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You should buy up those Aldens. They have even more than last time I went. 
So ..... a sportcoat in my size (or close enough), didn't have a price tag on it. It had bloomingdales tags and other tags, but no discount store tags. So I asked for a price.  I can't repeat the answer. I'm still in shock. Frankly, it's pretty disgusting. But I bought it -- after I said "Are you sure?" like 50 times -- because they were going to put it back on the floor at that price anyway.  Oh, OK:   [[SPOILER]]
I hope that $50 barbour from Linda works out ...
The website says these are a recent addition:
These squares are even better than I thought they'd be:    
Jean guys: Linda has these in a 30 for $20 BIN:   Smaller sizes in raw too
Ok. Let's pick another day. Tuesday the 17th? Tuesday the 31st?
So:   Thursday, Jan. 26.   The bar at JCT:   7:00? (That should give folks enough time, if they want, swing by Mashburn beforehand.)     To those who have done this stuff before: Do we just show up? Have you called ahead to JCT? 
@ReubenR: You want in on this? 
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