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It definitely looks much cleaner buttoned up without the bulk. Would love to see that burgundy in person. Wonder what other fabrics/colours/patterns it comes in! Already have a memory and a merino and probably going to get the merino bomber. Before you know it I'll just be wearing cousins of the merino coat everyday in my rotation...
RIP wallet. Looking forward to the Merino-Bomber.   I may be in the minority but I think FW2015 was better. More vibrant and interesting colours and patterns.
Yeah, it's super slim and even in the model shot you can see it's pretty cropped. The picture is a bit deceiving because I think he's actually wearing another layer under the cardigan making it look longer than it actually is.   Might just end up giving it to my girlfriend, like you said the colour is gorgeous.  
Picked up a Loop cardigan (Frozen Waves) in size 3 from Grilled lately and it was too small for me. I think it was made for the Japanese market. It's extremely cropped and the arms are slim. If anyone sees a size 4 or 5 let me know...   However, the fabric is beautiful. Here are some photos for your enjoyment. Such a subtle colour palette.         Back on the market it goes.
Which schneider trousers are those? Counting + players?
How do the buttero side zips and chelseas fit?   Compared to maybe CP or Allen Edmonds 5 last?   I'm 41 in CP, 8.5E in AE and 9 in sneakers.   Thanks in advance :)
Four gently used pocket squares up for sale in a package only.   1. J.Crew gold polka dots  2. J.Crew burgundy polka dots  3. Hillside navy leaf pattern  4. Hillside indigo (brand new, never worn)   Shipping from Canada, price includes shipping + tracking. Thanks for looking and PM any questions.
Selling four gently used J.Crew ties in a package only. All ties are 2.5 inches wide at the widest point.   1. Burgundy tie  2. Navy wool polka dot tie  3. Navy pattern tie  4. Chambray floral tie   Price includes tracking & shipping through Canada Post. Thanks for looking. Please private message any questions.
Up for sale are a number of very gently used Epaulet shirts in size small. 1. Blue cutaway collar  [[SPOILER]]   2. Blue striped cutaway collar  [[SPOILER]]   3. Blue striped oxford spread collar  [[SPOILER]]   4. Pink oxford   [[SPOILER]]   5. Blue spread collar  [[SPOILER]]     $40 each, discounts for multiples. Will give you a sweet deal if you buy them all. Price includes shipping and tracking to USA and Canada.
Brand new without tags, never worn.   The five digit style number is A9718 from FW14.   36R and unaltered. This is a blazer only and not a part of a suit. Made from Scottish wool. An incredibly subtle and sophisticated pattern that feels great. Construction and fabric are both excellent as well. I just have too many blazers.   Colour is charcoal with hints of blue and yellow in a subtle plaid pattern. See model photos for most accurate colour. Super versatile so you...
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