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  I don't know if this is a new caruso tag or not, but it's the same tag that's in my Sid Mashburn suit, and I thought Caruso made Sid's upper-tier house label stuff.   And I've been finding garbage lately, so if you ever need a thrift pal, I "work from home" during the week ... 
 I've always been a little wary of the whole honor-code trading system, but haven't yet been burned. Then again, I haven't done a lot of trading.
I don't think I ever posted the full shot of the Banana Equipment parka. It's pretty sweet, and will be even better when I can get the zippers on the upper side pockets unstuck.       Could be part of a trade, but could be available:   Sleeve from pit (raglan shoulders): 24 P2p: 22.5 Length: 29.25
Since nobody ever looks at the "for trade" thread...   I have a need for a navy spring-summer-weight sportcoat for a wedding a week from Friday. Checking to see if anyone has anything amazing they want to trade for THIS GUY: http://www.styleforum.net/forum/newestpost/399560   I'm looking for something similar to what I have for sale, but just smaller, 38 Short-ish, so 19 p2p, same length, smaller sleeve and shoulders.     .... or something akin to the David Chu...
For sale is a recent Ballantyne summer navy sportcoat in a cotton blend. I say it's a summer sportcoat because that's what's on my mind, but this can easily be worn in the spring and fall, perhaps even in the winter down south.   Made in Italy, this jacket is styled with a modern edge (it's a short Regular; a standard Short), but has classic lines. Yoox was selling a similar sportcoat by Ballantyne, but they've sold out. This jacket likely retailed for around...
Any idea who would be making a "Made in Italy" 98-perecent cotton, 2-percent spandex sportcoat for Ballantyne? Some of their stuff is made by Caruso, but this is not that. So .... any ideas?    
Ballantyne cotton patch pocket sportcoat. Marshall's mis-tag.   No idea if the $1K estimate is accurate, and I have a very hard time believing that it is. But I can't find any deets on this model, either.  
Who needs to trade away a navy pindot tie? 
  Two ESF finds for the thread in as many weeks!
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