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Out of the box thrift fit. Thanks again Cotton Dockers.   It's small, yes, due to my gut, which is an ongoing project. It's obvious that it's too small when I button the jacket.   But unbuttoned, is it "too small" (passable) or "TOO small" (lose some damn weight)? Since it's going to be cold here tomorrow, I was thinking it might make the perfect V-Day ensemble, paired with a Drakes black grenadine and brown AE Sanfords. But perhaps not.    
My first MMM!     Check out the weird placket:       [[SPOILER]]   These look like familiar Brioni tags, but seem a bit off. Perhaps not.       They had another Brioni that would need the treatment for just over $11, an ugly Borelli and an LB that looked nice. All in the same size. I'll go back tomorrow to get them, perhaps.   And this is from the weekend. Donegal Tweed from the mid 70s. I thought someone here might want it.       [[SPOILER]]             I also...
  Ah, yes, the Treble Clef/Triplet Holy Circle!
Can someone trade me a ~39 S navy blazer. Traditional is fine, but I think I'm really looking for something with MOP buttons.   Oh yeah, I got this from yossi, but it's not going to work without more tailoring than I want to give it. Anyone? Cash or awesome trade.   Tagged 40 S.  
Anyone want this at cost plus shipping or to trade for a navy blazer in a 39 S?   Samuelsohn 41 R sportcoat:   http://www.ebay.com/itm/121061429133?ssPageName=STRK:MEUSX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1562.l2649
Nice solid pickups. Either of those cardigans a small?
I finally got my slim leg raw denim Stronghold jeans in the mail, and while they're pretty awesome, there's a bit of extra room in the seat and the things. Would soaking them in warm water shrink them up a bit in the right areas? I'd also be concerned about denim loss, but I guess I'm more concerned about getting the best fit possible.
It's nice to know they'll mark them down that far. All the BB they had inside the city left long ago.
  Just posted these pretty nice AE Ashlands, 9 E   http://tinyurl.com/bm68kjw
These are the super crispy kind.   And my retail denim is supposedly on its way.
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