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It's a bit "hotel California" but I dig it. Anything to it?    
 A CELEBRITY!  They should have found you a cameo part in this season of House of Cards.
Lame ...  I saw this the other day; it looks cool, so I might go back when it's not $15.  Is this anything @Nataku?  
 Bro deetz?
10.5. Available.     
Buyer with zero feedback who paid immediately but set up the ebay account that day? What to do?
Nothing big, but all I could really find on a morning when half the stores I went to were closed.   John Varvatos mainline, Italy. Size EU 46. This thing is smaaaal.           And this is actually my first skeet purchase, I think. Pretty muted, as these things go, and not in a huge size (15.5-38), so it might not do that well.  
That's never happened to me in Atlanta. They must have known you were an outsider.
  A lot of good stuff, but those Hacketts are awesome.
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