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    So it sounds like everyone is going to contribute to every, and all, thrift thread — Dappered (or not), Ask Andy, SF, Thrifters Annon, Whatever the Ivy one is, etc.
I don't think anyone will really stop posting here, but the exodus has definitely begun.
    Oh, my god! Spoo is Kurt Elling!!!!       No?
So I got the same PM. Are we doing this? Apologies if this has been answered already; I need to catch up on some thread biznass.     And does anyone else LOVE HARDCORE PAWN???   no? ok.
Nice finds, particularly the suit and those awesome Tom Ford glasses (I assume those were much more than thrift prices).
Green Mill! God, I wish I lived in Chicago.
Two things for me today, though there could have been a lot more had I been in more of a buying mood. I'm posting this while listening to another pickup from this week, Aretha Franklin's Amazing Grace. 77 cents for a seminal album is pretty good, even if the sleeve has seen better days (the records themselves are mint-ish).   First up,       [[SPOILER]]       and now, vintage, tradly goodness:       [[SPOILER]]
Just a sportcoat. I'm assuming I was right to not look for pants, as it doesn't look like an orphan. The cashmere makes it super-soft, but it was made in Israel   At least that means it's pretty recent, yes?
    What I end up doing is uploading them to flickr first. It's pretty annoying.
New Posts  All Forums: