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Seemed worth it at $25. Incredible sound.        But ...            ?   For installation of electronics? Sound purposes? ??   Still an awesome guitar, but it won't fetch these prices:
I'll be in Brooklyn this weekend. Sorry @SpooPoker: Oyster Bay seems like an ocean away.  
Alden, BB for Alden shell, Alden. All 9 B/D. And a Golden Fleece 41R by Greenfield. Pleats but charcoal, so it should make someone very happy.
Buffalo Exchange and Tj Maxxxxxxxxxx
Better pics:      
SNIPE FAILED!      I hope one of you got that Boglioli for $49. 
Home run? Double? Whiff? Paid $5. Couldn't get anything after limited googling in store, so I left this poster at 25:
 John Adams + Sibelius + A piece written in 2015= Pretty thin crowd.
Symphony night:
 If that was a smidgen bigger.....
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