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1950s Jos Bank Harris Tweed. Lightweight but substantial (that makes sense). Very minimal padding in the shoulders, if any at all.   [[SPOILER]]
I know, I know, but the trad guys should go nuts over this.         Full canvas, hook vent, some hand work.   We're talking '50s, right?
I don't know how I unearthed this polished turd, but this comment about sums it up:  http://www.washingtoncitypaper.com/articles/43353/thrift-or-die-dont-end-up-in-historys-dustbinjust-shop/
Anyone have interest in Tellason Mellor navy cords in a 32? They're a leeetle tight.
Already? Man, that was fast.
Really. And I know $60 is $60, but it's $60. Don't you sell things on the internet for money?
  Unsolicited advice: Adjust to sleeping four hours a night now. It will help you for the first few weeks (at least I hope it's just the first few weeks). Also, practice being understanding, patient and caring for a person who sobs for no reason at all. We're three and a half weeks in, and the sobbing has stopped, but the sleep has not returned.'  Edit: Ah, second baby. So you know.  Oh, and for a name: Brodeetz
Hey! You guys get to look at some mediocre stuff because I haven't been out and about for a long, long while, and I've been dealing with a baby who loves nothing more than to cry all night long. And I haven't gotten any sleep.   Massimo Dutti suit, super something, 48 UK       Crittenden, tagged ML       That was GREAT!
Give them to me ...
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