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  ANDRUW JONES. HOLY SHIT! I am THERE. Edit: Just checked out the pics. There's no accounting for taste, I guess. 
Found this: and a great pair of Billiam jeans at Buffalo Exchange. They want about $100 altogether, so I'll dig through the archives to see if I have anything to exchange to bring that price down to 0. 
Sunglasses Thriftening: $16   Persol x2 (womens), Ray Ban, Julbo Cortina, Alpina       And should I have picked these up for the 80s ski sprezz?  
USA-made Hugo Boss suit. Flat front pants with no cuff. Measuremets: P2p: 20  Sleeve: 24  Shoulder: 18  Length: 29.5 Pants-  Waist: 30 (>1 inch to let out)  Inseam: 29 (2 inches to let out)  
Yeah, I'm always wary of the "give me a label pic" request for that very reason. Better to just roll the dice. 
 Ask Linda. She sells enough of them. 
The never-ending saga of going down the Linda/pocket square rabbit hole. For 140 ebay dollars:   These are from last time ...     Added to today's RT and Carrot & Gibbs haul ($66):    
If the shindig happens on a day that is even moderately warm, @leisurewear has to show up in the pink linen Gatsby suit he just thrifted. 
Let's keep it ITP, but OTP adjacent. The only bars I frequent (or used to) are Midtown/Decatur(ish), so I'm no help on a place. As for a time: After work on a random Wednesday in late January/early February? 
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