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Of course! 9 D.
AE Richmond seconds. Unworn.       Here's the only blemish:  
Anyone need a like-new small navy polarquilt lining?
Either of those would look good in a nursery... Lots of dudes with young little guys in these parts. (some of whom are TURNING ONE on Thursday.) Can I put dibs on the next one you find?
Anyone need one of these in a Small?   http://www.orvis.com/p/mens-barbour-polarquilt-zip-in-liner/24px   It's a little too, um, slimming for my physique.
Size 9. Someone bought factory seconds and they went straight to the donation bin, I guess.    
The dreaded "future trade!" A good tool, but it's never really worked out for me.
  DAMNIT. Where were you an hour ago? I would have much rather given you my money.
Tell me that $208 shipped is a fine price for a Bedale in my size plus a hood plus a polarquilt liner. ...
 not thrift prices ... so like $50? $50 million?
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