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Anyone have an SNES they want to sell me for cheap? Trying to put together some nostalgia-fueled awesomeness for my brother's bachelor party weekend. We played that first Griffey baseball game all the damn time growing up.      In other news, thanks Buffalo Exchange:     http://www.hurleys.co.uk/mens-c84/coats-jackets-c89/ted-baker-mens-navy-garyen-quilted-jacket-p82141     $50 and $20 respectively, so not thrift prices, but I traded in a bunch of fodder and...
Thrift story:   At the Northside Goodwill the other day, I was looking at records when a, um, gentleman dressed for hunting (camo everything) cut in front of me to browse. He asked me if I had seen anything good, and I made small talk. He found a Randy Newman record, asked me to look it up, and told me I could have it unless it was worth $30. I started to leave. He said "I bet you're voting for Hillary." It was strange. That's never happened to me before.    Now ... a...
Contrast collar, man.
Polo size 10 with no buttons and a small hole on the shoulder. But it's a triple patch pocket, 3-2, hopsack blazer, so ....   Anyone have a 10 yo who needs this?     Those contrast collar shirts are Ricci, Turnbull&Asser and Canali     Didn't pick them up, but it did make me wonder .... Ohhhh. Got it.      
Haven't snagged anything good in a while, but this seemed destined for a tradly gent who wears a 41 R.        The J Press Yale tie was made in Ireland for some reason. 
 There's a nice HBA profile in the most recent New Yorker.
 Great acting job by the "man on the street." 
40 L. You should buy this: https://*****************/listings/412945-Eidos-Eidos-Plaid-Sport-Coat-50L-40L If it fit me, I would.  Edit: Why no Grailed links?
Watched Space Jam two nights ago with my wife. I couldn't believe she had never seen it before. 
This keeps taunting me. $100.
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