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46 Long...     3X Hickey Freeman   2 gray (one charcoal, one a bit lighter) custom made in 2010 and 2012 1 gray stripe with LP Tasmanian       BB silk/linen/wool. Made in Italy by Lardini
AUDIO GUYS:   I have a Hitachi HT 460, a hand-me-down from my wife's grandfather, that needs a new motor and could probably have the cartridge replaced. The electronics store wants $300 to do the work. It's a pretty good turntable, but I don't really want to spend that much. Where should I be looking for a better turntable for cheaper, or is it worth it to just pay for the repair?
  I picked up a signature platinum sportcoat that I'm pretty sure is cashmere. They're well made for what they are.
Who's up for something this weekend?
  This could help:
 .......  Nothing like a cool $1,050 profit, I guess.
Exactly.  And hopefully Duke overexerted itself and is nice and depressed and tired for Syracuse tomorrow.
I don't know if this compares to the dog tailoring going on in this thread, but I'm home this week teaching a class about jazz writing during the annual jazz festival. My mom has been making the normal baby-type things like blankets, etc., but she knows we're going to a wedding, baby in tow, two months after he's born.   What can you make from one ratty, moth-riddled, Brioni sportcoat, size 42L?     A FULLY CANVASSED BABY VEST         She's using all the...
 I keep striving for the illusive mis-tagged Marshalls item. Nothing yet but disappointment.
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