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  One of these days I'll get around to doing this to the Brioni Sportcoat I picked up for $3 that was riddled with month holes.
No love for Edgar Pomeroy? J Press? OK.   I'm writing a GW near me off my list because I've never found anything that isn't damaged to hell.     I thought I had scored and was already thinking about finding the pants       But I guess the guy wore it to a knife fight       And this awesome jacket had no pants and was a bit moth eaten       But I did pick up Kenny Rogers' Christmas album for some joyful holiday listening. And...
This was my first worthwhile day in about two weeks. I've become a weekend thrifter, so I don't get out that much anymore — all I can muster is a few hours, or my wife will tolerate, is a few hours on Saturday mornings. That does mean, however, that I'm clearing out the massive ebay backlog ...   Today's finds.     [[SPOILER]]   AMAZING Bogner Ski jacket. Women's 10. [[SPOILER]]   And this is pretty damn sweet too.   [[SPOILER]]   [[SPOILER]]     BR monogram french...
Zegna for the International Air Transport Association!   Those guys are based in Montreal, so you'd think they'd go the Hermes route or something a little more upper crust and French. Truthfully, they're all a bunch of nice dudes. I had the pleasure of chatting with the current CEO earlier this year at a conference in Kuala Lumpur. Seemed like a good guy.
Unfortunately, the only thing I have is the $20 Versace jacket I found that Spoo turned into $521. That's got to be good enough for tenth place on the ebay monies, right? Top 25? Am I even in a bowl game?
Anyone want this Samuelsohn? Tagged 41R.   The only thing I really need is a nice navy blazer in 39 S territory. What I want, on the other hand ...         [[SPOILER]]
Since you guys are back on Macklemore ... HAVE YOU SEEN THIS?   2nd song   Joke, of course, but I thought a new take on things might be appropriate.       And really — and any Tiny Desk Concert — just makes me want to work at NPR Music.      
  GET IN LINE!     I kid, of course. There's no reason I would ever need TWO blackwatch sportcoats ....
  GOD that Blackwatch is insane! It's too big for me, yes?   And those jackets!
  That's a fantastic find for a Florida fan, or a Syracuse fan, and I happen to be both. It's a bit more classy than my Syracuse Orange BB sportcoat.
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