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Not quite, but for $25, it will be a nice hand-me-down, re-sell situation.
Talk me into a "for the future" dapper kid e-thrift:   Polo Ralph Lauren    
Fixing two pulls (complete loops, so everything's still there) on a lined jacket by myself -- yes? No?
Idaho pickup. Spotless.              
Kop at $26? 10 D, I think.   Mason 500 brand, whatever that is.      
Are you guys hip to Malo sportcoats? I think there's something that would work for me at $40, but I don't really need it.
  This is the coolest thing that has popped up on this thread.
Some dude liked loud hickey freeman ties:       And baller HF custom suits from 2008:      
four hours without paying for food or drink? A nice place to take a nap? But I'm flying Delta, and an AA person told me that of course there's no way for me to get into their sacred lounge, so whatever.
So I'll be stuck at the Saint Louis airport for four hours on Monday. Not familiar at all with that airport. There seems to be only an AA club lounge, right? I figure that a $50 fee for free drinks, internet, etc. is worth it for a four-hour layover. Do you guys know if I can go ahead and buy lounge access even if I'm flying on Delta?
New Posts  All Forums: