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The pitch .....    WHAMMY!    [[SPOILER]]   Oh, and a copy of Brooks Brothers Generations of Style. Seemed like a good $2 pickup.
Cell phone. Sorry.     I don't know why I've never picked up Vince stuff from Marshall's before. The hoodless hoodie sold for $325, and I got it for $60.   oh, and TRETORN!    
 I want in on that... The meetup, I mean. I already have one woman too many.  HEYO.
It's bespoke from 1930. But the shoulder measurement just really threw me off.
What do you guys make of these measurements?   P2p: 22 Sleeve: 25.5 Shoulder: 16.5! Length: 28.25
I think this would all go down better if you changed your avatar to a kitten or something. But probably not.
I mean ... I like it, but I'm not sure of the fit or if I should keep it.
 ME! ME!  That is amazing.
What say ye regarding this Marshall's find?   Great? OK? Shitty?   Elie Tahari Kurt jacket. NWT tags $695.    Yeah, it's TEAL. But it's not that bad, right?           Oh, and this week's records. $4 total.   Haven't listened to Tommy yet. We used to have neighbors that would listen to it constantly, so I'm saving it for a special occasion.  
New Posts  All Forums: