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^ They ship with Fedex so you will always be hit by duties + taxes + brokerage fee unless you're buying a pair of $10 socks. Just had this discussion a few pages ago.   There is a thread here for all who are just tuning in:
^Yeah I think it has dropped shoulders. Anyway most of schneider looks best when a bit slouchy   Size 5 Atelier Shirt, black, $194 CAD   Wine conservation for a steal $499 RG CP on discount. $389 some sizes left
^ not to nitpick but in your first post you simply mentioned courier, which includes a national courier   Canada Post is always the safest option to go for Canadians, and even then, Canada Post charges brokerage should they have to process your package due to high value. They'll add a $10-15 brokerage fee.   UPS and Fedex charge insane amounts. For BC it's 12% tax + duties + brokerage fee. Avoid avoid avoid.
 Canada Post does not charge brokerage for gift or merchandise packages with little value. In my experience UPS and Fedex almost always charge duties/brokerage Anyway brokerage is like $10.
Fedex is always a bitch so avoid at all costs
 Would like to know as well
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