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This is my first "haul" since I got back from Canada. It's been a while since I found anything, and I almost found a lot, had it not been for the orphan fairy.   This was me an hour ago: Oh, what's this really, really well made jacket? A recent Oxxford in gray herringbone? Sweet! Oh, another recent Oxxford? Sweet yet again! Hmm ... there aren't any pants here. THERE AREN'T ANY PANTS HERE!   I thought about buying them, but if I bring home any more orphans...
  One of the Marshalls here had at least 5 Braves ones in various sizes a while back. I didn't pick them up because the lowest they went, I think, was $30.
  I have a moth-eaten Brioni sportcoat that I'll probably do this with. It was $3, so not a big loss.
I like that Baracuta, buddy.
Man, I assumed that since Vancouver is so obscenely expensive (it's the LA of Canada, apparently), thrifting would be a dream. I was mistaken. The only thing I've found at a reasonable price that might be OKish is this:       These are pretty unworn tassel loafers, and are in excellent condition. I couldn't find much information. Should I go back and pick it up for the $14 or so it would cost me?
Short 40 R Wilkes Bashford 3-2 sportcoat. Tan cashmere. I won it off ebay from Man o Lint, but it's a bit too long, and makes this short guy look even shorter. It's a great piece though, and is super nice.   There are a few small blemishes at the very bottom of the vents from where someone ripped out the basting. Not a big deal at all, and it doesn't detract from the coat. Anyone want it for what I paid, which was a very good deal?     The deets:...
you could sell me one of those pairs, I guess ...
Two tie finds at lunch. I'm probably keeping the Paul Stuart.  
I don't know if that's just how they fell when I took the pic .... don't tell me they're fakety, fake, fake.
  Sweet shoes, but why on earth would someone donate the shoes instead of returning them?
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