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  When I say these are easy fixes, I mean it. And they're not really holes, because fabric is still there -- these are just rough spots that need to be fixed up. Somebody's going to get a deal.
I sold one of those Kiton suits at basically cost, but it's really up to each individual member what they want to do. You don't always get back the good karma you put out, but sometimes you do. If you're a poor college student, take a half hour, post shitty pictures on ebay and make $100 or so bucks.
2. Kiton 100% cashmere sportcoat, 40 L     $399 CONUS!   Color: Autumnal plaid with orange and blue Size: Tagged size is a European 50 L. Fabric: Pure Cashmere     Condition: This jacket is in excellent used condition. There is a slight pull on one of the sleeves that is hardly noticeable.   Lapels: Notch Buttons: Three with a lapel roll to the second. Classic 3-2 styling. Vent: Double Origin: Italy     Measurements:   p2p:21 sleeve: 26 Shoulder...
It's because of the UPS worldport hub, which is an impressive operation (but the tour starts a 9 pm and runs to 3:30 in order to show the busy times -- my simulator flight happened at around midnight). I don't know if just anyone can tour the Gilt warehouse. This was part of a press trip.
    40 L Kiton cashmere blend tweed suit. Cheap because it needs some work.       PERFECT 40 L pure cashmere Kiton sportcoat     Feel free to send me offers on ebay or try to get a deal done on SF
that warehouse was pretty massive.
Took a mid-week work trip to the stomping grounds of one @Orgetorix, but had absolutely no time to thrift. But I did fly in a flight simulator and tour the GILT warehouse, so that's cool, right?    DEETS:        
There's always a reason things are donated, right?   The two suits need some TLC, so they'll be sold on the forum for a reasonable -- more than cost plus shipping, but not much more. The tweed has some pulls and needs some help on a part that is going a bit threadbare (should be an easy fix though, especially since it's a dark tweed). The gray suit has the red spot issue.   Both are pretty close in size; this is taken from the tweed:   Waist: 17.5 Inseam:...
COVER THE WORLD WITH .... ????   Yeah, that's a tweed Kiton suit.       And then ...      Finally, another suit:      [[SPOILER]]   Three 3-2 pieces of Kiton, all in a row, at one store. (There was a silk SC, but it had pulls in it; I'll see if it's still there for half-off day.). Suits are tagged 52 L, the cash sc is 50 (but is definitely the same-ish size). I paid up, but that probably means standard LA thrift pricing.   available.
Florshiem by Duckie Brown, 11 D, in great condition. $100 CONUS.
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