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Super recent Gieves & Hawkes by Belvest. 44 R. 3-piece charcoal herringbone, 2-piece gray. Hit me up.           
I mean, technically, 213,000 more people spoke for clinton.   OK. DONE. SORRY. A MILLION APOLOGIES. 
Let's not get into this, please. I'm sure half of you guys are as conservative as they come, That's fine. I don't have to agree with your politics in order to trade/sell menswear. 
Thread first?
Oh, Marshalls
If you guys are racking your brains for Thirftmas options and you have someone who likes to post thrift fits, this might be a cool idea. I thiiiiink they were running a deal where portraits were $20, but don't quote me on that:   https://www.easyl.co/index.html
one of you guys is div25sec9, right?
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