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 I have one from that era with the price tag still on it ($22.50, I think). Makes a nice, small bow. Great ties. If you want to unload them, let me know.
Here's another public shout-out — still effusive, but much less verbose (on a deadline) — to @rhz5001 for an outstanding trade that netted me two great-looking Ben Silver ties.
 Those are awesome.
    Who has been lucky enough to complete a trade with @R01gt? If you haven't, you're missing out. I just traded him some ebay fodder for a St. Andrews sportcoat, and he tossed in another SC in my size! Incredible. The items came packaged well in a large flat rate box.   He's a first-class, top-drawer gentleman. Do business with him. You won't regret it.  
4 Photos $220 NWT Tellason navy corduroy 32 x 34 pants jeans. John Graham Mellor fit. USA       Time left: 1d 23h leftSunday, 9PM $59.99 0 bids   7 Photos Vintage WW 2 1942 Coast Guard Academy Small midshipman pea coat. Custom made: CT       Time left: 1d 23h...
 This totally blew my mind: He lives in my hometown. In small town Idaho.
    This isn't amazing, but it's good, right? I'll hook it up this evening and test it out.
I want this gone by Sunday, so I've set the starting bid quite low, considering MSRP was about $700 north of the BIN price. Buy it for personal use (it's an exceptional jacket), buy it for resale, I don't care.   1 watcher, 3.5 days left. DO IT.         NWT 40 41 R Short Ballantyne navy Summer blazer sportcoat jacket. Cotton. Italy.       Time left: 3d 11h leftSunday,...
  I should have put #sarcasm, I guess. I was going to say something when he first posted (akin to, "Yeah, nice one, duder!"), but I didn't want to break his spirit.
the kitten? huh?
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