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I just saw an ad that shows USPS is actively going after this DIM weight change by FedEx and UPS and trying to steal people away from the other carriers ... only about three months after the fact, but whatever. Just thought it was interesting that it took this long. Are you guys seeing higher UPS/FedEx prices?     Oh, and here's from today. A first for shirts. If anyone wants to trade Billy Reid Small for Billy Reid XXL (p2p: 23), get at me.    
Just kopped a nice beer fridge at an estate sale that had tons of crazy MTM stuff.     FRENCHY:   They had a set of 8 blue Arne Vodder Ellen Vamo teak dining room chairs for $1800. Perfect condition, including the original upholstery. I sat it one; they're pretty incredible (the back rest is on a swivel).   Way too rich for my blood, but there's an inferior set of 6 on etsy for $2650. Danish Modern LA has them for $4600.      I think today was 25% off day, so...
How many people in this thread have a consignment business? I smell a Times trend piece.
KILLER brooks tweed, 42 xtra-L     Brooks Regent Lardini sportcoat, 44 L  
BB kind of day 44 R by Lardini with LP wool   [[SPOILER]]  42 XL    [[SPOILER]]
If you want to send it back home, get at me. STOP BLOWING UP MY SPOTS.
Not quite, but for $25, it will be a nice hand-me-down, re-sell situation.
Talk me into a "for the future" dapper kid e-thrift:   Polo Ralph Lauren    
Fixing two pulls (complete loops, so everything's still there) on a lined jacket by myself -- yes? No?
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