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This is tempting the hell out of me: http://atlanta.craigslist.org/atl/atq/5574197829.html   Reupholstering yourself wouldn't cost $800, right? 
Hey Netflix bros: You guys should check out Lady Dynamite starting Friday. My bro is a writer on the show. Also the Ranch. But this show's going to be preeeetty funny, I think.  
Somebody's missing their entire collection of America tshirts. The ringers seemed like they might be something. $5 each. Didn't kop. Might grab the ringers for personal use when they go on sale.         
 $1800 with free shipping. Seems like a worthwhile writeoff to me: http://www.plessers.com/Lg_Studio/s3rerb/cart/?gclid=CMSTp_KN3MwCFdgRgQodYoMEvw
While you guys were out poppin' tags, I took my new Akorn grill on its maiden 'cue voyage (which was my first doing low and slow cooking). Pulled pork turned out great ... at 9:30. I'll start earlier next time.   Fuel for tomorrow's thrift run, I guess.  
 DECENT VINYL? That's a haul, man. Especially those jazz records. I need to head up north, I guess.
 I read this one in grad school in a pretty wide-ranging study of jazz writers. Pretty good descriptions of music, and, um, bear sex. 
Let's not forget the other boy in the band. He's a little lonely, wants to join his buddies.       (Not the same donor, but two recent-ish Zegnas in one week from a place that never gives me that kind of stuff ...)   And, for your troubles, take these as well:  
I balked at $255.    
Refresh my memory, please. For personal use, so maker doesn't matter at all, but it would be nice to know.  
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