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I only have one Bowie -- not giving that up.   Here's some jazz. Some of it is probably not up for grabs, but let me know if you really need something.    
Who needs records? I'm trying to lighten the load before the move, so if any of these pique your interest, let me know (Also, any of the stuff that's been sitting on ebay for a while):
I  found a khaki version of that a while back. Never could nail down the age.
Vintage USA-made Brooks Brothers three-piece. 3 button. Tagged 39 Short with a 34 waist. I believe the jacket size, but the pants are more like a 30. Hit me up if you need a sack suit.  
Boys XL, so a S. Preeeeeeeeetty sweet.  
Worth a read: One Man, Five Designers 
 I can get back there on Saturday, but it might still be there. We'll see how much of a hassle I feel like dealing with.  [[SPOILER]]
Guys: it's a nice piece marked at $20 but it's HUGE, so I don't know what I'd do with it.
   [[SPOILER]]  Is this anything?  
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