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Conference fit. Tie by @MJMcRibb Thriftmas Collection. Hermes square from the other day.  
 That is the funniest shit I have ever heard.
 Good to hear that you're doing well. This thread needed a dose of the old guard. Too many youngins round these parts now.
Apropos of nothing, where the hell is @grendel? 
Yeah, with records, a lot of it is about the experience and the collecting aspect, which is why I do it. There are some sound differences, though, tipped in favor of vinyl whatever this guy might think: http://www.laweekly.com/music/why-cds-may-actually-sound-better-than-vinyl-5352162
People have actually said that to you? 
This won't light the thread afire, but I thought someone might be able to use it    
And with a $600 million lump sum ... I don't want anybody else earning interest on that but me. Besides, I'd be more apt to do incredibly generous things if it all came at once, and that's what I would definitely want to do. Endow a char at the symphony, kick some money to some of the smaller arts programs around the city, kick some money to my undergrad and grad schools. 
Blackstar is incredible. I dug into it the day it was released and have been looking forward to giving it some extended listenings.  Producer kind of confirmed it was a goodbye album and everybody around him knew something was close. I heard a snippet about Bowie this morning as I got in the car, and I thought it was just a feature-ish piece on Blackstar. Then it turned out it was an obit.
New Posts  All Forums: