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 I was actually rooting for you guys last night.  I "thrifted" my tickets to the game tonight, I guess. My realtor called me up this morning and said she got some tickets from a client that were really good and asked if I wanted them. Well, she just dropped them off, and the tickets are much, much better than good. The season tickets belong to the former CEO of coke and are on the second row directly behind the Braves on-deck circle. I'm pretty psyched.
If you guys could thrift me one of these in the next few hours, that would be great.    
Anyone want a cheap double-breasted tuxedo? Hickey Freeman from the 90s.   http://www.ebay.com/itm/MENS-Bergdorf-Goodman-Wool-DOUBLE-BREASTED-TUXEDO-DINNER-SUIT-38-S-/121123970831?pt=US_CSA_MC_Suits&hash=item1c338d1f0f
NWT Wool Kiton 7-fold  
Guys, keep an eye out for the green label Brooks Brothers OCBDs in 15-31 or so (or newer Extra Slim Fit). Please.   I bought one from Mr. Brooks Brothers, and it's perfect.
  Thanks, GW. The Queen album was $1.55. Everything else? 77 cents each.   I hate to think what I missed.
Well, here it is...   It wasn't $40, but there's still room for a decent ROI, I think. Unless, of course, I keep it.  
 Speaking of, I'm staring at a "rain coat" that looks legit. If an Barbour XL's are interested, I'll send you the link.
found at Marshalls. Unlabeled ties.     The tag for the green is on the left. $60 and $40, respectively. Any ideas as to the true identities? Both were 7-folds.   I realize now I should have taken pics of the tags on the ties and not just the price tags. Oh, well.  
My first, but I think it was a decent pass at $23. Jetted pockets, no vent.     BUUUUT             And I also passed up a recent-ish Schott A-2 in excellent condition for $25. That one was probably a mistake.
New Posts  All Forums: