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Heading up to Knoxville on Thursday for this The Big Ears Festival, which will be beyond epic. There miiiiight be some downtime. Any haunts I shouldn't pass up?
Who wants a proxy?     But seriously ...   Pick up at $60?  
44 R Three-piece Gieves and Hawkes by Belvest suit (verrrrrry recent), 38 S Hugo Boss suit, NWT Jack Spade dress trousers ...   There's a bunch more stuff going up tonight including a 40 R summery Isaia sportcoat, a Sid Mashburn khaki patch pocket jacket of the same-ish size, MMM military-eqsue pants, and a ton of ties.
Excitebike is the best game ever created. 
  So when's the first thrift thread ukulele jam? Not joking. 
It was amazingly cold in NYC this weekend. I have nothing else to add.
They were sooooo nice. 
Only picked up one record from the monthly estate sale blowout (this version of the white album:, but there's plenty to see. I'll be back on half-off day to see what's left.    (Apologies for the pictures-but-no-koppage post) There were two vintage eames sets that were tagged with Sold stickers the second the doors opened. Talked to the cashier, and she said they went for only $895 a piece. There's a...
I took the strings off to put on fresh ones and, of course, some of the bridge pins broke.   On closer inspection, the previous owner upgraded the tuning heads along with the other electronic mods. Still a great guitar, but it's in weathered shape:      
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