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 Dude I was just gonna make a post about that lol. Sitting on long coat restricts movement like crazy doing shoulder checks etc or backing in, and if I don't then my coat is riding up and it feels weird.
Benes that jacket looks too small on you for the schneider aesthetic
Zipper position is kind of weird. I think they're cool but not my style.   Get them if you wanna be tracked down by the indigo police for leaving sick fades all over the city
Late to the party but I took a size 8 in the NMWA roughout bark vibergs and they fit amazingly. So perfect. Much better than 2030 for my slightly wider feet.   I wear 8.5E in ae 5, 8D/E in Barrie. You will be fine sizing down 0.5
Thanks man went with the 46. Cheers
Anyone have sizing advice on raphael bomber? Think I'm between 46 and 48.
^ Yeah I don't really conceptualize nanamica as cm at all. Most of their "cm" offerings like coats are a hybrid mix of patterns and styles. The soutien collared coat is maybe more conservative but still not as cm as something like mackintosh
Nah I can confirm a bunch of stuff is made in china
I had the cruiser before - it's pretty boxy but generally really nice jacket. Would love to cop the herringbone one but can't find it anywhere anymore. Pretty bummed I missed out on the ebay auction from luxeswap a while ago
@Severisth   nanamcia is solid quality. inconsistent sizing though. I've only handled their techwear fabrics
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