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Coach belt, black, 38   Trafalgar belt, brown, 36     Sea Island Cotton, so I assume they're good to go. Tagged 16 R.  
    Message for my Secret Santa: I will open that shit right away. 
I'm impatient as hell, so I think I'm going to send my gift out tomorrow. It'll be more like a secret Thanksgiving gift ... or something like that.
This gets my vote.
Anyone know anything about this label?  
Got some good stuff today.   Isn't this the stuff of trad dreams?     [[SPOILER]]     This probably won't interest anyone here, but will go far with the Wall Street types. The epitome of a power suit.     [[SPOILER]]       Tell me more about this Brooks Brothers label ....      
  BAM! Hanover Shells. 10 D/B   http://tinyurl.com/cx6hebh
Would you guys have picked this up? I looked everywhere for the pants, and a 42 R/L pinstripe orphan, no matter how incredibly awesome it is, is of no use to me.     This had allllllll the bells and whistles. Handmade awesomeness.    
Yup. St. Andrews.   The LB has double vents, surgeons cuffs and is a 3-2. It is marked 100 percent Alpaca.   The label says jacket, but there's also something about pants lining content. I assume that's just like including a drop just for the hell of it?? This can't be an orphan, can it?   [[SPOILER]]     The Hickey Freeman is a center vent.
Any 42 Longs that need some autumnal wear?   This is a sweet pickup, even though it's dated.             And this is dated as well ....             but ........       BAM      
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