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 If the new Conservation coat fits the same as the Merino coat then you'd be between a III and IV. FWIW I wear IV in Merino it's more relaxed and loose but lets me layer. I'm also 36R. Maybe NMWA team can comment.
 I thought I noticed this. Like it a lot.
Yup I think the fuzzy conservation is my fave too. I love the charcoal lining. I like the twill one too but the navy lining looks slightly out of place because the contrast is too high. I think the collar is slightly diff from my merino.
The conservation fabrics are amazing. Love the twill and the fuzzy plaid.
Love the gradient grey on that first colourway but not a huge fan of the fuzzy mohair. The wool lining is awesome as usual and I love the ribbed (hidden?) cuffs too.
It definitely looks much cleaner buttoned up without the bulk. Would love to see that burgundy in person. Wonder what other fabrics/colours/patterns it comes in! Already have a memory and a merino and probably going to get the merino bomber. Before you know it I'll just be wearing cousins of the merino coat everyday in my rotation...
RIP wallet. Looking forward to the Merino-Bomber.   I may be in the minority but I think FW2015 was better. More vibrant and interesting colours and patterns.
Yeah, it's super slim and even in the model shot you can see it's pretty cropped. The picture is a bit deceiving because I think he's actually wearing another layer under the cardigan making it look longer than it actually is.   Might just end up giving it to my girlfriend, like you said the colour is gorgeous.  
Picked up a Loop cardigan (Frozen Waves) in size 3 from Grilled lately and it was too small for me. I think it was made for the Japanese market. It's extremely cropped and the arms are slim. If anyone sees a size 4 or 5 let me know...   However, the fabric is beautiful. Here are some photos for your enjoyment. Such a subtle colour palette.         Back on the market it goes.
Which schneider trousers are those? Counting + players?
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