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This is definitely worth a re-weave:   [[SPOILER]] This seemed cool. Fits like a 40-42 S   Tagged 16.5: 
 Manton's full of shit. Styleforum is “like a dorm room environment where even people like me, who are old, can feel 19 again … that’s part of the fun of it, everybody speaks in a kind of lighthearted way.” There is NOTHING lighthearted about the thrift thread.
I don't really get the opportunity to wear ties that often. I think I might need to thin out the herd:   
? Same tag as the crazy paisley one. 
Did any Atlanta bros recently grab a cache of last season, NWOT Miller Bros ties? I was told some guy came in yesterday morning and bought like 20 of the ties. Said he was a reseller.     I got the second wave, it seems like (or maybe the leftovers?). That particular store is going to be the new donation point for the retailer's unsold goods, I think.    All the Miller Bros ties are from a variety of different makers. Three made in Italy, one in the UK. Any ideas on...
I was referring to the 28K in profit you pulled recently. Maybe it wasn't that much, but it sure isn't far off. 
This bit is begging for an update, though: 
Get used to finding more and more in these parts, gents, for I am about to have no time to thrift. ...
I've got too much to sell anyway. BUT YOU OWE ME. kidding, of course. 
RLPL is gone. 
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