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Boys XL, so a S. Preeeeeeeeetty sweet.  
Worth a read: One Man, Five Designers 
 I can get back there on Saturday, but it might still be there. We'll see how much of a hassle I feel like dealing with.  [[SPOILER]]
Guys: it's a nice piece marked at $20 but it's HUGE, so I don't know what I'd do with it.
   [[SPOILER]]  Is this anything?  
Would this fit anyone here?   Waist: 19.5 Inseam: 28 (three inches to let out)     P2p: 24 Sleeve: 23 Shoulder: 19.5 Length: 29.5
I've got an RP1 with the performance package. It sounded great without it. It sounds more than great with it. That table is definitely worth the money.
Addition to the Jean Denim Guide:  
Today and yesterday. Not much, but I continue to buy albums even though we just went under contract on a new house. The Cooper A-2 is likely a 40, if anyone needs one.  
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