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Shady shit: Hi Jon - for some reason this coat was still in my purchase history and when i went to pay for another item it paid for this one (even though it was cancelled). Could you please cancel/refund the $114 you just received via PayPal. Thank you...I am also reaching out to ebay to see why this still remained open. Thanks again!
Here's the situation:     Buyer submitted a best offer on item, I accepted, then after days of not hearing from the buyer, asked that it be cancelled because the buyer submitted too many offers and didn't expect them all to be accepted (see my last post on the thread). I canceled the order. A little bit later, I sold the item to someone else, shipped it, and thought everything was good. Now, the original buyer has paid for the item (I didn't know that was possible)....
We just received an unsolicited offer on our thrifted house, so that's cool, I guess?
    I've done a lot worse for $3.18
        Gray 40 R Three piece vintage Brooks Brothers custom suit vest jacket pants USA       60s Vintage Kuppenheimer 40 R houndstooth car coat jacket wool Full Canvas     Large Vintage Freeport LL Bean Baxter State Parka rain jacket windbreaker hood       10.5 Edgar Pomerory velvet black tassel slipper loafers black tie...
 Where is the local Barbour Thrift Store? It must not be on my route.
shitty picks of a 40 R/L tradgasm:           Paid up at $40, but seemed like a good buy. The place also had 3 or 4 Edgar Pomeroy SCs and at least one suit from the same donor at similar prices. Will wait for half off day on those.
Hey! Guys! I have a tumblr.   http://mykidlovesfood.tumblr.com/   #menswear
As ever, there remains nothing in Peachtree City.
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