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This Black and White RLPL square is in like new condition. Made in Italy. Silk.      $40 with CONUS shipping
I literally just said, in a loud enough voice for my wife to give me a look, "Oh FUCK."
Just returned from a great bro-down with @Takai and @ReubenR -- engaging discussion of life and thrifting over coffee. Thanks again, guys. 
Shout out to @bpk1 for the Billy Reid, Goodwill for the BB slim fit, someone awesome on here for the Ben Silver tie (sorry I've blanked on the specifics), and Linda for the pocket square. Not pictured: discount Jack Spade wool trousers, thriftied AEs.
My favorite is "triple breasted" 
 Excellent post. 
  Top is size 55. Bottom is 59.   These are the glasses:   http://www.persol.com/usa/sunglasses/PO2832S/24-31 https://www.overstock.com/Clothing-Shoes/Persol-2849-S-Womens-Sunglasses/4137390/product.html   $60 for one, $95 for both shipped CONUS.  
She had a barbour at $69 BIN for half an hour or so until she canceled it and threw it to auction.   .... and that Belstaff is relisted at $199
Forgot to post these, from ye ole Buffalo Exchange. $17 after I traded some stuff. The guy at the counter said some dude brought them in (along with a pair of APCs that are priced at $40) and said he didn't like the fit. So ... these are basically unworn. (The APCs are "three wears.")    These are incredibly awesome. Better than my strongholds.   
New Posts  All Forums: