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  3XLB. To test the ugly/huge skeet theory:    
Sneakers be sneaking. I have no knowledge but figured these might be good pickups at 25?       Anyone got tips for reupholstery on the cheap? $50 and $30 sound good to me. And we need some furniture.    
If one of the suddenly 10,000 people in this thread who live in Atlanta happened to pick up one 8.5 shell Alden loafer at Buckhead Thriftique, let me know. There's nothing worse than finding one Alden shell loafer, in your size, that is not marked up. I left it. Oh well, I guess. 
Conference fit. Tie by @MJMcRibb Thriftmas Collection. Hermes square from the other day.  
 That is the funniest shit I have ever heard.
 Good to hear that you're doing well. This thread needed a dose of the old guard. Too many youngins round these parts now.
Apropos of nothing, where the hell is @grendel? 
Yeah, with records, a lot of it is about the experience and the collecting aspect, which is why I do it. There are some sound differences, though, tipped in favor of vinyl whatever this guy might think: http://www.laweekly.com/music/why-cds-may-actually-sound-better-than-vinyl-5352162
People have actually said that to you? 
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