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Thanks for the info. Looks like I'll be passing 
Hey No Man team - any schneider previews coming soon?!?! super excited
Did anyone pick up the canvas jacket in navy wool from Y! JP last night for 13000 yen? Passed out last night and forgot to bid
^ And some size 6 pants, shirts, sweaters. Someone clean house.   Glad I bought my thinner in size 4 from browns couple days ago
Any canadians have experience with singapore post? Waiting for a package for almost a month now
^ Yep they do but probably only for another week or two before they transition to SS 17 I just put my order in
Does anyone own both 1035 derbies and boots? Do they size differently? Remember seeing some posts about sizing down half on Derbies
Last year it came out around february I think
Thanks guys. Do you all have the 86 wool/14 nylon burgundy fabric? The one I was quoted from Tatjana is 70 wool/25 poly/5 cashmere. I double checked that it's burgundy and not the wine (which is more purple melange imo). Seems there's a bit of variation in the fabrics this year even for same colours
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