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Trade your 8.5 shoez for my 10.5 shell Alden loafers! Do it!
^^^^^ SHOUT OUT to this guy for a sweet proxy deal AND including two ties. MAN OH MAN.     And @Cj52racers, if those Aldens are an 8.5ish ....
 These are more like 12 1/4 and a shade more than 4 1/4
Record pickups included Stan Kenton's West Side Story record.   Anonymous-ish pickup?   I mean, they're shell Aldens. I knew that from a mile away. But insides aren't in the best shape, so I can't tell sizing.       Spotless uppers and full re-sole recently, tho.     The length is similar to a pair of 10.5 Edgar Pomeroy slippers, so .... 10.5?
Who does the Discogs thing? Any stumbling blocks?   I know.
Picked over estate sale: Am I going to regret not buying a picasso for $250? They had three or four of these drawings, all the same price.  
Man, I need to start listing things. We close in less than two weeks. Our "office" is full of book boxes already.   Records ... and my wife gets a kick out of old Emily Post.     Ebay told me these were rare, but maybe not.  
 Tag looks like the one in my suit, so it's not anything crazy, crazy. Still that's an expensive jacket.
Anyone want this stuff? Trade or otherwise.    39 S Vintage USA-made Brooks Brothers three-piece. 3 button.  Jacket: p2p: 20 Sleeve: 23 1/2 Shoulder: 17 1/2 Length: 28 1/2 Flat front Trousers: Waist laid flat: 16 (probably less than an inch to let out) Inseam: 28" with a 1 3/4" cuff --------- 39 R Quarter Lined Brooks Brothers Madison Glen Plaid SC Purchased in 2014, and looks like it wasn't worn much. p2p: 20.5 sleeve (from shoulder seam):...
If you could spare 300 bones of thrift money, I think it would be killer for an hour and a half on that track.
New Posts  All Forums: