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This is waaaay to nice to be any Orvis I've ever seen, and I'm fairly sure it's at least MTM, so I would think that would rule out Orvis.
That probably means everything, or that would be great if it did. Regardless, this is an awesome piece. Does Huntsman put their logo below the pocket on the inside? There were no inner tags or evidence that something like that had been removed.   Pad stitching? I don't think there's any, but it's hard to tell because of the material. Here's the stitching line under a lapel (at the bottom toward the right of the picture):  
No tags at all. That's why I think it could be a really awesome custom job .... or not. The tag outline from under the inside flap pocket (pictured) is all I have to go on, and it doesn't look like it was big enough to be one of those gaudy nametag things.
I know this is a long shot, but any ID help? It doesn't really matter because it's awesome and it fits. And it was only $10 or so.   3-2, double vented with surgeons' cuffs. Full canvas. Hand work all over.          
  I found a very, very similar Polo Italy in a thrift. I too cannot wait for fall and just hope it gets cold enough down here to wear that all day everyday. 
Yes. And it's my size-ish; I just have to shorten the sleeves and be alright with a longer fitting SC (and lose a pound or five).
Nothing crazy, but here's today:           And I picked this up last week:   Paul Smith London suit, 42 L.  
Aldens in my size that will spruce up beautifully? $4.50.      
Wondering if this winter-weight military double breasted coat I saw today is anything. Anyone know anything based on the tags?     It was heavy and awesome, if that matters.         The full number is 63155
  My wife is on her way back from Chicago (way too long of a drive for a Pearl Jam concert, IMO) and she stopped by the popup sale to see if there was anything worth getting. I think all the amazing shoe finds are gone, but she did pick me up some things at 90 percent off, so we'll see what she brings home.
New Posts  All Forums: