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Who's going to thrift an iphone 6?   http://www.sun-sentinel.com/features/bargains/deals-blog/sfl-att-verizon--free-iphone-6-trade-ins-20140910,0,3235712.story
That was the other ATL guy.
THANK YOU. I thought I was going crazy.
Who wants to trade away a bedale in a 38 for a tweed Kiton suit that needs a bit of work?
Anyone have a bedale in a 38 they want to trade away for a tweed Kiton suit?
 Zero feedback. Automatic no, right?
Went back to the Kiton spot today. The guy who help me earlier in the week said, "You should have been here yesterday! Someone bought two Kitons and a recent Isaia."   This place almost never gets great stuff, so I don't know what's going on.
  When I say these are easy fixes, I mean it. And they're not really holes, because fabric is still there -- these are just rough spots that need to be fixed up. Somebody's going to get a deal.
I sold one of those Kiton suits at basically cost, but it's really up to each individual member what they want to do. You don't always get back the good karma you put out, but sometimes you do. If you're a poor college student, take a half hour, post shitty pictures on ebay and make $100 or so bucks.
New Posts  All Forums: