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Do most people prefer the nano over the allen edmonds suede spray?
Wish it was in my size :)
I've got a EG homespun bedford in brown, size small that didn't work out for me if anyone's interested. Send a pm my way  
I will be getting that jacket thank you very much. Looks like it has a cool liner too
Happy I was finally able to grab this scarf that eluded me last season - Stephan Schneider  
 That's how I envisioned it as well but I guess it just doesn't fit into my aesthetic. My closet is mostly schneider with bits of other brands like eg, tss, geller. Would love to see some inspo/fits with chunky vibram boots if you have any good ones.
Are there previews anywhere?
Anyone have any comment or advice on styling vibram sole boots? They always look cool in product shots but I feel they stand out in a bad way in outfits, being excessively chunky. Picked up a pair of vibergs with sand coloured vibram soles and while they don't look bad, I think a sleeker boot with dainite or leather soles would compliment almost all styles better, even workwear outfits. Thoughts? (These... These are the ones I picked up.
Anyone have any advice on how to style vibergs (or boots in general) with vibram soles? Picked up a pair but they kinda look overly chunky and heavy. Feel like if I replaced the soles with dainite the profile would look a lot better. Kind of weird because my visvim virgils look fine with vibram. Maybe because it's thinner.
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