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        Gray 40 R Three piece vintage Brooks Brothers custom suit vest jacket pants USA       60s Vintage Kuppenheimer 40 R houndstooth car coat jacket wool Full Canvas     Large Vintage Freeport LL Bean Baxter State Parka rain jacket windbreaker hood       10.5 Edgar Pomerory velvet black tassel slipper loafers black tie...
 Where is the local Barbour Thrift Store? It must not be on my route.
shitty picks of a 40 R/L tradgasm:           Paid up at $40, but seemed like a good buy. The place also had 3 or 4 Edgar Pomeroy SCs and at least one suit from the same donor at similar prices. Will wait for half off day on those.
Hey! Guys! I have a tumblr.   http://mykidlovesfood.tumblr.com/   #menswear
As ever, there remains nothing in Peachtree City.
Oh, and if any of you Marshalls stalkers come across this Polo Italy SC in a 38 for a vastly reduced price and want to proxy, get at me. They got a ton of these in around here a few weeks ago and set the price at $250. A worker told me they won't go on the first-round sale, $50, until October? Next round is $50 more two months later. She didn't think any would make it to the final $50 discount round. (And said most would get gobbled up when first on sale.)       
 Don't know, but I would certainly pay $20 for them and wear them all the time. EVEN IN THE SNOW
I didn't THINK so, but perhaps it does.  I guess I should do some simple research before I post.
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