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  I should have put #sarcasm, I guess. I was going to say something when he first posted (akin to, "Yeah, nice one, duder!"), but I didn't want to break his spirit.
the kitten? huh?
Sid Mash for a guy larger than me:   17.5/34 and XL Chambray     And I couldn't leave these to be destroyed or whatever happens to unwanted Goodwill books. Two yearbooks from Mercer University. Water damage on the top and bottom throughout, and some of the pages are still stuck together, but for $7, they seemed worth  buying.     
Pnutpug is over at Ask Andy all the time. Different name, same salty attitude.
    Gieves and Hawkes Chester Barrie suit (cost shipping from @hbkshin) Zegna tie (thrifted) Ratio shirt (gift) Brown trafalgar belt (thrifted) Brown AE Byrons (thrifted)
Crappy cell photo, but:     RLPL shirt (trade) Gitman cotton tie (thriftted) Trafalgar belt (thrifted) J crew seersucker pants (gift) No-name spectators (ebay for almost nothing)
Public Notice:   Thank you to Ken P and klay49 for two exceptional trades.
You know what's great? When you're 31, and your mom, who's super-excited about being a grandmother, comes to town. We were just "thrift-gifted" a new outdoor dining set at 50-percent off as a Father's Day/Mother's Day/wife's birthday/early Christmas present.   Seriously, though, outdoor dining gear in Atlanta has hit Jos Bank-style price cuts.
32x34 J Brand Kane in raw -- nothing crazy, but a solid pair of jeans     Pop!  
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