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STAY AWAY! Whatever, I have no time to thrift anymore.
Quasi-consignment store prices, but Billy Reid tweed in my size -- "never wore it" -- so I'm happy. (Picked up from Grailed, and it isn't here yet, so it might not fit,which would be sad.)  
If it's not getting any use ... I cover the logistics industry. My specialty is air cargo.....
Picked up this recent Zegna orphan today just because. I think it can stand alone as a sportcoat, and it's pretty damn recent, right?      
Looking to trade this Billy Reid triple-patch sportcoat I found today. Feels like wool, but it says it's 100-percent cotton.   Tagged 44 L, but p2p is 22 and length from collar bottom is 31.     Looking for sportcoats of similar make in a 38-40 S (For Billy Reid, I guess it would be a 40 R)
Bringing the style back to styleforum ... and scarring my child for life in the process.   Who wore it better?             Getting a new job, which is in PEACHTREE CITY (Atlanta folks know what's up), actually means I have to work in an office instead of working from home, spending "work" time thrifting. So I will have no finds for the foreseeable.
The Sander is definitely men's, but it looks a tad bit ridiculous on me. Available.  
Men's/Women's/Who cares???     I vote men's small bedale:       Women's? Tagged EU 48, so it fits me, but it also is really short, but it also doesn't have a lot of room in the chest, but it zippers on the wrong side, but it's European. So ...      
Funded these Katahdin boots with the sale of a recent BB suit as a new job present. I know they're no Wolverine/Red Wing/etc boots, but I think they look pretty damn good.  
 But do I have to sell it like this guy on Etsy? 
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