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Deets on the jacket SVB? nice fit!
Sounds good man. I'm a total noob when it comes to tailoring so i just wanted to double check here. Thanks for the comments guys
Wondering if anyone can recommend a decent tailor to get some pants hemmed? I usually go to oakridge tailors but $15 is too expensive for my beater pants that I want to hem
  Thanks. Just copped an olive one in size S  excited!
How did people size on the UU down jacket? TTS or size up?
  Only works on S/S stuff, I think.
Selling a pair of gently used Red Wing Chukkas in 8.5d and brown. It's the 3141 style. I'd say condition is 8.5/10, lots of life left in these.   Selling for $100 + shipping. Please make payment in $CAD   Shipping to Canada is $15 To the states is $25   Please make payment in $CAD   Thanks for looking and feel free to PM any questions.
Have a pair of the Paxton and can attest to its quality. Really love these frames!
BNWOT (actually I have the tag, it's just cut off and in the pocket of the jacket) Patrik Ervell Baseball Jacket in M and khaki. For reference I'm 160lbs and 5'11 and it fits well. It's not a slim fit, it's a cropped classic fit jacket.   Please message for details or check the following website: http://www.shopneighbour.com/blogs/news/6052792-neighbour-features-eleven   Looking for $250 $225 $200 shipped. Please make payment in...
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