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NWT Barbera pure cashmere knit  
STEP OFF     How can you tell if buttons are horn or plastic?
Since these are still out of flipping range, and they are not my size, behold the glory of Marshalls. Both were on final markdown for $657.            
Pretty sweet 46 Long Harris Tweed with elbow patches. No maker tag. Is this anything?           Sweeeet Vintage Palm Beach Bataya Weave blazer. 39 R.     [[SPOILER]]     40 R. I know someone wants to trade for this piece of awesomeness. Hit me up.       [[SPOILER]]
These aren't crazy, but they're interesting and old.     The union tag puts this Harris Tweed between 1949 and 1962.         Same date range for this:             And I still have no ideas about this one other, but it seems old         [[SPOILER]]
Recent? J. Press 3-2 navy wool blazer.   Pretty great shape except for a shoddy reattachment sleeve-button job (both sleeves have replacement buttons) and a need for some lining restitching.   Terrible cell phone pics (apparently, my wife took the camera to work and also has my point and shoot):               [[SPOILER]]
Sweet. Thanks.
Shoes that fit! For $6 each!       Any help with this ID?         AE Ashland in excellent shape.         I also picked up a recent enough Hickey Freeman tux shirt in 15/33.
    I keep hoping I'll find a crazy mispriced item at Marshalls or TJ Maxx.
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