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No wonder the size 3 is sold out, heh
Looks like the score/crack coat, but knit version. Want.
Sizing question --   I have a pair of Club Monaco Collabs (Blackout CXL boots in 2030 last) that fit me pretty well, in size 8D. Would I take the same size in the 1035 last? Thanks in advance!
Not sure if this is the right place to ask but as a Canadian if I buy something from outside US (EU, Japan, etc.) and ship it to the US to a mail pick up place, and the value is under $800, will I have to pay taxes/duties?   Thanks in advance. Hoping to take advantage of some sales but canadian border is nuts.
Those Notre cardigans look great. Love wool/alpaca blends.   Who else in NA is carrying the Mountain Cardigan? Notre's look a little different from how I remember them
 How do you guys deal with schneider's mohair stuff that just shed all over the place lol   Size 6 bomber w/ scarf lining from FW14 (forgot name). Great piece at a great price and it's the 10% cashmere fabric too. Wish it was in my size
Can anyone confirm that it's 50% off today at the W+H sample sale?
Looks good man
 Which fabric is that?
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