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 Pretty sure I was thrifting in your direct orbit very recently.   Worth it?     This guy had damage and no tags, but I still tried it on ...
Thanks, Linda. Anyone need it?
That's. So. Far. Away. From. Me. Right. Now.
 I'd take those off your hands to experiment with advanced procedures. 
PSA   Sid has a size 36 black Bedale for $187:   Green beauforts in 48 and 52 are running slightly higher:   I don't remember if the sale gets better than half off. Maybe. Maybe not. 
Hey! Thread revival!    I need working buttonholes for a Cucinelli jacket I just picked up, and I don't want to use Hong Kong (the work was good, but not great), don't want to use El Gant (sewed buttons on crooked -- who does that?), don't want to use Sid (bought a suit there, and it took four rounds of tailoring to get it kind of right), so I guess I go back to whoever is running Mario's shop? I obviously want this done well, and I'll probably let whomever fix the El...
Off the rack fit of the $30 sportcoat: It's tagged a 46, and you can probably tell that's a smidge small. But it works.
I thought it was too good to be true. I might be a buyer at $185 anyway for personal use. 
I wondered if that was just some hip Bastian jacket. Couldn't find the pants. 
"She's a greedy green eyed beyotch!"
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