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Contrast collar, man.
Polo size 10 with no buttons and a small hole on the shoulder. But it's a triple patch pocket, 3-2, hopsack blazer, so ....   Anyone have a 10 yo who needs this?     Those contrast collar shirts are Ricci, Turnbull&Asser and Canali     Didn't pick them up, but it did make me wonder .... Ohhhh. Got it.      
Haven't snagged anything good in a while, but this seemed destined for a tradly gent who wears a 41 R.        The J Press Yale tie was made in Ireland for some reason. 
 There's a nice HBA profile in the most recent New Yorker.
 Great acting job by the "man on the street." 
40 L. You should buy this: https://*****************/listings/412945-Eidos-Eidos-Plaid-Sport-Coat-50L-40L If it fit me, I would.  Edit: Why no Grailed links?
Watched Space Jam two nights ago with my wife. I couldn't believe she had never seen it before. 
This keeps taunting me. $100.
 Sweet squares, bro.    Is it worth picking up Argus C3 cameras? Doesn't seem like it, but maybe I'm missing something. Shop near my work had a bunch and a sweet looking Canon ae1 program.
trying on his first suit   Significant j crew discount seemed decent enough.   
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