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Nothing big, but all I could really find on a morning when half the stores I went to were closed.   John Varvatos mainline, Italy. Size EU 46. This thing is smaaaal.           And this is actually my first skeet purchase, I think. Pretty muted, as these things go, and not in a huge size (15.5-38), so it might not do that well.  
That's never happened to me in Atlanta. They must have known you were an outsider.
  A lot of good stuff, but those Hacketts are awesome.
First pickups in a while, just in time for my Southern Frat Boy costume.   If anyone wants to wear these Vineyard Vines bowties without an air of ironic hipsterosity, let me know.  
My mom got me a sewing machine for my birthday. The goal is probably to make my own shirts; anything else would be too ambitious, I think.
  Large Peacoat. $2. BUT I DIDN"T HAVE $2. Ethical quandary: A lady in line behind me paid the $2. I was all ready to pay with a credit card and eat the rest of the $5 minimum, when she whipped out some cold, hard cash. So can I sell it? Should I just swing by the thrift next week, slap down $2 and leave? Do I have to trade it?   Needs a cleaning, but perfect otherwise.
Early birthday present:         Best part:  
Of course! 9 D.
AE Richmond seconds. Unworn.       Here's the only blemish:  
Anyone need a like-new small navy polarquilt lining?
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