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I will forever be very tempted by this. Not $600 tempted, but tempted nonetheless:
It's an honor, sir. 
Brioni is sold!
About to list an Indochino suit I picked up. Pretty regular 40 R jacket measurements. The pants are 37x30. How am I going to sell this? Should I just take a loss?
We'll see how this does. It's somewhere in the 38-40S region.   HEYOOO. $1.99       Arm is a little out of whack, but nothing that can't be easily fixed.
They must have just put it out. I was there at 11. 
She's been reading the ebay thread it looks like 
Kiton. 95-percent cashmere, 5-percent silk. Tagged 52 L:   Measurements: p2p: 21.5 Sleeve: 25 Shoulder: 19.75 Length: 32     Brioni. Charcoal pinstripe suit. Tagged 42 L:   Measurements:  Jacket-  P2p: 21 Sleeve: 26.5 Shoulder: 18   Length: 33   Pants- Waist: 34 (1 inch to let out) Inseam: 32        $300 each with free CONUS shipping. 
DAMNIT.  For $35? Their knowledge doesn't go beyond Kiton and Brioni, it seems. When did you pick it up?
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