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I guess people have different tolerance. Most of the Schneider knits I own with mohair blended in can get pretty itchy esp at the neck if you're not wearing a collared shirt.
^ Same here. I don't wear raw denim because I just can't stand breaking them in. I also don't like scarves, sweaters, and wool pants that are crazy itchy or shoes that are uncomfortable etc.
 I also have these sentiments. On top of fit, I've slowly realized over years of experimentation and buying that certain aesthetics and brands just don't really work for me. I've fallen into the trap of buying something that looks cool in a lookbook or on the model way too many times. Nowadays, my senses have matured to the point where I can actually pass on pieces that look really cool but don't fit into my aesthetic. There are always pieces that are intrinsically...
Stanley, I'm with you. I'm pretty averse to accumulating too many pieces because I always remind myself that there's no way everything will get wear regularly. Even if I only have 14 sweaters (I have more than that at the moment and I'm trying to trim down) and wear a different one each day of the week on a two week rotation, one sweater will only see a couple of wears per year. The rest of the time it's just collecting dust and not in use, which to me is a waste.
Slightly off topic? But how do you guys deal with all the mohair shedding haha. Any good lint rolling options?
CYC that SS trench looks great on you
Points is a cardigan and Sage is more heavyweight like a jacket. Points fabric can be pretty thin, making it a layering piece. Sage is more bomber feel. Scarf is detachable and more fluid.
^ Super cool.   Anyone else have any negative experiences from Cruvoir?   I purchased twice. First time my Memory Coat came rolled up in an envelope. No box, no receipt, nothing. No big deal. But this time I bought two SS shirts and one of them came without tags and the top button is missing...
Gradient is way cooler imo. The fit of the GRID sweater is pretty loungey/relaxed though, not trim.
Damn nice pickup.
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