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^ Super cool.   Anyone else have any negative experiences from Cruvoir?   I purchased twice. First time my Memory Coat came rolled up in an envelope. No box, no receipt, nothing. No big deal. But this time I bought two SS shirts and one of them came without tags and the top button is missing...
Gradient is way cooler imo. The fit of the GRID sweater is pretty loungey/relaxed though, not trim.
Damn nice pickup.
Anyone here pick up the shirt game in dark from working title? Went to cop it today and it's gone
Great to have you guys here. I've been using From Japan but will give you guys a shot. Just wondering if you can declare your own value on the customs form like From Japan allows?
@ManofKent Try TULIP not sure if it works. 10% extra.
 Probably go with the size 3. Fresco will definitely be the superior choice as opposed to the conservation or film if you're 5'2.
The Binder jacket reminds me of the score coat without the scarf element. Looks comfy.
^ 3 for conservation and 4 for thinner would be my guess.
Trying to decide between the twill and the fuzzy plaid conservation Both are so nice
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