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I didn't THINK so, but perhaps it does.  I guess I should do some simple research before I post.
Frampton was $2, the better records were .50     Linen USA-made polo     This seemed like a good pickup, but I don't know now. I think the inscription is just from a buddy to a buddy; the name doesn't seem to be the editor Dominique Gueniot or anyone else related to the book:       Vintage LL Bean:    
Not the worst use of $24.      
Vintage trunk guys: Anything here? $40.                   Of course, this is the day I'm like "Oh, this trunk is cool, but I'll circle back around for it. Hey, check out this functional raincoat thing, I don't have one of those. HOLY SHIT RECORDS. Wait, I have a meeting at 12:30 and there's a huge line. Shit."   Hopefully that stuff is all there tomorrow.
 So with these art pickups, are we talking $5 $50 or $500? Nothing that nice ever comes through the thrifts here.
Waffle House Sunday  
Anyone's lady(ies) need a nice dark green J Crew coat? Size 8.  
 That Blue Jays shirt should get you some good money right about now.
Not neato. Peachtree City. A whole bunch of nothing, nearly every time.  I'll go back for the stuff tomorrow. It will likely still be there.
I hate when people post things they don't buy, but I'm going to do it.   FEEDBACK? Yes? No?     Cool vintage stuff?               XS .... Does @Brianpore ride the Coors Railroad?     @Nataku         And .... should I have picked this up? I've never seen this HT label. It had some repairs that couldn't be seen because of the weave.    
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