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Hi guys, Jason from the Manhasset RL (516.365.9595) store just helped me out with some trousers and jackets. These are still available (more sizes are probably there as well, didn't ask) Suit BL 38R Choclate Brown SB Notch Lapel with subtle pin stripe. $399.50 down from 2K if I remember correctly. Sport Coats PL 38S Single Breasted Brown Camel Houndstooth $899 down from $4500 PL 38S Grey WindowPane with Black stripes (tonal) Forgot the price PL 38s Glen Plaid...
Do you only respond to my pms if I bump your thread? Please provide waist measurements as well.
Nice looking suits! Would pick them up, but no more room for more suits. Who makes each suit?
chorse123 is highly recommended. Contacted him about an imperfection in incotex, he refunded a partial amount at my request immediately. Not expecting such good customer service and fast response on a forum!
I am excited to see exactly one item added each thread every hour.
Personally, if I find a seller is charing an obnoxious premium on an item, I take mental note and will be less likely to purchase from him in the future. I'm sure others do so subconsciously as well. Reputation goes a long way.
Good transaction from sf_esq Kept me up to date, sent tracking numbers, and resasurances that the cash parting my wallet was well spent
Ah, sorry, I had meant the RL Bentons.
Also, are the belgrave's handmade or not? I've heard varying opinions on this...
Just FYI, I believe the Preston model is Blue Label - the trousers go with a Bleeker/Congressman jacket for a complete suit. edit: They sell as separates and it might be the case that some are just odd trousers. Either way, kudos to you for passing along the savings.
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