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This is a completely new Brooks Brothers suit made by Southwick. It's Golden Fleece in pricing and detailing, but has been retagged with a standard blue Brooks Brothers label.   Size 40 Short/ 34 Waist. Pleated pants are unhemmed/sleeves unfinished (buttons in the inside pocket). Fabric woven in England (likely Cavendish, just missing the interior label). Made in USA.   PM me for measurements/more pics.   $700 or best offer includes shipping anywhere.
This is a new pair of Nudies Grim Trim Recycle Dry Navy jeans, marked 28x34.     The information below was taken from this site, which lists the jeans at $179 (but doesn't have a 28 in stock).   http://www.internationaljock.com/nudie-jeans-grim-tim-recycle-dry-navy,69771.html     Inseam: 34 inches (Length) Silhouette: Straight, slim fit. Normal waist. Straight leg. Pockets: 2 in rear, 2 in front with 1 coin-pocket nestled into the one on the...
They were to flip .... so in that case, the Nudies need to pay for my mistake.
  Thanks. These are old? They look hardly worn.   I'll probably redonate the luckys and just say I spent $12 for the 7s instead of the actual $6.
Authenticity check, please!     After an ebay check, it looks like I should have left this first pair ...        
Yeah, I finally bought some nice things at Marshall's for super cheap, and then the thread blows up with really, really nice stuff.
I guess that's what I was missing with the 40 R that died a slow death in no-bid land.
Marshalls brag!           Available .... [[SPOILER]]     Annnnnddddd......   [[SPOILER]]
Pretty nice. Do you think the sleeves are meant to have a huge cuff?
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