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Am I crazy? Does this Chipp overcoat I picked up to sell actually fit?     Suit jacket to give some semblance of real-world applications.     
If you see a guy walking the streets of Geneva in a Sid Mashburn suit and a shitty Merona peacoat, give him the super-secret thrift thread handshake.   I'm leaving for Switzerland tonight, and I can't find my coat. Solution: a $40 peacoat from Target. It will keep me relatively warm and looks more professional than my other options.   Related: I have one free day in Geneva. Any suggestions?     Oh, and thrifting related: I went to TJ Maxx last night to try to...
OK. I'll try to keep up with this thread now that job things have settled down, but it's hard when everytime I log in, there are 350+ posts.   Oh, update: My wife found a new job at a pretty great employer that is literally minutes from our house. She'll be making about the same as her previous job, but the working situation is much better. And I'm about to accept a new job, I think, that will take me out of the working-from-home life, but will represent a "raise" of...
1,528 new posts?    How many of those posts are gun-related, dead-horse-beating thrift-ethics-related, or can otherwise be categorized as unnecessary reading?
You guys are all making me think I missed something. I went out to a JCP on Saturday. The leather on the boots feels a bit too much like plastic for me to spend money on them.
Something tagged 9-12 mo would definitely fit. But baby sizes are REALLY hit and miss, so a straight-up 12 mo jacket might work.
It's been a while.     If any of you, in passing, happen to glance over at the winter baby boy wear and happen to see something in a warm winter coat/snow suit that would fit a nine-month-old built like a linebacker (I don't know where he gets it) and could possibly be good for him to wear for a few months, please let me know.      For reference:    
.... so my wife had a very bad day at her (former) job. What's the best way to ask your boss for a $55,000 raise?   All this while I'm in Miami for a conference. Great.
It feels weird dropping off a drool-stained baby vest at the dry cleaners -- even if it is a custom Brioni garment.
Haven't been in the game for a bit because of family duties. Found these guys today at one store.   Zegna flannel navy suit, 54L. What's the consensus on the make and model year? I don't think this is the lower-level stuff.     And then ....     Hermes BUT NOT A TIE, oh and an LP       Oh ... and "Buckhead Atlanta" is open for business. I went into the Canali store only to have the salesman push a perfect fitting suit jacket on me. I really didn't want to...
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