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No thrift-thread buying (or otherwise) for me for the foreseeable, I think. We're meeting with a mortgage broker today to "go over our options," which apparently include a sweet no-money-down, no PMI, low interest deal because of I don't know.    Any advice from the homeowners in the crowd?
  That's pretty awesome. I don't follow the Cubs at all, but the Caray legacy is strong in Atlanta.
Gucci suit has sold.  
I picked these Aldens up the other day. They look to be in pretty great shape.      
Immediate assistance requested:   Someone with a feedback score of 1 just bought a high-priced item from me. He's been a member since January 09, 2012.   The only feedback:   Quick response and fast payment. Perfect! THANKS!!       What should I do? Message him and make sure he's not going to pull a fast one on me? He already paid, but that doesn't make me feel any better.
  I've never been to this place. It isn't on my list.   http://www.ajc.com/news/news/crime-law/police-man-injured-by-exploding-package-at-a-thrif/nXNdn/
Anyone interested in trading for the Gucci suit, 40 R, or the Savile Row piece in my ebay link?   I'm looking for things of comparable quality, but that I could wear to a fast-approaching conference.
If you want to organize an Atlanta thrift thread putt-putt extravaganza, I'm in.
    I'll remeasure, of course, before going to ebay with it (or one of you), but it is bespoke, so ....
These are the Poole measurements. Is this a 43 L?   p2p: 21.5 sleeve: 26 shoulder: 20 length: 33
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