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UPS sucks.
Looking for a Stephan Schneider Sage jacket in the 90% wool 10% cashmere blend. Size 4. Let me know if you're looking to sell one. Thank you.
What are peoples' thought on score vs sage from past season? personally think the score looks a little better esp the smoke colourway
Looking for this knit in size 3, any of the grey or blue colourways.   Also buying other Schneider knits in size 3 or size 4   Please get in touch if you're looking to part with yours, thanks.
Couple of questions   Anyone know which season this shirt is from?   And do the F/W and S/S 14 shirts fit TTS (new fit) or should I size up like old ervell stuff
 Thanks man I will probably pick it up. Still looking for one with lining and fill but with a wool outer. Hit me up if you got one
Thanks for the tips guys I emailed Lian as well hopefully can make a decision soon
So I measured btwn size 42 and 42.5 on the sizing guide. Is it pretty accurate? Reading from other peoples' experiences and comparing brands it sounds like I should be a 41 (9 in Nike, 8.5E in Allen Edmonds 5 last).
If you have one in good condition that is a neutral colour please pm me. Thank you.
If you have one please PM me! Medium size, any colourway. Thanks in advance.   Looking for the ones with wool outer that is down filled and lined.
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