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  Is that Barbera PURPLE??? What size?  That Coltrane live at birdland LP looks pretty sweet.
Just had a great record haul ... but there's usually a reason nice things are at goodwill. Yes, that's right -- a ton of them are warped! I should have looked more closely (or at all).   Any genius fixes, or am I out the $10 I paid for a stack of records?
 Awesome! My son is coming in about two weeks.
 Unless I'm wrong, having a drop on the tag doesn't mean anything, really. And it is available ...
For the larger-than-me gentleman:   I'm fairly certain this is not an orphan.   Gianluca Isaia, 150s Sciammeria       Borrelli! For Summer! 17.5 neck, though.  
Pretty good jazz haul. All the covers are beat up, but the records should play nicely.     Half off:     Dated lapels, no vent, no flap pockets, but it's Piatelli tweed suit in spotless condition. I couldn't leave it.         And these 9 D Park Avenues will need some help, but should be worth the effort.  
Coming soon: One stylish baby.  
 I don't think I've ever asked or assumed anything would come my way at cost plus shipping. It was a bad attempt at a joke, I guess.
 Pretty good ... but shouldn't he be using a crazy coffee contraption of some sort? What about the sell-it-to-me-at-cost-plus-gas-plus-shipping rule? I like that one better.
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