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Haven't snagged anything good in a while, but this seemed destined for a tradly gent who wears a 41 R.        The J Press Yale tie was made in Ireland for some reason. 
 There's a nice HBA profile in the most recent New Yorker.
 Great acting job by the "man on the street." 
40 L. You should buy this: https://*****************/listings/412945-Eidos-Eidos-Plaid-Sport-Coat-50L-40L If it fit me, I would.  Edit: Why no Grailed links?
Watched Space Jam two nights ago with my wife. I couldn't believe she had never seen it before. 
This keeps taunting me. $100.
 Sweet squares, bro.    Is it worth picking up Argus C3 cameras? Doesn't seem like it, but maybe I'm missing something. Shop near my work had a bunch and a sweet looking Canon ae1 program.
trying on his first suit   Significant j crew discount seemed decent enough.   
Passed on a Birger Sandzen print for $100 because it seemed like a lot for something that might take a while to sell. Also passed on the shoez. Bad passes?         Did pick up some good records though. 
    Join HKT Custom Clothiers as we launch our new brand and celebrate the completion of our store renovation.  This exciting day out will feature free style assessments, bourbon tastings, a cigar-smoking workshop, and a Tesla experience.  The event is free to attend.   
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