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The sale's probably going to be packed every single day. I think they've priced all the records individually too, so it's not like they're going to be dirt cheap.    I won't be able to get up there at all, unfortunately. If any of you is going and wants to keep an eye out for hard to find classical stuff (judging by the pics of the collection, there probably isn't any of that stuff, but who knows), let me know and I'll send you a short list of names. 
ATL bros, this is not a drill:
I'm pretty sure I'm a huge fan. Solo acoustic set. Started with covers of Chimes of Freedom and Dear Prudence. The best tunes were Full Moon in My Soul and My Wife & My Dead Wife. Really good, but far down on my Top Ten List, unfortunately, because of the plethora of amazing music packed into one weekend. 
Only one pickup this weekend, and it was retail. But still, the festival was incredible and these are handmade by a local printshop.  
@My Main Man #menswear
Hello from Knoxvegas. No thrifting, but if you folks ever get a chance to see My Brightest Diamond, do it. Holy shit that was a good show. 
I'm a sucker for old yearbooks, but not usually ones from the '80s:   These were cool to see tucked between the pages:         $125 was a bit out of my price range for a coffee table I don't need, but it was the nicest piece I've ever seen at this place. I might go back, though:    
I'm definitely in for Robyn Hitchcock. Since I'm getting paid to go, my priority is jazz. Everything else, including possibly Wilco (but there is a pretty big conflict so probably not), is gravy. Pretty psyched for Meredith Monk. 
Heading up to Knoxville on Thursday for this The Big Ears Festival, which will be beyond epic. There miiiiight be some downtime. Any haunts I shouldn't pass up?
Who wants a proxy?     But seriously ...   Pick up at $60?  
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