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Just kopped a nice beer fridge at an estate sale that had tons of crazy MTM stuff.     FRENCHY:   They had a set of 8 blue Arne Vodder Ellen Vamo teak dining room chairs for $1800. Perfect condition, including the original upholstery. I sat it one; they're pretty incredible (the back rest is on a swivel).   Way too rich for my blood, but there's an inferior set of 6 on etsy for $2650. Danish Modern LA has them for $4600.      I think today was 25% off day, so...
How many people in this thread have a consignment business? I smell a Times trend piece.
KILLER brooks tweed, 42 xtra-L     Brooks Regent Lardini sportcoat, 44 L  
BB kind of day 44 R by Lardini with LP wool   [[SPOILER]]  42 XL    [[SPOILER]]
If you want to send it back home, get at me. STOP BLOWING UP MY SPOTS.
Not quite, but for $25, it will be a nice hand-me-down, re-sell situation.
Talk me into a "for the future" dapper kid e-thrift:   Polo Ralph Lauren    
Fixing two pulls (complete loops, so everything's still there) on a lined jacket by myself -- yes? No?
Idaho pickup. Spotless.              
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