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2. Kiton 100% cashmere sportcoat, 40 L     $399 CONUS!   Color: Autumnal plaid with orange and blue Size: Tagged size is a European 50 L. Fabric: Pure Cashmere     Condition: This jacket is in excellent used condition. There is a slight pull on one of the sleeves that is hardly noticeable.   Lapels: Notch Buttons: Three with a lapel roll to the second. Classic 3-2 styling. Vent: Double Origin: Italy     Measurements:   p2p:21 sleeve: 26 Shoulder...
It's because of the UPS worldport hub, which is an impressive operation (but the tour starts a 9 pm and runs to 3:30 in order to show the busy times -- my simulator flight happened at around midnight). I don't know if just anyone can tour the Gilt warehouse. This was part of a press trip.
    40 L Kiton cashmere blend tweed suit. Cheap because it needs some work.       PERFECT 40 L pure cashmere Kiton sportcoat     Feel free to send me offers on ebay or try to get a deal done on SF
that warehouse was pretty massive.
Took a mid-week work trip to the stomping grounds of one @Orgetorix, but had absolutely no time to thrift. But I did fly in a flight simulator and tour the GILT warehouse, so that's cool, right?    DEETS:        
There's always a reason things are donated, right?   The two suits need some TLC, so they'll be sold on the forum for a reasonable -- more than cost plus shipping, but not much more. The tweed has some pulls and needs some help on a part that is going a bit threadbare (should be an easy fix though, especially since it's a dark tweed). The gray suit has the red spot issue.   Both are pretty close in size; this is taken from the tweed:   Waist: 17.5 Inseam:...
COVER THE WORLD WITH .... ????   Yeah, that's a tweed Kiton suit.       And then ...      Finally, another suit:      [[SPOILER]]   Three 3-2 pieces of Kiton, all in a row, at one store. (There was a silk SC, but it had pulls in it; I'll see if it's still there for half-off day.). Suits are tagged 52 L, the cash sc is 50 (but is definitely the same-ish size). I paid up, but that probably means standard LA thrift pricing.   available.
Florshiem by Duckie Brown, 11 D, in great condition. $100 CONUS.
    I turned on the TV, and I thought, "What the hell is he wearing?" Apparently, everyone else on the Internet did as well. The best line I've heard about it: "The audacity of taupe."
Corneliani Polo Ralph Lauren 44 L tweed Silk Corneliani 41 42 R L sportcoat Recent Skinny Gitman Bros short red blue striped tie 45 L Brooks Brothers Madison navy blazer Cantarelli Faconnable 50 R sportcoat blazer Bleeding India Madras Gant 40 41 R sportcoat Vintage WW 2 1942 Coast Guard Academy Small midshipman pea coat. Custom made: CT 44 R gray Cashmere sportcoat blazer jacke Bruno Piatelli vintage tweed suit, 40 R STAPLE $145 Sid Mashburn 17.5 34 spread...
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