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For the wife, I guess.       Recent?   Oh, and this guy is now 5 months old. I can tell he's thinking about sweet, sweet thrift finds. (Not a thrift fit ... )  
Mint, but paid up slightly. Total: $15.  
Thanks, PTO.
  Either 44 L means something different to Mr. Lauren, or these have been heavily tailored. I assume they're from the same donor, but they don't have the same measurements at all.  Purple:p2p: 22sleeve: 24 1/2shoulder: 19.5Length: 32 White: p2p: 21Sleeve: 25Shoulder: 19Length: 32 so ..... 42 R/Fashionably short L?
I was OTP for a change and had a chance for a split-second stop.            
I need to stop thrifting inside the city.
I don't know if I should press this issue with ebay. She's blocked, and her shitty way of dealing with things is now out in the open, so that's probably enough. Would ebay possibly refund me the $15? Woke up to this feedback from her: A++++++++++++Ebay seller, I love it !!!!  And an email asking why I don't want her to leave feedback. Oh, well. On top of this, I had two unpaid cases to deal with. Ebay is great fun.
Likely a 40/41ish L    
           What the hell is the UPSO?    I hate people     How should I have handled this differently?
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