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Any ideas? Is there a signature broguing database? I've been told the inside numbers, etc., have faded away.      
Recent Silk Corneliani houndstooth 42 L sportcoat blazer Made: Italy.             $220 NWT Tellason navy corduroy 32 x 34 pants jeans. John Graham Mellor fit. USA         39 40 S Harris Tweed gray stripe two-btn sportcoat blazer. Made in...
No name Italian e-thrift, but the shoes look pretty great and seem to be of a good enough quality for what I paid. They'll look pretty damn spiffy at my sister-in-law's rehearsal dinner.    
  Good luck. Cherish those days of recovery in the hospital. My wife didn't want to leave.
This was after I put the standard measurement listings in the jacket. 
An inner pit-to-pit measurement? On a Boy's 16 sportcoat? Seriously, dude?
TWEED! Which makes sense because it's hot and my A/C is out. $3600 later ...  Brooks Bros for the kids, Size 16       [[SPOILER]]  Tweed jacket awesomeness, 42 R     J Press Donegal Mist Tweeds, P2p ~23  [[SPOILER]]   [[SPOILER]]  Oxxford! Dinner jacket with two buttons? 
Didn't one of you say you wanted a "Roy Williams" sportcoat?       BAM. 44 R. Polo Corneliani. I'm going to say this is pretty recent, too, but who knows.     (sorry for the cell pics)                           Available ...      
Varvatos mainline by Lardini. 38 R/L, I guess. Brown with red pinstripes.   I looked for the pants to match this guy for a long time before actually thinking about things. It's a pretty fashion-forward jacket with one button and peak lapels, so maybe it's a hip interpretation of a boating blazer. Anyway, it's high quality and kind of cool.      
 That's pretty killer.
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