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 That's pretty killer.
E-thrift came in. U.S. sizing because they were made for the U.S. market, but I'm pretty sure they're Loakes. Which isn't great, but it isn't bad.          
One find. Available because the sleeves are too long, and the neck is too big.  
e-thrifted some loakes:   I'm hoping "They still smell new!" is a good thing.
Anyone recognize this?    
 He's on a 9-5:30 sleep schedule, for the most part, and it's pretty amazing.
Did I just completely low-ball one of you guys on a pair of shoes just for the hell of it and get this dickish response in return?  I guess I deserved it, but TELL ME WHO YOU ARE.
Sorry for the baby photo post, but this guy just got his pavlik harness off today after a loong two months. Now that he can wear clothes, he's ready for the finer things in life.    
 It took me a second, but I get it now. You sold me a metric ton of bowties. I got the chance to wear one of them two weeks ago at a wedding.
Unfortunately for me, these will go cheap. That's good for you if you're a tall guy.     EXTREMELY recent Corneliani linen/flax SC, 44 L           Silk Corneliani, 42 L
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