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And it fits ...     Did a quick run through and didn't see other Mashburn stuff. But a stack of Sid Mashburn business cards was in the pocket of the jacket, which makes me think I either missed out or there's more to be fruited (did I use that right?). 
Overdue enthusiastic shoutout to @bpk1 for a killer trade that netted me LBM 1911 and Billy Reid sportcoats. Thanks again, man!  
30 percent off ties (code: 2017) brings some RLPL goodies to pretty cheap: http://www.ralphlauren.com/family/index.jsp?cp=2943767&s=A-StorePrice&categoryId=12618511&ab=ln_nodivision_cs_ties&pocketsquares=true
T&A's done some crazy stuff in the past:  http://thelearnedgentleman.com/turnbull-asser-beatles-pocket-squares/  Ohh ... and speaking of T&A, if anyone comes across one of these typography squares, hit me up: https://cdna.lystit.com/1200/630/tr/photos/fe16-2015/12/07/turnbull-asser-green-typography-silk-pocket-square-product-0-792526586-normal.jpeg  And .... Last Call is at it...
Etsy e-thrift. $13 shipped for a pretty crazy T&A:  
Thanks! They're for personal use, so I appreciate it.
so ... it would be great if you guys chose not to drive up the price of Linda's squares.    please.    I've got my bidding fingers trained on the lot of two with a tie.      please. 
I'm selling a NWT Sage de Cret patchwork shirt, made in Japan of a cotton-linen blend. I tried to snap pics of all the details, but let me know if you want any more info about the piece.      Standard marketing boilerplate: "Sage de Cret is the work of director Kimitoshi Chida, and resulted from his desire to create something tasteful using meticulously selected and treated fabrics in Japan. The brand has a focus on using materials with unique treatments, along with...
Detail pics of the SdC  [[SPOILER]]
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