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Bike question:     Everton. Made in Denmark. ????
I posted this on the label thread, but haven't yet heard anything. These ebay shoes seem like they're worth picking up, but I don't really know. Any help with a maker? These are tagged Ralph Lauren made in italy. I should probably just leave them be, huh?    
I finally got a bid in! It will last all of 10 minutes, though.
Here's a riddle. Ralph Lauren. Made in Italy. It's obviously not Silvano Sassetti. so ...... Any ideas?    
A mystery!   Nothing to add, though ... but I did just pass my background/reference check for that other job (glad they didn't find out about that time I killed a guy for his shoes). I started moving my office into the spare bedroom last night. It'll be nice!     Oh, and to revive an old discussion ....       Is that ee-ss-ee-aaa?
    Holy hell, man. I guess you should let me know if any of the suits are 38-40 S, but I doubt I can afford them.
While we're on the topic of furniture, if anyone can find me a nice office chair for my work-from-home gig that can be shipped to me reasonably, I'd be much obliged.
This is a completely new Brooks Brothers suit made by Southwick. It's Golden Fleece in pricing and detailing, but has been retagged with a standard blue Brooks Brothers label.   Size 40 Short/ 34 Waist. Pleated pants are unhemmed/sleeves unfinished (buttons in the inside pocket). Fabric woven in England (likely Cavendish, just missing the interior label). Made in USA.   PM me for measurements/more pics.   $700 or best offer includes shipping anywhere.
This is a new pair of Nudies Grim Trim Recycle Dry Navy jeans, marked 28x34.     The information below was taken from this site, which lists the jeans at $179 (but doesn't have a 28 in stock).   http://www.internationaljock.com/nudie-jeans-grim-tim-recycle-dry-navy,69771.html     Inseam: 34 inches (Length) Silhouette: Straight, slim fit. Normal waist. Straight leg. Pockets: 2 in rear, 2 in front with 1 coin-pocket nestled into the one on the...
They were to flip .... so in that case, the Nudies need to pay for my mistake.
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