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 Canada Post does not charge brokerage for gift or merchandise packages with little value. In my experience UPS and Fedex almost always charge duties/brokerage Anyway brokerage is like $10.
Fedex is always a bitch so avoid at all costs
 Would like to know as well
 Anything marked as merchandise over like $50~? will be taxed and dutied sent by Japan Post/EMS and received by Canada Post. I marked my package from Zenmarket as $100 and got hit by taxes, duties, and brokerage for the $100 amount. You can reduce value to below 50 and it won't be hit likely
Fair enough. I should have said more interesting. I'm sure the fabric is nice. Agree that a lot of schneider knits fit better than anything else I've come across, though
Seems like a pretty plain & basic piece. Always like wool/alpaca blends though. Honestly I'd just buy uniqlo lol usually when I get schneider it's for nicer fabrics/colour or design
Great price for a good jacket but their sizing is all over the place. Size 5 is technically a Japanese L I guess but the measurements look closer to a medium, other than the 26 in length which resembles a large Mr porter recommends sizing up 1 or 2 depending on the jacket for blackmeans
Do people size up on the uniqlo U stuff? I sized up on my uniqlo lemaire from last season
Thanks Bry & Noob for the replies. I picked up one in medium and one in small, gonna see which one suits me better.
Kolor coat looks great but I remember that coat had a weird bit in the back
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