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Hello all, I'm a long-time poster to the thrift thread; I've been finding nice stuff for a while now, but these are the first items that are close enough for me to take a visit to the tailor. And .... I've never been to a tailor before! (I know ... 29, and I've never visited a tailor. Go figure.) So what do I need done? And how do I communicate that? I know there's a bit more to do with the second one. If it needs more than $100 in work, I'll probably just sell...
What over-priced consignment?
    Yeah, I know it's not quality, but it looks fashion-forwardy, so it'll do. This Dude might think it was pretty cool.   I'm pretty sure the Cornelliani is a 40 R, leaning toward a 38/39. I thought I could hack a bit off and make it usable for me, but that probably won't happen. I can get measurements on it tomorrow.   Yes, the J Press is available; I'd rather it go to a finance-type than have me wear it pretentiously. It has a few marks that will probably come out with...
Glad I left work early today ....     In honor of the European debt crisis:         Oh, Italy needs a bailout?   [[SPOILER]]   [[SPOILER]]   [[SPOILER]]   $27 with tax. Maybe that's why Europe is broke ...   Add this to the Oxxford I found yesterday, and it's been a good start to the weekend, even if it is so ungodly hot.
    Those are some niiiiccceee shirts. The only thing harder than finding sportcoats that fit is finding decent shirts.
Thanks for all your helpful information. Unfortunately, I don't think this will survive until September (but I did just get a big freelance check today ....).
Non thrifting success (well, an anniversary gift from my wife): My ratio shirt arrived today, and it is pretty great.   Thrifting success (well, not for me, but for for someone here, perhaps):     really quick and dirty and very approximate measurements: p2p: 23 shoulder: 19.5 length: 32 sleeve: >25   So ... 42 R?   And now ....   [[SPOILER]]
  That's pretty rad.         A high-quality party jacket. Sweet.
but I can swing a 31 ...
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