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First outing for the RLBL shirt I got for thriftmas:
The Brioni suits were gone (to someone here, perhaps?), but the painting was still there, so I grabbed it. Any thoughts?     
 Found one of those a while back. Awesome stuff. 
$30?   ....  If any of you guys stumble across Billiam jeans in a 32, HIT ME UP. 
Kiton. 42 L. 95 percent cash, 5 percent silk. Handmade = not what this guy had:      
Artist ID ideas?     
How recent is this label? They wanted $85 per suit. This (42 R) and a solid navy (40 L). Left these (may go back to see if they're still around), but grabbed the $55 Kiton sportcoat.   
Let's keep all discussions to clothes. I know if we started talking politics (again) or anything other than doing deals and thrifting swag, I'd disagree with at least 3/4 of you guys and start judging everybody in this thread via passive-agressive thrift brags and PMs.    That said, this Times piece is pretty non-partisan. Even though it's about letters to Obama, it showcases a lot of descent. It's a look inside a fascinating process and is wonderfully...
 Pretty sure I was thrifting in your direct orbit very recently.   Worth it?     This guy had damage and no tags, but I still tried it on ...
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