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At Marshalls yesterday:     Brioni, Cucinelli, Isaia, Kiton, Zegna.   All sportcoats. $600-$1200 or so.
 Work present I won't use, so I'd like to pass it on to someone who will.
NIB Amazon Echo anyone?
I DOOOOOO  Edit: shit ...
A hearty thank you to @MJMcRibb, who packed the box full of choice pieces of menswear.     Since my camera work is shitty and the lighting in my living room sucks ....   KILLER BB Madison Sportcoat in a 39 R. This thing looks like it was barely worn; and sure enough, I found the receipt in the pocket. June 2014. (My wife saw this and exclaimed, "That's a Roy Williams special." It may be a bit muted for ol' Roy, though.)   Christmas color Lands End knit...
Record guys: Should I be hawking my wares on Discogs instead of ebay?
    Also some Brubeck and other mainstream jazz stuff.
Where are all the thriftmas reveal posts?
Since Samuel's way too young to buy me a Christmas present, I get to buy for him. For me. Works out well. E-thrift for $30 plus shipping -- not that great, but new reissues.  
 There's a guy on here and Ask Andy who sells a bunch of stuff he picks up from there (I think). I guess he has the store on lockdown. 
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