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Overdue shoutout to @snackbandit for two killer cucinelli pocket squares.   Slowly starting to amass a collection:     From bottom: vintage rayon from Put This On sale, no name silk, Hermes, Paul Smith, Cuci x2
^^^ Unsolicited advice: Don't go all-in with your downpayment. We put less up front and definitely needed it for repairs, etc. 
For those of you following along at home:  Ebay dealer:It is part of the celebration of the Easter Vigil (Holy Saturday = Sabbato Sancto). It is not manuscript but rather is a paper leaf from a printed choirbook. Hard to date from a photo of just a single sample, could be anywhere from mid 1500's to early 1700's. Etsy duder:Yes, its real. A good buy. Value wise it's probably $30 on a bad day up to $160 on a good day. It's always hard to tell exactly what they are. Probably...
Ties up for grabs. From left: VV (x2), Ricci, T&A (x2), HipVintage Hermes (x2), Drakes, Gucci, LP  
 Thanks for doing that.
Went to 6 stores, only 1 hit. $2.40 a tie:  
Is there a medieval music expert in the house? This thing is giving me flashbacks to freshman music history. But for $3.25, it has earned a prominent place in our music room (or my study).  
Did I miss the thrilling conclusion to the rolex story?
They said I could pick it up tomorrow for $100. So I'm going to do that. Case alone should be worth half that.
One of you guys is urban_gent87, right?
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