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I came across this little guy on ebay. I've been looking for a navy sportcoat, and this Made in Italy Brooks Brothers would fit perfectly, but I suspect it's an orphan suit coat. Two questions: Is it? If yes, should I go with it anyway, and just replace the buttons to something more sporty? [[SPOILER]]
BB Tweed. Made in Scotland. 46 R. I think the tag means it's from Fall 2006.   It's in near-mint shape and would have been a super score if it was shorter and smaller.   [[SPOILER]]
    I hope it wasn't good rum. I probably would have opted for vodka.
Snagged the first decent thing I've seen in weeks.   Made in Scotland Brooks Brothers tweed. Green, harris looking-thing. 46 R. It doesn't have a Harris Tweed patch, just a pure virgin wool tag. Fall 2006. Replacement leather buttons in pocket.     Pics later since I don't have my phone.   Get at me if it sounds interesting.
All this talk of pocket squares got me thinking ...   Though I've never worn one, I've got a wedding on Friday, and now seems like as good a time as any.   Navy suit. Tie from xenos (plaid one). Anyone got anything they can get to me on short, short notice?      
  RANDY NEWMAN! He's a huge badass, and the fact that he wrote the songs for Three Amigos just makes him that much cooler. And Major League used one of his songs to perfection in the opening credits.     Volunteering at music festivals is pretty great. One of my favorite experiences was driving around the critic Gary Giddins, second only to shuttling Fathead Newman to the airport one time.
Yeah, I think it's fake too. The font looks completely off, and the content tag, I think, is wrong as well. I'm going by the LV I found, which is below:   [[SPOILER]]
Who has a blackwatch sportcoat in a 38/40 S? Or something madrasy?   I have a ton to trade in a variety of sizes.
More awful than ukulele-toting Brits?       And actually, Kate Bush should be respected. Ra Ra Riot has some pretty great covers of Bush songs, and of course, there's the Futureheads version of "Hounds of Love" that kills every time.
Update: Holy Shit! I hope the one I found is real.   http://www.ebay.com/itm/1961-Marc-Chagall-The-Tribe-of-Levi-Mourlot-Poster-/270584708736?pt=Art_Posters&hash=item3f001afe80
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