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Can I  brag about ebay?   46 R Brooks Brothers tweed sportcoat, made in Scotland. 15 h 40 m left. Started it at $9.99, and it's up to $95. I have no idea why.   In the meantime, the samuelsohn sits there with no bids.
  Nice finds!   Since you posted an Hermes, it's time for a story. I work in the air cargo industry, and there was a huuuge conference in Atlanta two weeks ago. I ran into the head of Airbus, tried to ask him some questions about something controversial, and got a very nice European "no comment." But I did notice his tie, which was a tiny repeating pattern of a squirrel. I complimented him on his tie, which I knew was probably a Hermes, and he said something like "Well, I...
  Barrister's a tradly brand, correct? That looks like a few logos ago, I think.   And if you want to get rid of the BB rather quickly for a fine trade, hit me up.
    It was a pretty nice jacket and was snug on me, so I'm figuring it measured out to a 19.5 or so p2p with a 17.5 or so shoulder. I shall see if it's still there on Tuesday.     And I shall wear the Khaki BB in style and good health ... next summer.  While we're on the topic of summer, someone in a 44 R should snag this:   http://www.ebay.com/itm/Ralph-Lauren-Club-Sport-Jacket-/200830088566?pt=US_CSA_MC_Blazers_Sport_Coats&hash=item2ec267f576
Interest check. I won't be able to get back to this GW until Tuesday (unless Greg613 or ATLnoob wants to help someone out).   It think this is a 38ish Short. Made in Germany, I'm assuming.   Where's the Hansderhund signal?     [[SPOILER]]     And I picked this up because I've been looking for a khaki suit for a hell of a long time. But I couldn't find the pants (I ran out of time). I was right to be searching for pants, correct? Or could this easily be worn as a...
    Nice coat!
Three buttons, double vent, one button on each sleeve. It killed me that the Harris Tweed I now have on ebay didn't fit, but this is the same general color, so I'm sort of content. I'll try to turn this into a 3-2.         The only tag indicated it was from here: https://vault2.secured-url.com/bellsofdunoon/   Seems a bit sketchy, but it's nice, it fits, and it was $4.55 with tax.
Here's the 42 T Oxxford, but it has some damage to the lining, and is missing the bottom button! Wow, I'm a moron. It's still pretty nice, though, so if it will fit any of you gents ....     Any idea on the buttons?           And this came from Ebay today. I am so psyched! It was $43 shipped, so a little much, but, well.     Next up: Find a pristine copy of Reich's Different Trains. Then my collection of freshman obsessions will be...
    Pretty sure it has a center vent.
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