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Hit one store as a birthday thrift and found some pretty nice things.   First off ...   Any vintage Brooks Brothers experts. This is an ooooold label, I assume. And who makes clothes in Denmark?       It fits, and it looks like it's the right length. I'll see what my wife has to say.         Then....     BAM.   Orphan. (I assume. It's a very light, almost blue, gray with a herringbone pattern. Couldn't find the pants...
  I bet at least half of the rock-writing industry owes Cameron Crowe a huge debt for steering them toward their chosen profession. I was steered toward my chosen profession by hanging out with jazz musicians during college -- having Russell Malone ask me the name of my dealer (this question came out of nowhere, I assure you) -- and by interviewing living legends for the college paper -- "Hey George Clinton, what have you been up to lately?" "Lots of drugs,...
I wasted five minutes of precious procrastination time for this?   Do I qualify as old? Today's my 30th birthday.
Who wants to thrift me a pair of final four tickets?
I'm on the Put This On radar!   Made the listings once again.
Burstow & Logsdail is the pinnacle of suit making. This is a bespoke, hand tailored suit by Burstow & Logsdail from 1987. It is an exquisite garment made from heavier wool and would be an excellent suit for fall, winter and possibly the early days of spring.  The tailors had a shop together on Savile Row in the '70s until Leonard Logsdail moved to Manhattan in the 1990s to open up a satellite location. The 2009 price for a bespoke Logsdail suit from his Manhattan...
Arnold Brant, made in Italy, 46 L. I almost picked this up and will probably go back for it, but I balked at the name (even though the quality is pretty great).   Any interest?   Any idea on the maker?   From another SF user who bought a Brant italy from STP:            
  I'm counting down the hours until I can head to Turner Field for tonight's game. Believe it or not, I could actually do a ballpark thrift pic, but I won't.
Finally! Put This On has decided I am worthy.   I hope this leads to more traffic on my other stuff.
  Awesome pickups, especially the glasses.     Hans:   My wife and I just booked our trip to Germany this summer -- ten days in late June -- using Skymiles, so that's kind of thrifted, right? We got one RT ticket each, non-stop from Atlanta to Stuttgart with business class on the return for 80,000 miles, which considering the actual price of that ticket, seems like a steal.    We'll spend a huge chunk of the time hanging around and daytripping from Freiburg, but will also...
New Posts  All Forums: