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Anyone need this?
I dug through the archives and found that the last Styleforum-approved, Atlanta-wide shindig happened in 2010. Before that, it was 2008. So ... this thing is overdue. Time and venue are all up for discussion, but in the past it's been Sid's and then JCT.    I've been wanting to check out Thomas Wages myself (which used to be Tweeds), so maybe that and then Five Seasons?   Discuss.      Attention thrift...
Struck out today. Oh well. First day of many this year, I bet.    I did see some interesting things:   This is the oldest JAB label I've come across. It's in a kid's blazer that was trashed.   Anyone interested in an Isaia made Saks cashmere sc? 42 L.    
http://www.mccloys.com/dubarry-keating-jacket-navy https://www.djbennett.com/hunting-coat-beretta.html Avail
Also from today ...     Linda ...       RLPL:     Available? 
And it fits ...     Did a quick run through and didn't see other Mashburn stuff. But a stack of Sid Mashburn business cards was in the pocket of the jacket, which makes me think I either missed out or there's more to be fruited (did I use that right?). 
Overdue enthusiastic shoutout to @bpk1 for a killer trade that netted me LBM 1911 and Billy Reid sportcoats. Thanks again, man!  
30 percent off ties (code: 2017) brings some RLPL goodies to pretty cheap: http://www.ralphlauren.com/family/index.jsp?cp=2943767&s=A-StorePrice&categoryId=12618511&ab=ln_nodivision_cs_ties&pocketsquares=true
T&A's done some crazy stuff in the past:  http://thelearnedgentleman.com/turnbull-asser-beatles-pocket-squares/  Ohh ... and speaking of T&A, if anyone comes across one of these typography squares, hit me up: https://cdna.lystit.com/1200/630/tr/photos/fe16-2015/12/07/turnbull-asser-green-typography-silk-pocket-square-product-0-792526586-normal.jpeg  And .... Last Call is at it...
New Posts  All Forums: