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Jesus christ you're ugly.
Size 12? Want to trade?  Hit me up.   [[SPOILER]]
And it looks to be an easy $50 on ebay.
Fine finds today for $8. The guy started ringing them up as $1 each, but my conscience got the best of me.     
^^ That jacket!
Santa pictures today, then a little thrifting before we ramp up the house hunting this afternoon. After football, of course.   Iphone photos. Sorry.     Pretty sweet 1987 depiction of Virginia Highland in a good frame     Today's shoe pickup pictured with yesterday's Alden grab       Half the price of the barely used Aldens? OK. What's this?    
 Syracuse grad right here ... just sayin.
The downside of mailing your gift super early? Finding something you probably would have included. 
One lunch pickup. 9.5 D.     
New Posts  All Forums: