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Edit: navy one sold, only grey cardigan available   For sale are two Wings + Horns shawl collar knits. Both size S, fits TTS but slim. Take your normal size, do not size down. Bought these here from another user and only tried on. They are used but are in great condition, I'd say 8.5/10. I don't know what season they are from but it's F/W.   The grey one is a cardigan (buttons all the way down) and the navy one is a pullover. Both feature shawl collars, elbow...
Deets on the jacket SVB? nice fit!
Sounds good man. I'm a total noob when it comes to tailoring so i just wanted to double check here. Thanks for the comments guys
Wondering if anyone can recommend a decent tailor to get some pants hemmed? I usually go to oakridge tailors but $15 is too expensive for my beater pants that I want to hem
  Thanks. Just copped an olive one in size S  excited!
How did people size on the UU down jacket? TTS or size up?
  Only works on S/S stuff, I think.
Selling a pair of gently used Red Wing Chukkas in 8.5d and brown. It's the 3141 style. I'd say condition is 8.5/10, lots of life left in these.   Selling for $100 + shipping. Please make payment in $CAD   Shipping to Canada is $15 To the states is $25   Please make payment in $CAD   Thanks for looking and feel free to PM any questions.
Have a pair of the Paxton and can attest to its quality. Really love these frames!
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