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Any ideas on this Made in England coat?      
The church thrift shop across from Grindhouse on Piedmont? Prices for suits and sportcoats start at $22ish, but it can be worth it if you pull a Kiton, like I did last year. I also picked up the Barbour that is now in Eazye's closet there. But it can be incredibly frustrating because they get a lot of crap. A lot. Of. Crap. The well dressed guy at the counter (gray hair, glasses?) told me the woman who runs the men's side worked at Saks for two decades. Whatever. She...
 I just went in for round 3 on Saturday. I'll post pictures of the result. Work to be done includes: Raising the waistband, additional leg tapering, shortening the length a tiny bit, reshaping the shoulders, fixing the roll on the back by doing some collar work, doing something to the shoulder to smooth it out, and slimming the sleeves. If it doesn't look perfect this time, I may have to raise hell.
Has anyone ever thrifted in Macon or Savannah?
Yeah, he knows that. He was talking about the limited edish Collezioni.
Found an orphan with fish mouth lapels, but I couldn't leave it behind.       WHAMMY:     I'll be going back tomorrow morning to see about the pants.
 Was the last broken record that final Georgetown game? I'll be watching the battle (ha!) vs. Duke down here with the Syracuse alumni club (my wife and I got our masters degrees from Cuse).
Anyone a Large in Hickey Freeman?  
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