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DUUUUUDE   hit me up with those 38 shorts, please! Just to be clear, not actual shorts, but short jackets
Wait, what? Really?   And those are all 38 R?
This is my first "haul" since I got back from Canada. It's been a while since I found anything, and I almost found a lot, had it not been for the orphan fairy.   This was me an hour ago: Oh, what's this really, really well made jacket? A recent Oxxford in gray herringbone? Sweet! Oh, another recent Oxxford? Sweet yet again! Hmm ... there aren't any pants here. THERE AREN'T ANY PANTS HERE!   I thought about buying them, but if I bring home any more orphans...
  One of the Marshalls here had at least 5 Braves ones in various sizes a while back. I didn't pick them up because the lowest they went, I think, was $30.
  I have a moth-eaten Brioni sportcoat that I'll probably do this with. It was $3, so not a big loss.
I like that Baracuta, buddy.
Man, I assumed that since Vancouver is so obscenely expensive (it's the LA of Canada, apparently), thrifting would be a dream. I was mistaken. The only thing I've found at a reasonable price that might be OKish is this:       These are pretty unworn tassel loafers, and are in excellent condition. I couldn't find much information. Should I go back and pick it up for the $14 or so it would cost me?
Short 40 R Wilkes Bashford 3-2 sportcoat. Tan cashmere. I won it off ebay from Man o Lint, but it's a bit too long, and makes this short guy look even shorter. It's a great piece though, and is super nice.   There are a few small blemishes at the very bottom of the vents from where someone ripped out the basting. Not a big deal at all, and it doesn't detract from the coat. Anyone want it for what I paid, which was a very good deal?     The deets:...
you could sell me one of those pairs, I guess ...
Two tie finds at lunch. I'm probably keeping the Paul Stuart.  
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