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Anyone want this stuff? Trade or otherwise.    39 S Vintage USA-made Brooks Brothers three-piece. 3 button.  Jacket: p2p: 20 Sleeve: 23 1/2 Shoulder: 17 1/2 Length: 28 1/2 Flat front Trousers: Waist laid flat: 16 (probably less than an inch to let out) Inseam: 28" with a 1 3/4" cuff --------- 39 R Quarter Lined Brooks Brothers Madison Glen Plaid SC Purchased in 2014, and looks like it wasn't worn much. p2p: 20.5 sleeve (from shoulder seam):...
If you could spare 300 bones of thrift money, I think it would be killer for an hour and a half on that track.
Writing a story about the Porsche Experience here in Atlanta -- it's not a racetrack, but more of a sportscar playground with a bit of track to simulate winding country roads and places where you can do donuts and stuff like that -- and I spent the afternoon in a Cayman GTS. I never though of 80 as fast, but plowing through tight turns at that speed was pretty stomach churning.   Before, I grabbed this:       It's in rough shape, which is why I balked at the price,...
 Find me one of these and deliver it to Atlanta. Problem solved, indeed. 
NOT THRIFT RELATED.    Well, I guess we bought our first house with no money down, and that allowed us to buy this next house. So maybe?   This house has a "breakfast nook" that we will be turning into a "pantry." Other than stripping the wall paper and painting it a new color (along with the putrid kitchen walls), any ideas for crazy storage things we can do along the window-less wall?    
  3XLB. To test the ugly/huge skeet theory:    
Sneakers be sneaking. I have no knowledge but figured these might be good pickups at 25?       Anyone got tips for reupholstery on the cheap? $50 and $30 sound good to me. And we need some furniture.    
If one of the suddenly 10,000 people in this thread who live in Atlanta happened to pick up one 8.5 shell Alden loafer at Buckhead Thriftique, let me know. There's nothing worse than finding one Alden shell loafer, in your size, that is not marked up. I left it. Oh well, I guess. 
Conference fit. Tie by @MJMcRibb Thriftmas Collection. Hermes square from the other day.  
New Posts  All Forums: