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It feels weird dropping off a drool-stained baby vest at the dry cleaners -- even if it is a custom Brioni garment.
Haven't been in the game for a bit because of family duties. Found these guys today at one store.   Zegna flannel navy suit, 54L. What's the consensus on the make and model year? I don't think this is the lower-level stuff.     And then ....     Hermes BUT NOT A TIE, oh and an LP       Oh ... and "Buckhead Atlanta" is open for business. I went into the Canali store only to have the salesman push a perfect fitting suit jacket on me. I really didn't want to...
BEEN HAD VINTAGE LACOSTE TRACKSUIT   (thrift from in-laws)      
It never fails: Buy a Brooks Brothers tux shirt for weddings and performances at full retail, thrift a much nicer Golden Fleece tux shirt.
That is fantastic. It's completely worth the wait. 
Nobody wants my 40 L Kiton?    
Finally! Some good jazz records. $5.    
Dude's name is james.leon.frost
Way behind on the threads (I won't even mention how much I need to read on the thrift thread) because I've been in sunny Idaho and, well, because the site still crashes Firefox. Question:   Yea or nay on Poland?   "I am interested in your orange Kiton 100% Cashmere jacket from this listing of yours -> Would you consider to ship this lovely jacket to Poland with USPS First Class Mail Intl? It would be about 30-40usd."     The guy has 77 feedback, all positive (one...
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