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New additions include   Hickey Freeman Madison houndstooth wool silk 40 R two-btn sportcoat blazer. USA   $3K Super 120s Oxxford 50 L Gibbons navy pinstripe 2-btn suit pants jacket. USA   Isaia made Gray suit 40 S Loro Piana 160s 15.5 Micron. Daniel Cremieux. Italy   Amazing Recent Linen Flax Corneliani 44 L three-btn green sportcoat blazer Italy   Perfect Silk Corneliani yellow houndstooth 42 L 3-2 sportcoat blazer Made: Italy
Two Brooks Brothers Golden Fleece by Martin Greenfield suits, 44 R   Gray and Navy       Brooks Brothers Italy Loro Piana sportcoat, 46 L     http://www.ebay.com/sch/jonhross83/m.html?_nkw=&_armrs=1&_ipg=&_from=
I took a leap. I'm going to be pissed if the sole is full of holes.
  First jazz records to jump out at me in a long while.   The Brubeck is the 1959 first release, but I hesitate to say it's worth what people seem to think it is (and I might be wrong, of course).
 The inseams on these 44 R suits hover around the 29" mark. These might be harder to get rid of than I thought. And really? No love for a Cremieux 15.5 micron, Super 160s made by Isaia?
I found an upscale Brooks Brothers store at a local Goodwill. Sorry for the shittay photos.   Loro Piana SC from 2004:         Suits:             There was a Brooks Brothers glenplaid suit jacket with pants that couldn't be found made by St. Andrews. I'll be back later in the week to see if they turn up.     And now a little something for me ....   BAM      
Here's a I-work-from-home-but-need-to-go-out-to-the-Post-Office discount fit:       Paul Smith Jeans jacket ($30 at Gilt warehouse sale) Mr. Brown by Duckie Brown sweater ($10 at Gilt warehouse sale) Gap jeans that look ill fitting but really aren't (sorry, but these were super cheap) Tretorns on super sale   "Accelerated Reader" shirt, my first-ever thrift find, not pictured
Just found out I'm teaching a workshop in jazz journalism during a festival in a few months. It's tweed time!     This stuff is from today. If it piques anyone's interest, you know where to find me. And these iPhone picks are pretty terrible. I guess you now know that I'm only cool enough to have an iPhone 4.     This is pretty damn new, right? 100-percent flax. US 44 L. (The above pic doesn't look like much, but it's awesome)     40 R Hickey Freeman from a...
New Posts  All Forums: