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Thanks for the responses. It should fit me pretty well, so I hope a successful SNIPE is in my future.
Sportcoat or orphan? It's a sportcoat because of the patch pockets, right?   BB wash and wear.   And this is probably a 3-2 buttoned as a hard 3, right?  
Genius songwriting. 
  I don't mean to be rude, and forgive me if I'm off base at all, but I'm pretty sure the majority of SF members come to SF exactly to learn about style, and the thrift thread is no different. People are here to learn how to quantify quality in order to enhance their own wardrobes and then to test out their knowledge in the real world. Sure, there are a ton of pure flippers who populate this forum, but they hide in the shadows, taking bits of quality-quantification...
I'm printing out the return label now. I realize I paid too much for the blazer anyway.
I just found this, which could help. I haven't read it yet:   http://www.styleforum.net/t/207990/the-button-stance-thread/0_50
It's from Sierra Trading Post, which I've heard is a crapshoot, so I don't think recent, recent was a given.
Dilemma: I just spent a not-insignificant amount of cash on a bike yesterday thinking that I would, for sure, be returning the Hickey Freeman blazer on its way to me from STP. That would free up $380 and would make the bike expenditure a little more reasonable.   But the blazer arrived, and it's pretty awesome.   Here's a pick in a fresh-out-of-the-box, rumpled-to-hell state.   Thoughts?   It's a half-canvassed "Lindsey" model and seems pretty damn...
  Constructive: It's important to not let yourself get angry over things people say on the internet, whether true or not. For me, I see Tom James suits like that all the time, so they don't seem like anything special, but then again, I just picked up a cheap tailor job that is very well made for what it is.   There are some people that put me in a rage with their responses on this forum. I just ignore them and take the good advice as it comes.
Found a beater suit that fits reasonably well off the thrift rack.     Nice flannel gray pinstripe with alternating dark red stripe       It's "Exclusively Hand Tailored by Jotina Fashions" from 1988, but it was only 7.02. I figured a 39 S three-piece could be a decent flip at that price if I decide not to keep it. I could feel canvassing in the jacket down by the button holes, so it's a nice piece, but there are some chintzy shortcuts, like the...
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