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Yeah, I hit Rendezvous this evening ... and I probably will tomorrow night as well. Those ribs do not mess around.
Memphis recs? I'll be there for a super short conference, but I am staying downtown, so ....
Problem solved. Money came in about four hours later. So, yeah .... Do  better, paypal.
Found a 38 R Jack Spade Judson tweed at Marshall's yesterday for cheap. Thought it would work, but doesn't, so I guess to ebay I go. Some guy's asking 265 for his 40 R and has 4 watchers; I'd take less than that, so hopefully it's a quick sale.
Are you guys having issues with paypal lately, or is it just me? Money from a sale through here took a day to show up, and somebody paid me for an ebay item and the paypal money is still not there. It's usually instantaneous. I don't see any reason why they would be holding my money.
The serious thought to selling my home is: this place is a little too small in a bad school district, and as I type this the neighborhood developer is across the street tearing down the third house on the block since he started making modern marvels last spring. But we're in no rush (school is four years away), and staying here can only increase the value of our lot. Thanks for everyone's input. I seriously thought this would be a 10-year house, not a 2-year house.
Bought two years ago, we could sell right now for a $60k gain, no questions or anything (yes, we're basically selling the lot). Doesn't this mean no taxes: http://www.irs.gov/taxtopics/tc701.html I don't think we'd actually do it; I like owning a house, it's just that buying something in a good school district is, um, $450k or so. Thoughts turn to private school (high school at least), and that gives the investment plenty of time to do its thing. But as I said, we're...
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