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Nothing amazing here. But six solid, staple albums in insanely good condition for under $5 seemed like a good deal.  
Yeah, 1/2 canvassed. But I've needed a navy blazer for a while, so yeah.
Ahhh! I just spent money at a non-thrift store.   Spurred on by barrel's exploration into the beast that is Sierra Trading Post, I took a gamble on this, after getting it down to $385 plus free shipping (they wanted $21, those scoundrels.   http://www.sierratradingpost.com/hickey-freeman-solid-blazer-worsted-wool-for-men~p~4364x/?filterString=mens-suits-and-sport-coats~d~152%2Fsizefamily~chest%3B38%2F&colorFamily=01   90 percent wool/10 percent...
Yeah, I now have four pairs of black shoes for some reason. Ebay time, I guess.
Today's find:             And who can tell me about these Church's?      
  A joke, sir, for the Robert Graham crowd.
Anyone need some beater Florsheim shells in 9.5 D? The shoes are awesome except for the problem bits.   Crack     The leather cracked a bit around the eyelets when I tied the shoes     If you want them, get at me.
I don't know if I'll pull the trigger on the Kiton. I probably should. I'll let it sit a bit, though I suspect it will be gone tomorrow.     Pics?   [[SPOILER]]         Lots of frustration today, but I did find this orphan               But.....         I also found the darker, double breasted version, in suit form. Bought in 1987.       I'm considering going back tonight, but will definitely be back tomorrow to look for the pants. There was also an untagged navy...
Would you guys pick up a 95 cashmere/5 silk plaid Kiton at $319 to flip?  (Or trade for amazing things that are in my size plus a small amount of cash).   There would be no question if it were my size, but it's a 42 L.   And I'd normally not ask such questions, of course, lest they enrage the group's delicate sensibility. But since I'm not drunk, I need a good reason to make a bad decision.  
    Great finds. The Lubiam isn't really that awesome, but you should have plenty of takers at that rare size.
New Posts  All Forums: