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If you want to organize an Atlanta thrift thread putt-putt extravaganza, I'm in.
    I'll remeasure, of course, before going to ebay with it (or one of you), but it is bespoke, so ....
These are the Poole measurements. Is this a 43 L?   p2p: 21.5 sleeve: 26 shoulder: 20 length: 33
The double breasted Burstow & Logsdail suit I found a while back was way more badass (*cough* ebay *cough*), but that firm doesn't seem to have the same level of name cachet as Poole.
Ties:     I got the Joseph & Lyman because it seemed like a nice spring tie.     A first for me: Filson size 48 (definitely not my size). I passed on a vintage ('80s) Abercrombie Safari shirt in the same size.       Another first. Check another Row tailor off the list:   (I'm pretty sure this is cashmere, or at least a high-cashmere blend.) It's probably around the same size as the Filson.      
    This is pretty great. My wife's a Northwestern grad and she always gets after me for not having enough purple clothing. I'd pair this with the Bonobos purple cords I got for football games.   If you ever get tired of it ....
Gucci, 40 R, suit. Black herringbone, but looks charcoal. http://www.ebay.com/itm/2k-Gucci-wool-suit-39-40-R-3-roll-2-black-herringbone-Made-Italy-by-Zegna-NR-/121091110547?pt=US_CSA_MC_Suits&hash=item1c3197b693       Savile Row Burstow & Logsdail double breasted suit 44 46 R. Charcoal pinstripe  
I guess this got lost in all the BS.   Is this super recent Gucci?  
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