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  I am not a tech whiz. I was simply saying that this guy is less qualified to run a magazine — you know, not just writing and reporting, which is what you're talking about — than I am. I was also pointing out that it's ridiculous that I can make $24,000 less for the same job simply because I am not 40.   I hope I've been reading your posts and your responses on this board the wrong way. It's easy to give hastily written writing on a message board a condescending tone...
No, sorry, unemployed until Monday, when I start my new job. I was just bitching that because I'm 29 and the new guy has a salary history 10 years longer than mine, he gets to make 70,000 for doing less than me.
I left work at 3:30 for good, so I'm now unemployed until Monday. After two+ years, my boss simply shook my hand and told me good luck. Whatever, dude. The worst part is my replacement is literally making a house down payment more than I was simply because he's been a B2B journalist for 10 more years. Does he have a master's degree? Nope. What about web experience, or knowledge of InDesign? Nope. Knowledge of the industry? Nope.       AE Bradford 10...
  That is amazing.
Definitely. You could easily make some money on it, I would think.   Wait. What size was it?
Mashburn and Billy Reid are fine if you have the money, which I don't. The Nordstrom Rack on Lenox near Roswell Road is pretty good, but I haven't ever found anything amazing there. I've actually never been to a Last Call here — it might be because the only one is OTP. I can't really think of anything good off the top of my head. You could stroll through Phipps to see how the rich people shop, I guess.   If your family will tolerate a Goodwill or two, that's a whole...
And so it starts:   http://www.ebay.com/itm/Huge-lot-of-Hostess-cakes-Cupcakes-Zingers-Sno-Balls-Apple-pie-coffee-cake-/221155188862?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item337de0607e     Re: Garage Sale Pro. Can't we get five people together to buy a family license?
Yup. I should have made my joke more obvious. Switched on Bach is pretty damn cool, and I was obsessed with her version of the Ninth Symphony (which is on the Clockwork Orange soundtrack) in high school.
Wendy Carols is the man, right?
  Yeah, I had forgotten that the LL Bean signature stuff says signature on the label.
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