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  GET IN LINE!     I kid, of course. There's no reason I would ever need TWO blackwatch sportcoats ....
  GOD that Blackwatch is insane! It's too big for me, yes?   And those jackets!
  That's a fantastic find for a Florida fan, or a Syracuse fan, and I happen to be both. It's a bit more classy than my Syracuse Orange BB sportcoat.
Drakes french cuff shirt. 16 1/2 34. $45.   http://www.ebay.com/itm/Luxe-Drakes-for-Barneys-french-cuff-textured-dress-shirt-16-1-2-34-Made-England-/121037494851?pt=US_Men_s_Dress_Shirts&hash=item1c2e659a43
          Eremenegildo Zegna flatfront corduroy pats     Excellent gray flannel check Saint Andrews wool pants. 32 33. Made: Italy. RLPL.     \   Brooks Brothers Prince of Wale Lambswool Cashmere 40 R sportcoat blazer Made...
  You're making me jealous. At least I can, hopefully, wear warm clothes when I go visit the family for Christmas.
I'd much rather have your snow problems. It was literally 72 here yesterday, and it was in the high 60s last week. I think the high today is 70. I hate it.
  I really think you should do that. It would be awkward, but might pay off.       I only found one thing today in three hours of thrifting, moving down 400 toward the city. But since I've found nothing in the past two weeks, I'll take it.   Unfortunately, it's way too big for me (23.5 p2p) and is missing the second button on the sleeve, and the third button on the front (which was in a pocket). But it is a spotless vintage Harris Tweed 3-2, so a larger trad might want...
WOOOOOOOW.   Are those navy blazers shorts?
    The blackwatch is in my possession, but I've been just sitting on it because it's a tad too long (and I mean less than half an inch). It also could be taken out a bit (or I could lose some weight). The tailor was going to charge me $100 for shortening the jacket and the sleeves and letting it out a bit. I might just forgo that last part and leave it unbuttoned (it's really not as tight as I'm making it seem; I think he just wanted to get more money out of me). I've...
New Posts  All Forums: