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Is this A) Legit B) Something worth the $18 I paid? No branding other than the liner and buttons, but I assume there was something on the missing zip-in liner? Annnnnd:   Avail.                
I dream of instrument scores like that. Around here, it's: Dented, student model trombone? $60.Terrible, old clarinet that would need an overhaul, at least, before it played? $150.Violin case? $25.
It's baby's first haircut day, so I'm out of commission. Be sure to hit the Buckhead GW early; there's a swarm of thrifting women who get there at open.
For a professional headshot, this distance or this one?   Wearing a suit with my Hermes Sax Guy tie because music journalism
41 R. Avail    
  Man, I'm hunting the wrong suburbs.
No finds for me lately, but I did secure a gig with the metro paper to review the symphony this season, so that's cool. People kind of wear whatever to the symphony, and  as a journalist, I'm supposed to look like a slob, so there's that.  
Nothing much clothing-wise has fallen into my hands for quite a while, but as a student of classical saxophone, I'm pretty psyched out of my mind about the record finds.  
 Ummmm ..... I'm a 38 S and don't have long arms.
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