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I'll have to wait for spring to wear this (please excuse the poor lighting). Polo, made in US. Sold at Saks. It doesn't look suuuuper dated, does it?     [[SPOILER]] And I picked this up for the history ...  
  That is wonderful!     Oh, and by the by, someone please jump on this. Blackwatch. Pendleton. Spotless. 42 R I've been looking for a blackwatch sc forever!  Oh, well.   Seriously, jump on it: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Pendleton-tartan-men-blazer-42R-100-pure-wool-leather-buttons-1-vent-/281007419013?pt=US_CSA_MC_Blazers_Sport_Coats&hash=item416d58ee85
Can you guys give me a relative vintage on this?  
I came home from a terrible football game (Georgia State University -- enough said) and a symphony concert to more than 90 new posts. I've only read through half, but they are, no doubt, mostly about the "available" debate. Can we stop bringing this up, please?   And for what it's worth, eazye hooked me up with that sweeeeeet Press tweed that he could have made a killing with on ebay. I gave him a bit more because I felt like I was ripping him off with the price he...
Bike question:     Everton. Made in Denmark. ????
I posted this on the label thread, but haven't yet heard anything. These ebay shoes seem like they're worth picking up, but I don't really know. Any help with a maker? These are tagged Ralph Lauren made in italy. I should probably just leave them be, huh?    
I finally got a bid in! It will last all of 10 minutes, though.
Here's a riddle. Ralph Lauren. Made in Italy. It's obviously not Silvano Sassetti. so ...... Any ideas?    
A mystery!   Nothing to add, though ... but I did just pass my background/reference check for that other job (glad they didn't find out about that time I killed a guy for his shoes). I started moving my office into the spare bedroom last night. It'll be nice!     Oh, and to revive an old discussion ....       Is that ee-ss-ee-aaa?
    Holy hell, man. I guess you should let me know if any of the suits are 38-40 S, but I doubt I can afford them.
New Posts  All Forums: