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Funded these Katahdin boots with the sale of a recent BB suit as a new job present. I know they're no Wolverine/Red Wing/etc boots, but I think they look pretty damn good.  
 But do I have to sell it like this guy on Etsy? 
You guys have me picking up vintage Nautica. Spoo was the one who recently sold a jacket like(ish) this one, right?                 And a "decent" record "haul." Actually, the Oscar Petersons are pretty rare, and they're all in great shape.  
If I had absolutely no spare time in Midtown Manhattan this weekend, but could possibly sneak away from my wife and dear, darling child Friday between, say, 2 and 3:30, who would hang out with me?
Year-end clearance? Anyone?   54 L Zegna Heritage flannel suit.   3-btn, double vent, pants have one pleat and cuffs.   Sleeve: 26 1/2 p2p: 22 shoulder: 20 length: 33 1/2     waist: 34 Inseam: 32 1/4 (1.5 to let out) cuff: 1.5          
        Paid more than I should have for this because Goodwill, in their infinite wisdom, included a handy printout with the book that said the book was worth $350. Wrong listing, guys. Not even the right publisher. Try harder.   Still cool, though. And it's in pretty good condition, all things considered.      
Am I crazy? Does this Chipp overcoat I picked up to sell actually fit?     Suit jacket to give some semblance of real-world applications.     
If you see a guy walking the streets of Geneva in a Sid Mashburn suit and a shitty Merona peacoat, give him the super-secret thrift thread handshake.   I'm leaving for Switzerland tonight, and I can't find my coat. Solution: a $40 peacoat from Target. It will keep me relatively warm and looks more professional than my other options.   Related: I have one free day in Geneva. Any suggestions?     Oh, and thrifting related: I went to TJ Maxx last night to try to...
OK. I'll try to keep up with this thread now that job things have settled down, but it's hard when everytime I log in, there are 350+ posts.   Oh, update: My wife found a new job at a pretty great employer that is literally minutes from our house. She'll be making about the same as her previous job, but the working situation is much better. And I'm about to accept a new job, I think, that will take me out of the working-from-home life, but will represent a "raise" of...
New Posts  All Forums: