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  Couldn't resist, grabbed the memory coat.
 Ditto - if someone wants to part with the size 4 I'd like to grab it.
^ Post a fit benes! I always thought the match was too cropped which is why I didn't cop from the SP sale.
TTS fits me slightly slouchy and relaxed just as intended
http://www.notre-shop.com/collections/stephan-schneider/products/schneider-points-cardigan-in-casino-1 Jade points cardigan size 6 at Notre for a great price. Someone should grab it. I have it and it's awesome
Weird I didn't get any emails. Just checked my spam folder too Great deals for those who copped. Whoever got the ron shirt in dark in size 4 let me know if it doesn't work for you
Memory coat sizing - if I wear a 4 in the merino do I also take a 4 in the memory? Seems people bigger than me are taking size 4 and people are sizing down.
 Let's see a fit! Nice pickup
 Thanks for the heads up. Grabbed a pair too and a sweater.
Points is TTS imo I took a size 4 and it is relaxed/slouchy/intended fit on me.
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