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  Crazy.     And here they are on page 4!   http://issuu.com/allenedmonds/docs/fall-1982-catalog
Spoo .......     Wherefore art thou?       Eddie ......   Other Versace enthusiasts ......     By Zegna, yes? But is this the Versace I'm looking for?       [[SPOILER]] AE Norse. Nice uppers, some heel wear to the rubber soles, but otherwise in fine condition. 8 D       BB Tweed I couldn't not take. I can't really remember how long this is so the ML in the size is either medium long or MEGA LONG!   or perhaps the size actually has nothing to do with the 43...
+1   Right now, I'm sitting here typing away on Styleforum while my boss is interviewing my potential replacement in his office. Oh, the thrill and excitement of working from home will be mine in one short week! Goodbye, cruel world of trade magazine editing. Hello, cruel world of trade magazine writing mixed with tons of freelancing and non-lunch-hour thrift trips.
    Silly me, I thought a Barbera sportcoat and a women's burberry london trench would generate a ton of traffic ... and they have -- just very few bids.
Man, why haven't I been reading this thread?     OK, so this is more of a me problem than an ebay problem. Who else has no patience and compulsively checks their listings every 10 minutes while pretending to work? Is this just a symptom of me being a relatively new ebayer, a curse that will lift in good time?   I can't help yelling at the computer screen, "143 views? 14 watchers? BID ALREADY!"   And this market-value, auctions starting at a low price point...
Blackwatch came today!    It's on the long side of where my jackets usually hit. But is it too long? I say no, but that could just be because I want to keep it. It also could be roomier in the waist.   I guess I haven't cleaned that mirror in our guest room, um, ever. Apologies. [[SPOILER]]
I was recently in Vancouver, and being the reasonable sort that sees INSANE prices on everything and assumes it translates to good thrift pickings, I was excited about my free afternoon. But after a lot of walking and hitting four or five stores, there was nothing.   Vancouver does have a lot of hip boutique "thrift" places, but those are, of course, expensive as all get out.
Heyo!   Can you tell I wrapped it myself?     eazy, if you want to downsize some boots ....
^^^   Yeah, yeah, but everybody knows Alabama is terrible.
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