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  Yeah, those will do more than OK. I have a pair that is pretty amazing, but I paid full retail for them at the Venice store while out in LA visiting my brother. Awesome shop, expensive wares.
Experimenting with a new picture-taking spot. Does the white brick background say hip and non-threatening or "come here, small child"? I'm still messing with lighting, so maybe I'll go with something like no. 2 and not have to worry about it.   Anyway, my first good finds in a while.   Recent Corneliani. Tagged 52 L (US size). Silk/wool blend.     Recent Oxxford "Range 1" suit. Tagged 50 L.   This thing is really, really nice. Pad stitching, etc.  
This luxurious seven-fold Kiton tie, made in Italy, is in perfect condition.   Maker: Kiton Color/Pattern: Geometric; shapes of green, red and yellow on a blue background Fabric: 95% Wool, 5% Silk Condition: This tie is new with the tags still attached.   Measurements: length: 60" width: 3.5"
Chalk another one up for LA.   The game itself was terrible last night, but these were our gifted seats.   No zoom.    
 I was actually rooting for you guys last night.  I "thrifted" my tickets to the game tonight, I guess. My realtor called me up this morning and said she got some tickets from a client that were really good and asked if I wanted them. Well, she just dropped them off, and the tickets are much, much better than good. The season tickets belong to the former CEO of coke and are on the second row directly behind the Braves on-deck circle. I'm pretty psyched.
If you guys could thrift me one of these in the next few hours, that would be great.    
Anyone want a cheap double-breasted tuxedo? Hickey Freeman from the 90s.   http://www.ebay.com/itm/MENS-Bergdorf-Goodman-Wool-DOUBLE-BREASTED-TUXEDO-DINNER-SUIT-38-S-/121123970831?pt=US_CSA_MC_Suits&hash=item1c338d1f0f
NWT Wool Kiton 7-fold  
Guys, keep an eye out for the green label Brooks Brothers OCBDs in 15-31 or so (or newer Extra Slim Fit). Please.   I bought one from Mr. Brooks Brothers, and it's perfect.
New Posts  All Forums: