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Green Mill! God, I wish I lived in Chicago.
Two things for me today, though there could have been a lot more had I been in more of a buying mood. I'm posting this while listening to another pickup from this week, Aretha Franklin's Amazing Grace. 77 cents for a seminal album is pretty good, even if the sleeve has seen better days (the records themselves are mint-ish).   First up,       [[SPOILER]]       and now, vintage, tradly goodness:       [[SPOILER]]
Just a sportcoat. I'm assuming I was right to not look for pants, as it doesn't look like an orphan. The cashmere makes it super-soft, but it was made in Israel   At least that means it's pretty recent, yes?
    What I end up doing is uploading them to flickr first. It's pretty annoying.
Like a lot of you on this thread, I have a ton of stuff to move. This weekend is ebay weekend, I think. And I'll probably return that RLBL tie just to make my workload a bit less.   And yet I still pick things up:         [[SPOILER]]
  Any ideas ...   Darrell from Storage Wars? I remember he found a steiff in one episode, delivered a few poorly written jokes to a dumbfounded appraiser, and looked generally awkward ... so maybe you can give him a call. 
Those oxxfords are pretty damn great.     Not a thrift price, but a deep, deep Marshalls sale price:    
29.   That seems to be in the middle of the pack, correct?
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