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 My wife and I binged on four episodes of House of Cards last night. I didn't once get to say, "Hey, there's that guy from Styleforum."
The only answer to this question: 
Holy shit that GAME.  24-0. By the skin of our teeth.
so ...
After going through this process with Sid Mashburn — having a tailor look me over and make adjustments while I was wearing the suit no less than three times — I'd be scared to try an online MTM.
The saga of The Sid Mashburn Suit continues. Seriously, I went to this place called Hong Kong Tailors today to get some work done on a suit; the work isn't complete yet, but the process seemed a bit more smooth.
  UPDATE:  I still think there are some things to be worked on after this latest fit, and I'm a bit annoyed that the process has taken this long, but I feel like we're getting there. Despos and others: Is there a point to which there have been too many alterations to an off-the-rack suit? Should I start getting worried about the durability of things?  I still think they could do more with the crotch area, as I feel there's a bit of extra fabric there making the pants look...
Offers welcome on this 40 R-ish (could also work for a Short) overcoat. This is a Savile Row-level bespoke overcoat, custom made in the late '70s by J.C. Wells. The firm became Wells of Mayfair soon after this coat was made, and the firm is now part of Davies and Son, currently located at 38 Savile Row in London. Two patch pocketsCenter hook vent, pick stitching everywhereHand tailored details p2p: 21sleeve: 23 (+1)Shoulder: 19Length: 38 3/4 Last pics in spoiler show the...
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