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Can anyone who has ordered from the boutique comment on the courier they use and the taxes/duties you were hit with?
Couple more thanks to sales season...   SS Sonchus from FW14 CP   Wings + Horns x Danner Forest Height II
 Here you go.
 How long do they typically take to respond? Never got a response from my inquiry wondering if it landed in spam
^ There is a great fit pic of the Score coat worn several different ways by a member in this thread, sometime ago just search "score" in the thread.
 So the coat was available but they chose not to ship it? Such bs
  Couldn't resist, grabbed the memory coat.
 Ditto - if someone wants to part with the size 4 I'd like to grab it.
^ Post a fit benes! I always thought the match was too cropped which is why I didn't cop from the SP sale.
TTS fits me slightly slouchy and relaxed just as intended
New Posts  All Forums: