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  Do you think these are likely prints or the real deal?
You, sir, are a genius. At $25 per, I should probably pick these up (and it might be half price? Probably not.).   Or is that too much for a print, which is what these are, yes?
Oh yeah, another mystery. Can anyone decipher this signature?   At first, I thought it was Fe or Fo, but I'm pretty sure it's Tu.       The paintings are pretty cool. There were four. Here's one of them:  
  .... after work.   Yeah, I realize it's really hard to tell what it is, but I thought some Sander-head would be able to tell me something.
... mystery post updated below
I just posted a bunch of stuff that would lean more toward the AAAC crowd over there, but take a look if you need tweeds and things:   http://www.askandyaboutclothes.com/forum/showthread.php?57921-AAAC-Informal-Trad-Thrift-Store-Exchange&p=1322144#post1322144
So ... my wife just told me I'll have five free hours in Vancouver BC next Friday. Thifting thoughts? (We get there Tuesday night and leave Sunday at 6, so it's not like I'll be spending my entire time thrifting -- just a little bit.)
If anyone happens to have a year-round tweedish sportcoat in a 38/40 S that they can get to me before Friday, that would be awesome.   I'm not looking for anything in particular really; nothing too garish. Well, it doesn't even have to be tweed -- just awesome.
Made in Canada BB Sportcoat, 46 R. As available as a heart attack.       And any suggestions about getting the two spots out of this tie? I just couldn't leave this guy behind. I do have three ties that need some help, so I could find another one and make a Tie Crafters order, I guess.      
  DON'T GET MARRIED.   I'm kidding,  of course.   The ol' in-laws are celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary tomorrow. I'll be juicing limes all morning to make about 2 litres of gin gimlets (I figure that's the best, most refreshing drink for a noon-time party before a long day of football watching.)   ... and it's my last chance to wear seersucker pants.
New Posts  All Forums: