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Bought two years ago, we could sell right now for a $60k gain, no questions or anything (yes, we're basically selling the lot). Doesn't this mean no taxes: http://www.irs.gov/taxtopics/tc701.html I don't think we'd actually do it; I like owning a house, it's just that buying something in a good school district is, um, $450k or so. Thoughts turn to private school (high school at least), and that gives the investment plenty of time to do its thing. But as I said, we're...
Quick tunrnaround for the symphony tonight, wear what I wore to work, throw on a hopsack blazer, sky opened up on the drive down, look around in the car for an umbrella ...   Red pants, blue gingham shirt, navy sportcoat, blue and red umbrella   matchy matchy matchy.   I felt like an asshole.           Would any of you guys sell your house for a huge profit, invest the money, and rent? Is that an insane idea?
No pickups, but some interesting stuff I don't see everyday:     They said this was kangaroo (priced at $65):     Vintage Last Rites kit, anyone?     I thought this was cool:       And is this the brand I'm looking for?  
  It says 390 C, though. What? They are VERY small.  But definitely men's, right?
ID ideas? Or ... can anyone tell me what size this is? Suuuper small.      
OK. Scammers who got caught or ..  to be honest, I was trying to get the jacket for my husband as a gift and didn't realize that he was also after it (or that he was negotiating a lower price). I just spoke with him and he told me that he paid $85 shipped. I'd be more than happy to pay the difference in bids to make up this marital miscommunication and trouble it has caused you. If you could refund me $99.00 (of the $114 that was sent) I would really appreciate it.Also, I...
Shady shit: Hi Jon - for some reason this coat was still in my purchase history and when i went to pay for another item it paid for this one (even though it was cancelled). Could you please cancel/refund the $114 you just received via PayPal. Thank you...I am also reaching out to ebay to see why this still remained open. Thanks again!
Here's the situation:     Buyer submitted a best offer on item, I accepted, then after days of not hearing from the buyer, asked that it be cancelled because the buyer submitted too many offers and didn't expect them all to be accepted (see my last post on the thread). I canceled the order. A little bit later, I sold the item to someone else, shipped it, and thought everything was good. Now, the original buyer has paid for the item (I didn't know that was possible)....
New Posts  All Forums: