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Trying to decide between thinner in the burgundy and the grey fuzzy wool at notre. Feel like the latter will just shed everywhere
^ Thank you, do you mean conditioner or polish?
anyone know how margiela side zips size this season? size down .5 or tts?
Anyone know how to repair small scuffs in my black lamb jacket? They look like grey spots.
Not sure what the purpose of your post is/what advice you're asking for
I've tried the board coat from last season and it fits large imo. 18.5 shoulder width corresponds to medium. I usually wear size 4 and the 4 in board was too big for me.   Easel cardigan is just points cardigan from last season with diff. details so I would take a 5 in that if I were you. I don't have experience with it but I take a 4 in the points cardigan from last season.
How do the mmm side zips fit this season? Can anyone comment?
@myshoeiswet love the look of the butteros & cuffs in that fit 
I still think 10.5 but I'll give you some more points of reference to help you out. Also this is my fave pair of boots. The colour, suede, texture, fit, profile, is just perfect. You won't go wrong.   I'm 8.5 on brannock (slightly over? not sure).   My shoes:   AE 5 - 8.5E Alden Barrie - 8D (slightly tight/need break in) Alden Modified - 8D (slightly tight/need break in) CP Achilles Mids - 41 Wings Horns Lo/Mids - 42 Iron Rangers - 8D New Balance - 9 Viberg...
I think the coat and fit look pretty coherent
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