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Just came back from a St. Paul thrift around the corner from my house. This place charges $19-$30 a sportcoat no matter what it is (I've paid that upper end of the range for an Alpaca LB and that vintage LL Bean coat from a few weeks back). I found a pretty damn awesome Christmas plaid Pendleton in a 39 R, which is too long for me but would make someone the life of a Christmas party. It was $19. Whatever. That's more than double GW prices, but since I haven't found...
Apparently this is a thing:   "Monday, December 10, will also serve as “Green Monday,” a term coined by eBay to describe the best sales day in December and traditional kick-off to the heaviest online shopping week of the year.  According to comScore, in 2011 U.S. consumers spent $1.1 billion on Green Monday alone."   So who's ending auctions on Monday, December 10?
Gray flannel Saint Andrews trousers, J Press Tweed trousers, Polo US Christmas Cords, Zenga cords and some other odds and ends.     http://www.ebay.com/sch/jonhross83/m.html?_nkw=&_armrs=1&_from=&_ipg=&_trksid=p3686
  Score on those Red Wings. I can only assume that a) they're unavailable and b) they're nowhere near an 8.5/9.
Anyone want to trade blackwatch for blackwatch. I bought what has turned out to be a 39 R, which is going to cost, um, $100 to make fit.
Trad so hard it hurts 42 L Chipp sportcoat.  
This is pretty awesome.
  What color is that?
You guys already know this, but Spoo turns thrifted Versace into pure gold.
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