibly awesome to wear, unless you walk on marble/buffed floors often.
Coach belt, black, 38   Trafalgar belt, brown, 36     Sea Island Cotton, so I assume they're good to go. Tagged 16 R.  
    Message for my Secret Santa: I will open that shit right away. 
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