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Nothing much clothing-wise has fallen into my hands for quite a while, but as a student of classical saxophone, I'm pretty psyched out of my mind about the record finds.  
 Ummmm ..... I'm a 38 S and don't have long arms.
This has probably been discussed a million times, but seeing that BB hopsack sportcoat has forced the question:   How do I get thrifty smell out of a sportcoat? I've drycleaned it, febrezed it (!) -- what to do? 
 Thanks for Shelby Miller and Tyrell Jenkins, though.
You know what to do with that, right?
I know it's hard to believe, but this is my first Robert Graham go-round.   NWT: 2XL; the other one is a 15.5-33. Both are pretty tasteful, as these things go.    
I'm a huge sucker for Tretorns, so I picked these flannel guys up during the Sid Mashburn half-off sale:    
I just picked up some "work" pants -- that's how I justified paying retail sale + 25 percent off. If anyone comes across any Jack Spade Benton pants in a 32, hit me up.   Got them for $133 each, which when retail is $300, didn't seem toooo bad.
 I have not seen that guy. The only characters I remember from that store are the two or three women I saw there nearly every single time (of course, they saw me every single time I saw them, I guess). And then there was that one time I saw @330CK; he was fighting some guy for a tweed jacket, if memory serves.  Man, I wish I could still hit up the Buckhead Goodwill. I'm now working fulltime in Peachtree City, and weekend thrifting in any of the Atlanta stores is a...
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