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I have an appointment booked for Monday at Sid Mashburn for an MTM suit. Anyone have feedback about the process/what to expect/etc.?   I'm thinking of going with a pretty staple charcoal suit like this without the bead stripe (actually probably something a bit lighter). 
VA. If they get hammered tomorrow, we aren't going. On weather.com, it looked like VA is going to miss the weather.
I'll be in Charlottesville this weekend, driving up from Atlanta on Friday. I was just going to hit the GW, SA, etc., unless there's a place that's not to be missed.
Picked this up on the cheap, if anyone needs a hunting vest. 1950s, I think.   Smallish medium.      
Merry Thriftmas? My brother is giving me the gift of an MTM Sid Mashburn suit.   So, yeah..
I forgot I had this and am now looking for a quick sale to a 46 L who wants a gray pinstripe golden fleece suit from 2003 made of Super 120s Loro Piana fabric.   p2p is roughly 23 3/4 length is around 34 20" shoulders 25" sleeves   Pants are tagged 41   If that sounds like you, hit me up. I'd like to send this out before I leave for vacation on Wednesday. 
$199 Holiday Blowout items include:   John Varvatos cashmere blend by Lardini. 42 44 L     Caruso Loro Piana cashmere blend, 42 R     http://www.ebay.com/sch/jonhross83/m.html?_nkw=&_armrs=1&_ipg=&_from=
Are you a 44 L? Do you like awesome sportcoats?   Varvatos mainline, made in Italy. Cashmere blend.   Who makes this again?    
By "Atlanta," they must have meant outside the perimeter.
  Stay off my lawn.
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