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Only three auctions this week — all shirts, all awesome, all ending Sunday night. CRAZY!     Brioni tuxedo shirt 17.5   Ermenegildo Zenga Su Misura 17     16 44 cm Sea Island Cotton Turnbull & Asser French Cuff
The Brooks University overcoat, dated from about 62-70, I think. 39 R.       Moth holes ..... Wah-wah     Could be worse for $13.
    .... but isn't that UK sizing, so 8.5 US? If so, I'll take them
I think those are Church's.
Some pretty good stuff today. First one is straight outta Capnwes territory:   Hanover shell 10 d/b       And then, all typhoid's talk about vintage Brooks got me thinking. 3-2 overcoat. Awesome as hell ....         BUT     I figured it was still worth picking up. The damage is limited to the patch pocket, so would replacing the entire pocket be cheaper (and better looking) than reweaving the parts?     And since Spoo said...
With all respect to Eazy, you win the jazz record thrifting prize this week.   Size small harrington, you say?
  That looks great.
Speaking of Romney weird-o .... There's been a fairly nice green camel hair-ish Hickey Freeman sportcoat at the GW around the corner for a few days. It's an old label, and is a 42 long, so I haven't picked it up. But a dude was looking through the suits today for a 44 L, so I showed him the HF. He was adamant about it not fitting without even trying it on, but he did say, "Hickey Freeman! You know who wears that?" " .... "  "Bill O'Reilly!"   Another woman was picking up...
Bad fake, right?   Three button leather jacket. The leather felt quality, I think, but I don't really know.   No tags anywhere ...     Medusa head buttons felt like plastic ...  
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