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$450-$700. Most went for around $550 or $600, which is what we paid. The guy has a ton more.
Gianni Versace Couture by Zegna, 46.   This is, I assume, a sportcoat and not an orphan.   Sorry for the terrible pics. My wife has the good camera at work.     Yes, that's a four-button closure.             [[SPOILER]]     EDIT: Hey! 330ck has the brown version of this on ebay.
No love for my Polo Tweed?       Auction brag!   The guy selling the jukeboxes was a little peeved because he said he can sell them for $1800 and most of the ones sold at auction went for half that. He has a ton more that he'll auction closer to Christmas time to try to drive up the bids.   We're in the process of tracking down its former home via the serial number. Hopefully, it's this one:...
Tweed, huh? I hope I'm set.   BRAG:           Fits pretty well for $6. I don't have that much of a gut, though, and it fits better in person.       Deets:   JACKPOT  
  Pure Cashmere Saint Andrews 2-button gray pinstripe suit. 39 40 R. Made in Italy     Summer Silk blend Saint Andrews blazer sportcoat 39 R S. Italy. RL Purple Label       Savile Row Henry Poole blue houndstooth sportcoat blazer. 41 L Made in England     Amazing Saint Andrews tan 2-btn POW suit. 39 40 R. Hand tailored in Italy     Savile Row Burstow & Logsdail double breasted suit 44 46 R. Charcoal pinstripe...
I didn't notice this was a reproduction until I got home. But still, a well spent $17, I think. (Unless I'm wrong.)          
    FYI:           is holding an online (and live) auction for   Fully stocked and ready to rock. "Raisins in my Toast" (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N_LnuPFnJXY) and other WH hits included.       No minimum! Hundreds to choose from!...
If anyone wants to trade for the 39 R S Saint Andrews suits/sportcoat in my signature, let me know.    I'm looking for things in a 39 S (the shoulders on the blazer are just a tad bit wide for me, and it could be a hair shorter).
      This guy felt a little nicer than the others. I guess I forgot to check the tag completely because it's 100% Cashmere   It's not the wooly cashmere, either. I seriously could have worn this in Atlanta today ... if my shoulders were a bit broader, and I didn't work from home in t-shirts and jeans.
DROPS   I have a few pieces by Saint Andrews for sale. All are fully canvassed and made in Italy with all the bells and whistles expected from high-quality Italian garments. These were purchased at Guffey's in Atlanta.   Both suits have double pleats, no belt loops and 2-inch cuffs.   SHIPPING is $11.50 CONUS for priority through USPS     1. Tan/brown POW suit, tagged EU 49/Drop 6. 2-button, center vent with working cuffs.   100% Wool.   $250....
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