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Did you send it to Viberg? How much did it cost?   Suspension Point previews    Waterproof houndstooth. Perfect for where I live, where it rains 8 months a year 
He's probably in japan
@gettoasty   Couple more previews seem the new season is called "Just in Time" or something similar
^ you actually make multiple accounts on grailed so you can continue to low ball people? Seriously? Pretty pathetic.
Is the knight rollneck tts?
Hey greg and kyle, just wondering how to size on buttero brunello side zips? (   Only ever tried on one pair of buttero suede laceup boots and the size 41 was ever so slightly too big for me. It had a wide toebox which was fine but the length was a bit more roomy than I would have liked. So I'm considering the 40.5 for this pair but not sure if you have any comments to help me? Thanks!
Do most people prefer the nano over the allen edmonds suede spray?
Wish it was in my size :)
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