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Going to LA in June, and the Put This On sample sale is a quick skip and a jump from my brother's house in Echo Park. A visit might be on the itinerary.   Probably won't get any thrifting done, though, as it's a very quick visit before we head down to San Diego for a conference.
These seemed good for $1 each.  
Anyone know how old this Bergdorf tag is? I don't know how long it took Kiton ties to go from $215 to the current asking price of $295.  
Thinking ahead to this fall. Does anyone have anything like this for trade in a 38/39/40 S-ish?  
Hopefully this NWT Kiton is as awesome as it looks online. Paid $69 with the incredibly onerous shipping charge and sales tax. Whatever.  
Who's a trad-leaning 39 Reg(ish)? Who needs a staple three-piece? 3/4 lined, lightweight-ish, center vent.   Length: 31   Norman Hilton custom -- so not mind-blowing (actually, kind of meh, I guess), but more than serviceable.  
I would probably have done something like that. Wait, I have done something exactly like that.
This is a worthless print, right?               https://www.liveauctioneers.com/item/3903714 http://www.antiques.com/classified/Art--paintings--prints--frames-/Architecture---Cityscape/French-Painting-by-Louis-Rosan
I thought this was pretty cool, despite the lapel pressing mischief.   It's around a 44 L (P2P is around 21.5). Completely unlined. Thoroughly awesome.     Ummm .. leather?    
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