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You guys aren't cool unless you use hipster ipsum     Viral bitters keytar neutra hashtag jean shorts tofu, kogi church-key twee cred gochujang pop-up DIY pinterest. Shoreditch marfa quinoa, try-hard iPhone disrupt sartorial mlkshk shabby chic cornhole authentic bicycle rights deep v whatever meditation. Sartorial chicharrones roof party, echo park bespoke typewriter narwhal raw denim jean shorts four dollar toast. Neutra umami fingerstache yr, bitters next level ennui...
Most of you guys are really top-drawer dudes.  
Ermenegildo Zegna 44 46 Long   $250 200 $150 shipped CONUS     This very recent Ermenegildo Zegna blazer in a cool blend of linen, wool and silk. Fashion forward and streamlined, this jacket is completely of-the-moment. It's also very lightweight, and is a perfect spring/summer/early fall jacket.  According to a notable Internet source, the Duo fabric mirrors the older Crossover fabric. "The Crossover fabric is artfully woven from 15...
NEW LISTING Cashmere Silk Hickey Freeman 38 Short Navy Blue Madison blazer jacket Made: USA                         NEW LISTING Vintage Trad Brooks Brothers 38 39 R S tweed blazer jacket patch pocket USA                           Ralph Lauren Anniversary First Edition Slipcase Rizzoli 2007 Biography RRL Polo         Recent Ermenegildo Zegna Duo 46 Long plaid lightweight blazer...
Picked up this eidos from B&S for, gulp, $225. But it's worth it, I think. But it doesn't come with a lapel pin. Anyone got a line on one of those?     In related news, I'll be selling a lot of stuff cheap to pay for this quickly (so my wife doesn't kill me).
I bought this from a forum member a while back (these are his pics from when he sold it to me), but it just doesn't get enough use. Who wants it?   38 S silver label Hickey Freeman. Perfect shape. 93 percent cashmere/7 percent silk.   Chest: 20.5" Waist: 19" Shoulder to arm end: 22" Extra at sleeve: 1.5" Shoulder across: 18.25 Length from btm of collar: 28.5       This is also up for grabs. Tagged 39 R. Brooks Brothers 3-2 with patch pockets. It's from...
Went to a nice menswear store in Nashville and now I NEED some Eidos in my life. None of the duders on ebay are taking my "Trade nice clothes plz?" bait.
Two-day Nashville experience involved antique malls that gave up nothing and zero thrifting. Good eats, though. And, um, backstage at the Ryman with an afterparty at Husk.
Went back to get spoo his band shirts at 25% off and scored this sweatshirt for $1.59:           Next stop produced some 9.5 burgundy Sanfords in close to unused condition and these guys for $6 each.   These are two plates from "Grammar of Ornament, illustrated by various styles of ornament" by Owen Jones, 1856 (http://www.abebooks.com/servlet/SearchResults?an=Owen+Jones&bi=0&bx=off&ds=30&pics=on&recentlyadded=all&sortby=1&tn=THE+GRAMMAR+OF+ORNAMENT&x=0&y=0)  
I know somebody has got to want this guy and will trade me for something similar in a 38-40 S.    Recent EZ Duo 46 L       p2p: 23 sleeve (from shoulder seam): 26.75 shoulder: 18 length (on back of coat, from under collar): 33       This one's tagged 44 L (but measures similar to the other one) and is a tad older:         p2p: 23 sleeve (from shoulder seam): 26.75 shoulder: 18.5 length (on back of coat, from under collar): 33
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