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Here's the Harris Tweed overcoat in a proper setting.   It's going to make someone pretty happy, I think, once a few minor fixes are made.     [[SPOILER]]     Here are my questions. Should I get these repairs done myself, which I imagine won't cost more than $20, or just sell it as is? Is this vintagey enough to sign up for an etsy account and park this and another tweed on there, or should I just take it to ebay (or one of you guys)?
Lunchtime thrifting.         Harris Tweed overcoat, probably a size 40-41ish. The lining needs some help, but this can easily be worn without it.           [[SPOILER]]       A First!   Drakes French Cuff Shirt:  
I've seen a stitch of Kiton, in suit form, at Marshalls, for a grand. A bit out of my price range. Though I have noticed that the awesome Brioni sportcoat that had been at a Marshalls around the corner for probably at least six months is finally gone. I'm waiting for the $1900 Made in Italy BB suits to get just a little cheaper than the $250 first-sale price, but that probably won't happen.   Does anyone know where Marshalls goods go to die? They must ship them off...
MAJOR props to Mr. Boogers for a ridiculously nice Hickey Freeman sportcoat. It's really so nice and fits me almost perfectly that I'm tempted to pry his other 38 Short sportcoat away from him, even though that might be a bit overkill.
    oooohhhhh .... 38 S Belvest, huh?
    Homemade peanut butter is AWESOME. We use the good ol' Kitchen Aid mixer (well, when I say "we," I mean "my wife.")   Nice pickup on the sweater and the scarf. I assume the sweater is huge?
    If I had a child, I would make him wear that to school every single day. He would be THAT kid. And I would enjoy it thoroughly.     Ohh .... Did the other board die while I was on vacation?
Indulge me in two thrift fits (with some issues that need to be addressed, of course):   [[SPOILER]]
So I thought this was a small:       But what's up with the P (or L)??  
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