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If you want to send it back home, get at me. STOP BLOWING UP MY SPOTS.
Not quite, but for $25, it will be a nice hand-me-down, re-sell situation.
Talk me into a "for the future" dapper kid e-thrift:   Polo Ralph Lauren    
Fixing two pulls (complete loops, so everything's still there) on a lined jacket by myself -- yes? No?
Idaho pickup. Spotless.              
Kop at $26? 10 D, I think.   Mason 500 brand, whatever that is.      
Are you guys hip to Malo sportcoats? I think there's something that would work for me at $40, but I don't really need it.
  This is the coolest thing that has popped up on this thread.
Some dude liked loud hickey freeman ties:       And baller HF custom suits from 2008:      
New Posts  All Forums: