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Struck out today. Oh well. First day of many this year, I bet.    I did see some interesting things:   This is the oldest JAB label I've come across. It's in a kid's blazer that was trashed.   Anyone interested in an Isaia made Saks cashmere sc? 42 L. Avail
Also from today ...     Linda ...       RLPL:     Available? 
And it fits ...     Did a quick run through and didn't see other Mashburn stuff. But a stack of Sid Mashburn business cards was in the pocket of the jacket, which makes me think I either missed out or there's more to be fruited (did I use that right?). 
Overdue enthusiastic shoutout to @bpk1 for a killer trade that netted me LBM 1911 and Billy Reid sportcoats. Thanks again, man!  
30 percent off ties (code: 2017) brings some RLPL goodies to pretty cheap:
T&A's done some crazy stuff in the past:  Ohh ... and speaking of T&A, if anyone comes across one of these typography squares, hit me up:  And .... Last Call is at it...
Etsy e-thrift. $13 shipped for a pretty crazy T&A:  
Thanks! They're for personal use, so I appreciate it.
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