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    Well, this is the information I have. I'll know more in a few hours:   HomeBuyers Choice 30 Year Assumes a down payment of $0. Ideal for the first-time homebuyer. A fixed interest rate with no money down and no PMI. HomeBuyer's Choice conforming loans are subject to an additional 1.75% funding fee, which may be financed up to a max LTV of 101.75%. Get the security of a stable interest rate for the life of the loan.   (There are varying interest rates, which can be had...
  Fixed. And I know that deal sounds like exactly what got the country into its real estate mess, but after reading this, I was breathing a bit easier.   http://www.bizjournals.com/baltimore/news/2013/04/23/navy-federal-credit-union-pushes.html    
No thrift-thread buying (or otherwise) for me for the foreseeable, I think. We're meeting with a mortgage broker today to "go over our options," which apparently include a sweet no-money-down, no PMI, low interest deal because of I don't know.    Any advice from the homeowners in the crowd?
  That's pretty awesome. I don't follow the Cubs at all, but the Caray legacy is strong in Atlanta.
Gucci suit has sold.  
I picked these Aldens up the other day. They look to be in pretty great shape.      
Immediate assistance requested:   Someone with a feedback score of 1 just bought a high-priced item from me. He's been a member since January 09, 2012.   The only feedback:   Quick response and fast payment. Perfect! THANKS!!       What should I do? Message him and make sure he's not going to pull a fast one on me? He already paid, but that doesn't make me feel any better.
  I've never been to this place. It isn't on my list.   http://www.ajc.com/news/news/crime-law/police-man-injured-by-exploding-package-at-a-thrif/nXNdn/
Anyone interested in trading for the Gucci suit, 40 R, or the Savile Row piece in my ebay link?   I'm looking for things of comparable quality, but that I could wear to a fast-approaching conference.
If you want to organize an Atlanta thrift thread putt-putt extravaganza, I'm in.
New Posts  All Forums: