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Is the size 36 still available?
Couple of late holiday purchases   EG     Ring Jacket A-1 Blouson         ts(s) military jacket   Viberg
When I tried to add to cart says sold out. Good deal whoever got it. Pretty sure they're the players trousers from last season
I removed the lining. I love it.
Hey guys, no experience with Visvim but would like to pick up a pair of suede virgils at some point and I read through the thread looking for advice but seems kinda all over the place so I thought I'd throw down a few reference points if anyone has similar experience?   I wear 9 in New Balance, 41 CP Achilles Mids, 42 wings horns, 8D alden barrie, 8D viberg 2030, 1035, 8.5E allen edmonds 5 last. Would I go for 9 or 8? Seems 8.5 is pretty sparse.   Thanks in advance   Robert Geller thread has a lot of info on them but many people have stated the opening is big and it is not goodyearwelt or anything
Anyone pick up this year's bedford in herringbone? I got a size small and it fits kinda slim, pretty tight in torso, short length and also sleeves. Don't really like the slim EG look that's featured in some shops (Need Supply, for example). Prolly need a size M (pm me if you wanna trade). Funny because I don't remember bedfords to fit so tight but haven't really had EG in a couple of years. Have a few more bedfords from previous seasons on the way so I hope they work out
What are some good recommendations for wool trousers? $100-150 per pair? I find it hard to spend a lot on trousers since I sit on them all day and I guess they wear out faster.
Got my wine melange conservation coat in today. The fabric is awesome. So so soft (unlike my Jade merino which is a rougher wool) and the colour is great.   One small complaint -- I took the hood off and when I lay the lapels flat the inner lining shows, and it's kind of annoying. No big deal though
 This last point ought to be taken to heart. If my livelihood were on the line I may also cave to external pressures on headline choices. This guy writes for a living.
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