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I stand corrected, I've only handled a TOJ calf jacket and it appears I am misinformed regarding Falcon's calf jackets.   Regardless, the nature of calf makes it more rigid.
Calf is heavy. Many people have commented on its armour-like features. Lamb, in comparison, is buttery soft, but cannot withstand the elements as well as calf and is more prone to scratches, etc.   I don't think they look very different. I have both. Perhaps calf looks more rigid; lamb conforms to your body a little more.   I think your primary consideration should be how it feels because I cannot stand wearing a calf jacket, it's simply too heavy and not comfortable...
Honestly most mornings I just put on a sweatshirt, jeans, new balance, and an arcteryx/leather bomber/schneider coat and walk out the door. But that's mostly because I hate getting up early and seem to always be running out of time in the mornings. But I also think that standing in front of my closet thinking for 15 minutes is a pretty big waste of time; I'd rather be sleeping. Sometimes I do ask myself why I have like 6 pairs of boots and wear New Balance everyday though,...
Quote: Sorry I totally misread your comment I thought you said "is 2005 the engineer last." I now realize I sounded like an idiot Anyway thanks all for the info on the engineer boots!
If you want it now and it's on sale, buy it   If you want it for cheaper, someone else might buy it before you   If you manage to buy it for cheaper, then give yourself a pat on the back for being lucky/quick/resourceful/diligent. If you want to watch this thread like a hawk, subscribe to shops' newsletters, follow their twitters/instagrams, and check your phone every fifteen minutes for updates, then maybe you deserve to be rewarded with steeper discounts   Be aware...
5 I wear a size 4 and you're one whole size bigger. Coat is slouchy on me but that's how it's supposed to fit.
Yes I believe so
Just enjoy yourself at the party man. Don't sweat it so much
Put a sweater under it, tailor the sleeves. Shoulder seems ever so slightly too big, but embrace the drapey-ness.
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