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  DAMNIT. Where were you an hour ago? I would have much rather given you my money.
Tell me that $208 shipped is a fine price for a Bedale in my size plus a hood plus a polarquilt liner. ...
 not thrift prices ... so like $50? $50 million?
I thought this was cool-ish. I guess.  
The teeny, tiny PRL tweed showed up today. He's looking forward to wearing it in about 2024.  
    Vintage car coat. 40 R
Date check on this BB label:    
Better pics of the 50s (60s?) Kuppenheimer coat and tags. This thing is sooo nice and in nearly deadstock condition (some of the stitching has become detached in the lining around the vent area).          
I just saw an ad that shows USPS is actively going after this DIM weight change by FedEx and UPS and trying to steal people away from the other carriers ... only about three months after the fact, but whatever. Just thought it was interesting that it took this long. Are you guys seeing higher UPS/FedEx prices?     Oh, and here's from today. A first for shirts. If anyone wants to trade Billy Reid Small for Billy Reid XXL (p2p: 23), get at me.    
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