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Blackwatch came today!    It's on the long side of where my jackets usually hit. But is it too long? I say no, but that could just be because I want to keep it. It also could be roomier in the waist.   I guess I haven't cleaned that mirror in our guest room, um, ever. Apologies. [[SPOILER]]
I was recently in Vancouver, and being the reasonable sort that sees INSANE prices on everything and assumes it translates to good thrift pickings, I was excited about my free afternoon. But after a lot of walking and hitting four or five stores, there was nothing.   Vancouver does have a lot of hip boutique "thrift" places, but those are, of course, expensive as all get out.
Heyo!   Can you tell I wrapped it myself?     eazy, if you want to downsize some boots ....
^^^   Yeah, yeah, but everybody knows Alabama is terrible.
I went back for that vintage cadet coat from 74. Tagged 38 Long. It's acosby's if he wants it.   [[SPOILER]]
Sounds fine to me.
Saw this and thought it was cool.     [[SPOILER]]     I had forgotten that everybody who doesn't work at a terrible job has the day off. They all chose to spend it at the trift shoppe. I also ran into ANOTHER flipper at the Goodwill near work; good thing I only have to commute up here for 6 more days!   EDIT: I guess I should have picked it up:...
    Against my better judgement, of course. I probably should have put a BIN on it. Alas ...
Wait, so what is Catside's magic method?
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