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@ManofKent Try TULIP not sure if it works. 10% extra.
 Probably go with the size 3. Fresco will definitely be the superior choice as opposed to the conservation or film if you're 5'2.
The Binder jacket reminds me of the score coat without the scarf element. Looks comfy.
^ 3 for conservation and 4 for thinner would be my guess.
Trying to decide between the twill and the fuzzy plaid conservation Both are so nice
 If the new Conservation coat fits the same as the Merino coat then you'd be between a III and IV. FWIW I wear IV in Merino it's more relaxed and loose but lets me layer. I'm also 36R. Maybe NMWA team can comment.
 I thought I noticed this. Like it a lot.
Yup I think the fuzzy conservation is my fave too. I love the charcoal lining. I like the twill one too but the navy lining looks slightly out of place because the contrast is too high. I think the collar is slightly diff from my merino.
The conservation fabrics are amazing. Love the twill and the fuzzy plaid.
Love the gradient grey on that first colourway but not a huge fan of the fuzzy mohair. The wool lining is awesome as usual and I love the ribbed (hidden?) cuffs too.
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