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IMO size 5
Cheers thanks!
Anyone know if the FW2014 pocket sweaters fit the same as this season or more like FW2013 and pre-FW2013?   I tried on the FW2015 pocket sweater and it fit me perfectly (slightly relaxed/slouchy) in size small. But I heard you have to size up for FW2013 and prior. Can anyone comment?
The size 3 is a womens. FYI lol
Damn sounds like I might need a 8.5 or E width maybe... anyone else have thoughts? Thanks for the response ^
Does anyone know how the Postman fits compared to the Iron Ranger?   For reference I wear 8 in IR and 8.5E/EE in Allen Edmonds 5 last.
Thanks for the response.
How do Ervell pants usually fit? I wear size 30 in W+H westpoint chinos and unis gio/gio skinny. Dunno if 30 in ervell will be a bit tight
Looks great on you man. I'm pretty pumped for the shirt 
Ervell       Schneider   Hope sizing works out
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