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First comment says it all: The ads looks really really bad. Like a brand made for outlet that targets 50 somethings who try to be cool but fail
Really wanted these to fit, but they're a little too tight.  
Oops. Dumb phone.
[IMG] Anyone need these? Size 9 D. Trade for similar in an 8.5.
To clarify: The guy I know at Sid Mashburn. I'm not hopeful anything will come from it, but I'm on my way there post-work immediately after I raise hell at the drycleaner. 
 My contact there said to bring it by "and we'll assess and go from there." So .... I guess that means after they tell me there's no hope, they'll let me buy another one at full price?
Any way to fix this massive drycleaner fuckup? Or am I out a new Sid Mash sportcoat?    
Worth it at $10 even with jacked up lenses?
Recent EZ Duo. Iinen/wool/silk     p2p: 23  sleeve (from shoulder seam): 26.75  shoulder: 18  length (on back of coat, from under collar): 33   Caruso sartoria prima. wool/mohair       Chest: 21.5  Sleeve: 23 3/4  Shoulder: 18  Length: 30.5
Birdcage liner? Puppy pads? Wrapping paper?  That dude stood in line for about 20 minutes while I was there and then wandered off to do some work or something. Came back right before the store opened.  At the 9 am go time, the line was looooooooooooooooooooooong. 
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