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Allen Edmonds 9.5 D Sanford burgundy oxblood captoe oxfords Barely used Seconds                                 Current Allen Edmonds 9.5 D Grayson black tassel loafer shoes $395 Barely used                               Allen Edmonds 10.5 E wide Delray black split toe oxford shoes $395                               Allen Edmonds 10.5 EEE wide Park Avenue brown calf captoe oxford shoes...
OK. Atlanta guys:   Who's down for an estate-sale-style pop up?
This $1k Ralph Lauren Black Label puffer vest, released in the fall of 2013, was featured in an issue of Philly Style where Elizabeth Layton, the Ralph Lauren specialist at Saks, pointed out the product's "authentic military references."   Tagged a medium, this is a pretty slim fit. On my 40 S frame, this fits without being snug, but there's no room for layering.   PRICE: $250 $200 CONUS   This vest was originally sold with a hood. The hood has been lost to the sands...
Down vest bros, get at me. Medium.       $995 retail (no hood tho)   http://phillystylemag.com/ralph-lauren-fall-menswear-from-saks-fifth-avenue   And these guys at $1 each:  
The eidos is a tad slim, but nothing that can't be fixed by a few fewer beers.
Any of you bros gman-68?
Ummm ... @Nataku         These were $1 each:     SCORE!      
You guys aren't cool unless you use hipster ipsum     Viral bitters keytar neutra hashtag jean shorts tofu, kogi church-key twee cred gochujang pop-up DIY pinterest. Shoreditch marfa quinoa, try-hard iPhone disrupt sartorial mlkshk shabby chic cornhole authentic bicycle rights deep v whatever meditation. Sartorial chicharrones roof party, echo park bespoke typewriter narwhal raw denim jean shorts four dollar toast. Neutra umami fingerstache yr, bitters next level ennui...
New Posts  All Forums: