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  Thanks, GW. The Queen album was $1.55. Everything else? 77 cents each.   I hate to think what I missed.
Well, here it is...   It wasn't $40, but there's still room for a decent ROI, I think. Unless, of course, I keep it.  
 Speaking of, I'm staring at a "rain coat" that looks legit. If an Barbour XL's are interested, I'll send you the link.
found at Marshalls. Unlabeled ties.     The tag for the green is on the left. $60 and $40, respectively. Any ideas as to the true identities? Both were 7-folds.   I realize now I should have taken pics of the tags on the ties and not just the price tags. Oh, well.  
My first, but I think it was a decent pass at $23. Jetted pockets, no vent.     BUUUUT             And I also passed up a recent-ish Schott A-2 in excellent condition for $25. That one was probably a mistake.
 I picked up 6 of them (with the Castangia logo) for $4 a while back and actually left about 6 of them at the store. Maybe I shouldn't have done that. 
 My wife and I honeymooned in Quebec City and Montreal, and I'm pretty sure nothing will top the poutine I had in those cities. I'm staying at a hotel that supposedly has pretty good poutine at the attached restaurant, so we'll see.
There's no other-wordly level thrifting in Calgary, right? Will I be missing anything if I focus on work (and poutine) while I'm there and don't t casually saunter into any thrift stores?
 Buying a house helped me. I don't think I've been to a thrift store in more than a week.
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