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I tried on Y4 today seems to fit tts. The sleeves are slim and body slightly long
Benes it's on the marketplace.
That's beautiful man. Gorgeous colour and subtle pattern. Would grab it if it was in my size.
 Jackets are usually 300 if I recall.
Hey guys, I have a few questions about pants that I hope someone can answer.   1. How do you get pants hemmed/cuffed with little to no break to drape nicely as in this photo (and many other photos from the WAYWT Menswear thread)?       Whenever I do it it ends up looking like this.     Second question, if I hem my pants to a length with no break, often when I'm sitting down, they will ride up the leg and sometimes my bare skin ends up showing because I don't...
Doing proxies for W+H sample sale limited spots though pm me if you want me to check for something.
UPS sucks.
Looking for a Stephan Schneider Sage jacket in the 90% wool 10% cashmere blend. Size 4. Let me know if you're looking to sell one. Thank you.
What are peoples' thought on score vs sage from past season? personally think the score looks a little better esp the smoke colourway
Looking for this knit in size 3, any of the grey or blue colourways.   Also buying other Schneider knits in size 3 or size 4   Please get in touch if you're looking to part with yours, thanks.
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