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 Pretty good ... but shouldn't he be using a crazy coffee contraption of some sort? What about the sell-it-to-me-at-cost-plus-gas-plus-shipping rule? I like that one better.
I thought I was done with the Sid Mashburn suit after FOUR rounds of tailoring, but I think I need to go back yet again. This last round, the master tailor rotated the sleeves forward (I think that's what he said he was doing) to get rid of the bunching in the sleeves, but it's still there (it was much worse last time). Is this something I just need to live with, or can it be fixed?    Other than that, I'm happy with the suit. Not happy with the process, though.  
x-post from bragging thread:       Ratio (never again) Paul Stuart - thrifted Awesome-as-hell Chester Barrie, Gieves and Hawkes suit (thrift gift-ish) Allen Edmonds -thrifted
Shout out to @hbkshin for the killer Gieves and Hawkes Savile Row suit (Chester Barrie). I'm standing a bit awkwardly in this pic, but the suit fits pretty damn well after some tailoring.    I just need to figure out if I can live with the shoulders the way they are. The previous owner had some padding in the right shoulder that I didn't want to pay to get evened out.    
46 Long...     3X Hickey Freeman   2 gray (one charcoal, one a bit lighter) custom made in 2010 and 2012 1 gray stripe with LP Tasmanian       BB silk/linen/wool. Made in Italy by Lardini
AUDIO GUYS:   I have a Hitachi HT 460, a hand-me-down from my wife's grandfather, that needs a new motor and could probably have the cartridge replaced. The electronics store wants $300 to do the work. It's a pretty good turntable, but I don't really want to spend that much. Where should I be looking for a better turntable for cheaper, or is it worth it to just pay for the repair?
  I picked up a signature platinum sportcoat that I'm pretty sure is cashmere. They're well made for what they are.
Who's up for something this weekend?
  This could help: http://www.avclub.com/article/controversial-jeopardy-champ-arthur-chu-tells-his--201355
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