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Jean-Pierre Tertre http://www.antiques.com/classified/Art--paintings--prints--frames-/Landscape/Antique-Jean-Pierre-Tertre-French-Impressionist-Lithograph       Annnnnd a 46 R 2013 Hickey Freeman:    
The latest episode of everyone's favorite gameshow: To Kop or Not ....  First, we have militaria      Next up? ART.  [[SPOILER]]     [[SPOILER]]
Both tagged 16.5. Anyone up for a trade? (15/32 slimish)  
Anyone have a line on cheap tweed by the yard?
 No identifying marks of any kind. Seems like there are a lot of knockoffs out there, but these are relatively heavy and seem nicely made. Comfortable as hell, too. And my wife doesn't hate them -- as long as we cover them in something other than leather.  I had actually been looking at the same chair at a consignment/antique/hipster shop. I think they had it listed at $350 or something. 
Side of the road deal of the week. Will need upholstery attention eventually, but I might just use glue for now.   ID help?  
I've been searching for a good reading chair for the study in our new house. $195 seemed like a good deal. Puuuuuuufect condish. And a hilarious Renaissance-ish hunting scene!  
We talked about this, right?   https://baghunter.com/pages/hermes-birkin-values-research-study
If anyone wants some sweeeeeet shades....    
New Posts  All Forums: