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Make me an offer on these RRL jeans. Didn't work for me. My loss is your gain?   Sorry for the iPhone pics.                          These:
Didn't see those, but I'll be back tomorrow morning with bundles of J Crew to trade
So I should hit Buffalo Exchange every single day and should have been doing that since it opened, I guess.    Today's pickup. Worn, I think, but not many times:   $38
THANKS FOR BLOWING UP MY SPOT.     Kidding. Not stamped seconds, but some have store wear. I saw two or three shell bits in weird sizes. 
Yeah, I've been waiting for them to go on sale. Probably won't happen now. 
I think the K Jacket label and the normal Boglioli labels (including "Coat") are different. One is not newer than the other? 
Thanks for the edit. 
Yup. They had some stuff from the Andruw Jones sale. 
I know the "did not kop" posts are sometimes inane, but I thought there was some pretty nice stuff at this estate sale. I might head back on 50% day to see what's left.     Any ideas on this artist?           This Bigare was pretty cool, I thought:        So was this:        ATL peeps who have $450 to blow on NWT Moncler, hit up Buckhead Thriftique:  
I misremembered the price: $75   Brioni Millennio 42 L     $4.50 for Aldens in great condition?  
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