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 I hear you, and I agree about the nostalgia factor, but they're more right about the value of the cards than you are. .... unless we're talking about a 1990 Topps Frank Thomas NNOF or something, which you would never be able to pull from a pack.
^^ That's a joke, right?
 I don't even want to tell you what my Frank Thomas collection is worth ... and what I ended up spending amassing all those cards.
When my brother last came out to visit, he brought a box of 2014 topps. It was great fun for about 30 minutes.  I would have had a hard time not picking up all the baseball boxes.
40 R tuxedo, anyone? Fall-winter weight wool.      
 Nice Haul. I probably shouldn't bother going out tomorrow (unless you were far outside the city). FOUR Barbours? Didn't get a chance to go out today because I was it an 8-hour childbirthing course in Lawrenceville.
Green. But I'm a short dude, so I really need a bedale or something similar.
So .... should I go ahead and order a bedale in a 38, knowing full well I'll eventually get around to selling the 40 I have on ebay, or should I be responsible and wait?   ENABLE ME.
This is a pickup at $20, right? Of course, it is. We've been looking for one, so it will be just fine.    
New Posts  All Forums: