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I finally got my slim leg raw denim Stronghold jeans in the mail, and while they're pretty awesome, there's a bit of extra room in the seat and the things. Would soaking them in warm water shrink them up a bit in the right areas? I'd also be concerned about denim loss, but I guess I'm more concerned about getting the best fit possible.
It's nice to know they'll mark them down that far. All the BB they had inside the city left long ago.
  Just posted these pretty nice AE Ashlands, 9 E   http://tinyurl.com/bm68kjw
These are the super crispy kind.   And my retail denim is supposedly on its way.
To de-thriftify those Nudies, should I go with this method, or is there something better? The freezer, perhaps, and then just a soak?
Right-o, I think. This will all be cleared up, in theory, at a 10 am announcement. But I also think Congress has a say in this as well.
NOOOOOOOO   http://www.nytimes.com/aponline/2013/02/06/business/ap-ap-us-postal-cuts.html?hp&gwh=CB42367F10A98D1621BE329BE1158287
Some stuff. Way too little for as many stores as I went to today. Thrifting sick is going to catch up with me.   Regular Ralf Dry Selvage 32/34   These fit and are basically unworn, so I may get them hemmed, removing the boot cut at the same time.       Finally! 15 R.       60s Norman Hilton. Amazing jacket with MOP buttons. I'm pretty sure it's cashmere. 39 R. There was another one, that was a little less nice, but still felt like...
Atlanta people: There's an SF in Atlanta meetup being planned for Feb. 23 at JCT if anyone's interested.
Is this happening?
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