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Is this women's H Train anything? And I thought these ancient Gap jeans were interesting:
  Are you talking about the jacket or the Waffle House jukebox?
Two pickups:   The retail price on these things is a bit crazy:       Weird belt loops.       Isaia for Saks. 42 L.   
Couldn't resist picking up some staple Drake's ties:
He's OTP
 Coming in August to a humble morningside abode .... TWINS. 
So you DID get over there ...
I'm in need of some staple dress shirts - 15 32/33. Slim-ish cut. If you have any RLBL laying around, I'm your guy.    Trades would be great. 
This is definitely worth a re-weave:   [[SPOILER]] This seemed cool. Fits like a 40-42 S   Tagged 16.5: 
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