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 Manton's full of shit. Styleforum is “like a dorm room environment where even people like me, who are old, can feel 19 again … that’s part of the fun of it, everybody speaks in a kind of lighthearted way.” There is NOTHING lighthearted about the thrift thread.
I don't really get the opportunity to wear ties that often. I think I might need to thin out the herd:   
? Same tag as the crazy paisley one. 
Did any Atlanta bros recently grab a cache of last season, NWOT Miller Bros ties? I was told some guy came in yesterday morning and bought like 20 of the ties. Said he was a reseller.     I got the second wave, it seems like (or maybe the leftovers?). That particular store is going to be the new donation point for the retailer's unsold goods, I think.    All the Miller Bros ties are from a variety of different makers. Three made in Italy, one in the UK. Any ideas on...
I was referring to the 28K in profit you pulled recently. Maybe it wasn't that much, but it sure isn't far off. 
This bit is begging for an update, though: 
Get used to finding more and more in these parts, gents, for I am about to have no time to thrift. ...
I've got too much to sell anyway. BUT YOU OWE ME. kidding, of course. 
RLPL is gone. 
 Great, recent stuff in that haul. 
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